Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Heading South

 Photo of the day

Pictures can fool you, that is one steep hill going down on the left. This was taken on the Imperial Mill Hill, Wiley worked in the Imperial starting before he was 10 years old.

This is Sherry's dad Wiley Harris and his three pretty daughters: Colette, Lennie and Sherry (my girl). The cute kid is a niece Becky, The oldest brother, Lefty's daughter....

 So for today:

Thanks for all the suggestions about my basement cats. I tried my idea of letting mama go out to make her cat hole then close the garage door down to a little more than an inch crack.  I put fishy cat food out 10 ft in front of the door and after a while all 4 cats had peeped under the door and came out to be with mama eating. BUT I made the mistake of heading for the garage to lower it all the way and the kitties beat me to the crack and slipped under and inside.

Since a had a job to do for grandson Ben, I remade the crack and left with food and mama outside.  I was gone for a few hours and when I returned, I did not come around to the back of the house. I stopped in front and went down the inside stairs, I saw no cats so I quickly closed the crack. They told me I was mean and was not happy.

(entrance to the cat house)

Low and behold all kittens are now in the cat house. I have left them 8-10 days of food in a gravity feeder and told them to take it easy on the food. LOL

I read somewhere that cats needed two exits from any structure. I added one to the cathouse with a vinyl door they can push open, like a doggie door.  So now they have a front and back door.

We covered the hose bibs, turned the temp gauge to 60 and said goodbye.  We did not stay in the house. But we did use the washer and dryer. LOL

Sherry is saying we might should think of quitting the road, since I am gripping so much about the setting up and tearing down our coach.  NOT yet, maybe a newer coach?  LOL

We are now in Florida I got a little sick and did not publish this, I thought I had. I may be absent for a few days I am STILL sick...

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Monday, November 27, 2023

I have a problem

  Photo of the day


So for today:

I am too easy.  It got cooler and I allowed the ferals to use the basement.  NOW we leave in two days and I cannot coax ALL of the 4 kitties plus mama out at one time so I can close the basement up tight.

I generally leave some food inside at night and close the door tight. I am thinking of leaving the door up 1 ½ inches so only the kitties can come out or go in. thinking with no food they will come out to mama.

I have a storage section designated “The Cat House”.  I have told them this, but Sherry insists they don’t understand.  I KNOW they DO, they are just Stubborn and I have told them so.

What is the strongest scent do YOU think will coax them?  The only advice I get is BE PATIENT, I am trying……..  LOL

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I have so many hiding places down there, they love it…..

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Too cold…

 Photo of the day

So for today:

Life is different in different climates.

  One thing I especially remember was talking to guys in the Military about our previous lives as kids. Subject of Skating came up and other guys said they too enjoyed skating and couldn’t wait until the temps fell into the teens to start skating, 

It didn’t take me long to realize they were talking ice skating and I was only familiar with roller skates.

I replaced my wheels a couple times a year because I wore them out on roads and sidewalks.  I was in my teens before I knew about skating using wooden wheels on wood floors at skating rinks.  I never considered Ice skating or skating rinks.  I assume ice skating must strengthen your ankles…

In my entire childhood until I was 16, I saw only one winter where Mill Ponds froze enough to walk on.  Then it was scary.  We did take a running start and slide out on the ice; it was fun.  I think I would have loved ice skating.

 NOW?  Completely different story. There was a time I laughed at sub freezing temps, I now am chilled at 40 degrees, since losing the weight I did.  Shipmate Woody up in NY is facing a lot of Medical treatments and has lost a lot of weight, he too misses the weight.

We had planned to stay in NC a couple weeks but will cut it short because the Weather persons have decided to run us out; when they say 23 degrees soon, We say, “Let’s head South!”

My Sister told me of trucks driving across frozen lakes in Canada. Like this:

I would be thinking this:

Trucks do not float! No driving on ice for me.

