Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stay on this page?

Do you ever get that message when you thought you had left a comment?

That is one good change to blogger over the last year or so. Many times over the years I have THOUGHT I had left a comment and all I had done was go thru the motions. Twice tonight I received that message of warning. I like that.

              TreeswitMA29079731-0015 - Copy

(I just like these trees, they were a diversion as I was writing the latest novel. But the novel is not concerning the trees.)

If you do not know about it,  it shows up if you start to leave the page after typing a comment but do not publish it, then start to go to another blog. Blogger is Just reminding you you may be forgetting something.  I have still in a hurry ignored it and did not get my comment on a friends blog.

                        TreeswitMA29079731-0014 - Copy

I seldom go to Face book, but many times I have done the same there, and on facebook there is no warning. I mostly go to FB to wish a friend Happy birthday. I have wished them Happy Birthday and not hit enter or post, and my comment was not registered.

This ‘Social Media’ is fun, it is entertaining but it is also shocking.  I see language of friends and grandkids at times that I wish I had not read. I understand many words are ‘part of a culture’ but in my opinion, NOT necessary.

                       TreeswitMA29079731-0013 - Copy

It definitely is not the place to bare your soul,  your opinion, of an ‘exfriend’. In most cases, if it was a good friend, most likely they will be again (in today’s society). It is better not to give them something to think of later..


Some small family squabbles have turned into a war because one ‘vented’ to the world about the soon to be EX.

Anyway, I have appreciated the reminder that I have not completed the comment.  That is why I started this entry in the beginning.

Nite Shipslog


Everyone should learn to keep their words soft and sweet, because they are easier to eat.



From friend Paul (Louis) vehicles in ‘advertising:

Trucks (4)MA29079921-0011


Paula said...

I love these trees. Especially the last one.

shirl72 said...

I have about decided I don't like
trees after raking leaves everyday
this week and even today after
Church. The trees you are showing
are beautiful and don't look like
they have lots of leaves. Right
now the yard looks beautiful and
in the morning I bet the leaves will be back. OH well that is enough about raking.

I will keep my words sweet in case I have to eat them. Hope you had a nice day and have a good week.

Mevely317 said...

Great reminder to watch what you write on social media!
That's not to say, I've not been sorely tempted... but the fear of retribution is always stronger!

betty said...

I've gotten to the point when commenting on Blogger to make sure the comment "takes" before I leave the blog. Saves those missed comments :)



Love those tree trunks and roots. They are unusual and very interesting to look at.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the unusual tree pictures. Some did make me smile. Ours are all covered with snow this morning. More coming down too. Yes, I've been thankful for the reminders too.