Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stupid-stuff, but it is not my fault!

(The pictures are just because I like them not related to the entry)

(I had a complete award winning blog entry(smile) written and it is gone. System is shutting down, we have ran into a problem!)


I do stupid stuff on the internet. I decided to do some tracing of our ancestry and found a site with a ‘30 day free trial’ it required a CC # of course, incase I wanted to continue past the 30 days. Yep, that is me, I forgot the 30 days and my CC was legally charged $20.  I promptly resigned.

Then there was the time our emergency road service came up with a ‘Platinum Plan’  with more bells and whistles than our “Plain Jane” plan and offered it for no extra charge for a year, “YOU CAN CANCEL AT THE END OF THE YEAR”. Me? why not, so I said okay.  Yep I forgot again and for the last 4 years we have been Platinum, I feel so much better~! (yeah!)


Oh, and I cannot forget my favorite shopping store, AMAZON. did you know they came up with this great idea of ‘Prime’. I was ordering something and they asked if I wanted free shipping, of course, does a cat got a climbing gear? So they said ‘Try Prime for 30 days free’. Yep that is me, so I signed up. they didn’t need a CC# they had mine and they like it. YEP, Jack forgot, there it is on the CC bill, $99 for Prime for a year!. CRAP, I forgot.(AGAIN!)  Now I must order a bunch of stuff and get my monies worth. (Please do not tell Sherry this stuff!)


I charge this off to age, normal men’s actions. Not senility. Because I haven’t driven off with the shore power hooked up to the Motor Home. (lately)

I haven’t started the car or motor home while it was already running. (lately)

I haven’t added prune juice to our smoothies thinking it was grape juice (lately).

And it has been awhile since I pulled into an RV park and it wasn’t the one  where we made reservations.

So I am doing well, except for a few Stupid things. (NORMAL FOR THE MALE GENDER, just ask any wife.)


So I am good, all bases covered. If I just knew the game!  Oh yeah it’s Life, I’m good, I like it. Sherry said she still loved me, BUT DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!

I let her know in no uncertain terms, I am in charge.                       (Then I said, “Okay Honey!” I might be forgetful but I really ain’t  stupid.)

Nite Shipslog


No one ever says "It's only a game” ...

when their team is winning.


Trucks (2)MA29079921-0013

From my friend Paul on the other coast.

Notice the SAFEWAY sign and that looks like a 1941 Plymouth squeezed in.


betty said...

LOL, I've done the same thing with some of those offers. I think they know that the majority of people will forget to cancel for at least one or two credit card cycles and that's how companies make money like that :) I have to admit, I do like Amazon Prime if I'm making lots of purchases through them, which I rarely do these days, but did sign up for the 30 day trial when I ordered some books son needed awhile back and then wrote a note to myself to cancel it a few days after we got the books :)



I love Amazon. But I hear what you're saying about those special deals that end up charging the credit card. You have to be careful.

Rick Watson said...

I did that for too long, but now I put the reminders on my iPhone and I never forget that stuff now.

The Prime is actually a good deal. LIving in the sticks, we order a lot of things on there. We also get free movies via Prime Video and we can store all our photographs for free on their servers.

It's not cheap, but when you use it as much as we do, it's a deal.

Jackie said...

OK, Jack. I won't tell Sherry.
Hi Sherry! Read Jack's blog much!!
And....just for you, Jack: Just say, "No." There's no such thing as free.
Love you, my friend.

Paula said...

I think I finally have John convinced but I do still have to remind him sometime "there is no free lunch"

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hear what you are saying about those 30 day free trials. I try never to give in to those things. I'm so forgetful that if I don't post reminders, I'd be in big trouble. Glad you are one that can admit to mistakes, I'm sure your Sherry appreciates it too. We're only in the 20's here today. Heat wave coming tomorrow.