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Friday, November 24, 2023

Families….Another memory kicked in, grade school

Photo of the day

 This is a 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline. My dad tried one of these out, Took the family on a ride, while I was in the 3rd grade, but did not buy it.

So for today:

Thanksgivings change over the years because the Family becomes diluted in numbers and different paths are taken.  When first we were married we shared families, but in a few years we associated with my girl’s family since they were located mostly nearby and Sherry & her sisters shared a very close bond, and even more so after her sweet mother’s passing.

Many entries I make are sparked by something YOU write in comments or in your blogs.  Today My mind went back the Third Grade, public school in Burlington, NC.

The bible and prayer were in school with me from the first grade until I quit school in the 10th or 11th grade, I cannot even remember when I ‘dropped out.’  Sherry will tell me. LOL

In Valdese and in Belmont I remember most, morning devotions given by a student over the loudspeaker system at school.  The Bible was used many times for memory lessons.  Today I was reminded of the 100th Psalm.  That is still burned into my memory from Ms Flemming’s 3rd grade.

My 3rd grade school picture.

We were also taught city governments, I was assigned the ‘job’ as Little Burlington’s Fire Chief..

I lived 2 blocks from school and walked to and from every day from First thru the Third Grade. It was a city school. Burlington was a city I guess, but what I remembered most was seeing squirrels walking the power lines up town.  I was used to seeing squirrels in the woods. LOL.

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Above is a family picture of us a Daddy's mothers grave, also my 3rd grade.

Granny Darnell, she was one tough lady. My sister Shirley  & I were like a second family My two brothers and sister were already grown with families.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

The fire pit

  Photo of the day

 1949 Dodge Piockup

So for today:

 Thanksgiving was a great day.  Along with a great meal served by Jack Jr’s side of the family.  They had ham, turkey, dressing, Green Beans, potato casserole, fruot salad, fresh rolls, and pies of several kinds. There was more….

Along with the inside fun, we had as most get togethers, a good fire in the fir pit.  The ideal place to sit and talk. We burned a lot of logs.  It was nice because just the day before they lifted the open fire ban we have had since the drought.  Lifted because IT RAINED THE 2 DAYS BEFORE.

The great grands ran and played.  They loved to play in the motor home, EACH of them wanted to play driver, they took us all over the USA.  LOL

Oliver Jack took us to New York city
Then  Rosie took us to Canada.
the Jack Wiley was going to Florida!
Then Maverick took over and we went to Texas
Kennedy wanted to drive in the mountains
Then Olliver Jack wanted to go just anywhere.
And finally Jack Wiley wanted to back up!
(I am no photographer, but this camera ain't worth a nickel, too many options and I cannot understand them!)

Rosie called to her mama, “Come in here and look at their toilet!”

I cracked up, Megan said, “that is the first time anyone asked to show me a toilet!

The kids laughed and said our vacuum cleaner was taking a shower. We store the vacuum in the shower. ;-)

Two older ggrands are girls. Stella (belonging to Sherece) and Elsie Mae (belonging to BEN) are the only ones that can catch and handle the kitties. Elsie held one most to the day allowing the little ggrands to be able to touch and pet it. She sure made them happy.  Funny what a little kitty can do.

We hope all of you had a great day.

I agree with our President, I am THANKFUL for this great country and WE DO NEED TO PULL TOGETHER. 


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WE hope that everyone is having a great day  This one will be short here.  Jack Jr's family asked if they could have their get together here at our place and of course we will be happy to see them all.  He has three sons still, having lost Corey a couple years back out in Portland . His death was unexpected, being a young man with dreams.

BUT there is still Benjamin,  Joshua, and Stephen.  So they will be here with their families.

There is a sweet Thanksgiving Poem if you haven't read it, you should check this out:

Dianna wrote this and (warning) it was tough to read the last verse or two with some sweet memory tears.

Love to you all


Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Dale and Hazel, the Rest of the Story!

  Photo of the day

 Jack Jr. driving our '55 Ford in Kirksville, Missouri

So for today:

The older you get the less friends you have.  Death is normal for life, but losing friends and family is never easy.  At times in life there is a mystery, you may not know much about about the lives of some early friends. You hear they moved to other states.  You heard of divorce you heard of the death, BUT you wonder how their lives were.

The couple, Dale and Hazel Hartness, were instrumental in Sherry & I getting together, moved away.  He took a position as manager of a Book store in Florida.  I joined the military. Later they had moved to Ohio then maybe another state they suffered a divorce in another state. WE could not believe that as in love as they were, that could happen. Both stayed away from our hometown seldom coming back and never moving back.

Dale and Hazel in 1956, the year we got married.

My dad had a friend early in life, before I was born.  They were close dad always gave Joe Franklin much credit in helping him organize and build his first church which was and still is a very successful church.  I never met Joe Franklin but heard his name all my life.  In the 50s, I did finally meet Bobby Franklin, Joe’s youngest son methinks.  Bobby married Violet, we remember them well and were friends.  But over the years we moved and saw them occasionally.  Lately we have reconnected. We have had dinner together twice this week, we have spent hours catching up.

And that is when it happened….. I received a gem of knowledge. Bobby and Violet were across the table and Violet told us how the end was.  Dale was suffering from cancer, he nor Hazel had a mate. As you know, there was little that could be done to treat cancer years ago. Hazel took Dale into her home supplied a hospital bed and took care of him until he passed.

It sounded like the Love they had was back in the end. I hated losing Dale of course, but knowing that the couple we cared so much for, had come full circle and were back together in the end.  It really made my heart sing.

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That danged TV…. Television was wonderful

   Photo of the day


Grandson Luke on my Yanmar, the only tractor I bought brand new.

So for today:

Ma mentioned ‘Television Day’ a day or two ago. It was a day set aside for TV appreciation. Kicking in some memories

It must have been 1948.  Charlotte, NC was the only city in this area that had a TV station, it was WBTV.

I had never seen a TV with a picture on it.  Ray Sides, a buddy in Albemarle, NC told me one day. “Do you want to go see a Television?”

Of course I was thrilled at the idea of seeing one. “Yeah man, but who has one?”

“Oh the firemen over at the Fire station let us kids sit on the floor and watch ‘Howdy Doody’, it is on 5 to 5:30. We have rules. We must be pretty quiet and if a fire alarm happens, we must run outside and stand to the side until after the truck leaves then go home. That hasn’t happened yet, you will love it!”

I did and we got to do it most days.  It was like having a ‘Show’ (movie theater) at home. Buffalo Bob, Jingles and Princess SummerFallWinterSpring along with the entire cast after a few days I knew them all.

My brother was a truck driver and had bought a 7” TV in NYC.  He would turn it on and we could watch the test pattern, at that time he did not have a station near. OF COURSE all the TV’s were Black/White.

You may not know it, but many fundamental churches thought TVs were the tool of the devil. It was going to bring those filthy movies into living rooms and ruin kids. That being the case, my dad was a pastor, we could not have a TV because some of the church members would not accept a pastor that had a TV.  Therefore there was never one in the Parsonage.  Shucks!!

Every Saturday night I ran down to Guy Abee’s house to watch Wrestling.  We had to watch “Hit Parade” featuring Kitty Kallon and the crew singing the top ten songs of the week.  AND THEN WRESTLING!!!

     My brother had been a boxer and when I mentioned I liked wrestling, he tried to shame me because it was nothing but a show and all fake.  But I still liked wrestling!

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Monday, November 20, 2023

  Photo of the day

My first work truck 1953 Chevy below after i decided to paint it. ThAT TRUCK  took me into the General contracting business. I was sure proud of it

So for today:

BUT we are here in NC and it has not been below 45 methinks and I am CCCOLD!  So since we sold our place in Florida last year, I guess we will be looking for another when we get back down there.  LOL

I am still mad at Covid.  A couple years ago I had the blasted disease or bug, whatever. I lost 25- 30 lbs and NOW I NOTICE the cooler weather, like 20 degrees, I once laughed at and enjoyed working in it even.  Now I freeze at the thought. I wonder how these Ferel cats handle the cold weather when it gets to freezing.

I am guessing the lost weight kept me warmer???

I tried to get a picture of the cats but I cannot get my camera to work.  I would use my phone, but I cannot get them to the computer. LOL

Being old and out of touch messes with my mind.

I am smart now,  I haven't always been. LOL That truck above hauled everything I used to build my first house. Later I found out that the lumber company would have delivered it free.  ;-O🤯🤯

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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Ratings and comments on places and products?

  Photo of the day

 1964 Imperial, Sherry's brother Lefty had one like this we thought it was so cool the entire side opening.

So for today:

Most folks never comment on a place or product if they like it or are satisfied.

The internet is involved in EVERYTHING in today’s world.  Every RV Resort/Campground we camp, stay or visit within hours of leaving we get a chance to ‘Complete a Survey!’

Everything I buy from Amazon/Walmart on line, I  get a chance to evaluate it, whether I have had time to try it or use it or NOT!

I do take time to rate most places that send me the survey.  I try to mention some employee that was the most helpful.

Products are a different story. I laughed a couple years ago when I was asked to evaluate a product. One that I did like and enjoyed. I went down the line rating it high.  When it came to comments I put a short line in that I was very happy with this product. Probably <20 words.  The system popped back saying I needed to use at least 50 words. I hit delete.  I must have forgotten because some time later I did about the same thing.  When that popped up, I went back and continued to make up the words by repeating myself and saying this was my last time for commenting, I would not be told how many words I MUST use to praise a product.

I am glad to give a # of stars, or say how much I like or dislike a product.  But I will not go into detail UNLESS I WANT to.  LOL
Comments and ratings are funny though. You can read someone saying this is the BEST product I have ever used and right below it someone will say, This product is a waste of money, DO NOT TRY IT!


However if 500+ people rate a product 3 stars or less, I will probably skip it, they may be right.  Also vice/versa If 500+ say it is good and 10 say it is a waste, I might buy it.

I do not always go by ratings, but I do take them into account.

Do you rate products?  Do you pay attention to ratings?

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Saturday, November 18, 2023

Our other home

  Photo of the day


So for today:

We arrived here after driving near 500 miles.  Sherry has at times said after a long drive that when stopped she still felt like we were on the road.  Well last night after maneuvering this bus into it’s place behind our house here in NC, I sat down and still felt like I could feel the road beneath the coach. That was a first for me.  I had to go outside on the pavement to make sure the coach wasn’t still vibrating. That proved it, even out on the pavement I felt like the ground was vibrating. WILD!

I was okay after a good night’s rest.  We have decided not to stay in the house, just leave everything the same.

Jack Jr. was the last to leave this place a couple weeks ago. He assured us, with pictures, all the leaves were up, yard cleared.  Well, you know Fall of the year and an acre of trees. The place was 3-6” covered again.

I rake some leaves, but mostly mulch them with the mower. But in about 4 hours the car was washed and most of the leaves mulched.

I smiled at ‘Scaretycat’, she came up to me and let me pet her, but mostly she like the left-over beef stew that Sherry had saved for her.  We did not see Tom, maybe he has moved on.  Scaretycat is supposed to have some babies, but they are not around yet.  I tell here they are not kitties, they are puppies. When Stormy Daniels Had her and Tom in the litter, I told Stormy to call them puppies.  Not sure she did.


They spent their kitty-hood in our basement, now they are my Feral Cats. I do care for them, even though I am a dog lover myself.

We did have a place in Leesburg, FL, but son Mark bought it and our other coach.  He says we can park in his driveway when we cannot get reservations in Florida. They are getting hard to find down there. in the peak winter season.

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