Sunday, November 19, 2023

Ratings and comments on places and products?

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 1964 Imperial, Sherry's brother Lefty had one like this we thought it was so cool the entire side opening.

So for today:

Most folks never comment on a place or product if they like it or are satisfied.

The internet is involved in EVERYTHING in today’s world.  Every RV Resort/Campground we camp, stay or visit within hours of leaving we get a chance to ‘Complete a Survey!’

Everything I buy from Amazon/Walmart on line, I  get a chance to evaluate it, whether I have had time to try it or use it or NOT!

I do take time to rate most places that send me the survey.  I try to mention some employee that was the most helpful.

Products are a different story. I laughed a couple years ago when I was asked to evaluate a product. One that I did like and enjoyed. I went down the line rating it high.  When it came to comments I put a short line in that I was very happy with this product. Probably <20 words.  The system popped back saying I needed to use at least 50 words. I hit delete.  I must have forgotten because some time later I did about the same thing.  When that popped up, I went back and continued to make up the words by repeating myself and saying this was my last time for commenting, I would not be told how many words I MUST use to praise a product.

I am glad to give a # of stars, or say how much I like or dislike a product.  But I will not go into detail UNLESS I WANT to.  LOL
Comments and ratings are funny though. You can read someone saying this is the BEST product I have ever used and right below it someone will say, This product is a waste of money, DO NOT TRY IT!


However if 500+ people rate a product 3 stars or less, I will probably skip it, they may be right.  Also vice/versa If 500+ say it is good and 10 say it is a waste, I might buy it.

I do not always go by ratings, but I do take them into account.

Do you rate products?  Do you pay attention to ratings?

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Mevely317 said...

Ha! I used to loathe seeing guests' reviews come across my desk each Monday morning. Whether it be Facebook, Trip Advisor or other public sites, my job was to respond. Of course, it was basically scripted; I wasn't allowed to say, for instance, "Yes, you're right. We sucked." (LOL) I tried to find a happy medium between sincerity and a rubber stamp format.

I think it's human nature to respond when things don't go right v. having a pleasant experience/product.
Everyone wants to be heard, but after a while being asked for a review gets tedious. I've basically begun to ignore them.

happyone said...

I don't usually do the surveys and I guess I'm different than most people because I will comment if I really like something.
I do read reviews.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

My wife rates me 3 stars - ***

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I always check out the ratings for buying something new. It does make a difference to me. Same with the books I read, I like to know how people rate them before I'll read them. I usually pick the top rated ones.

Interesting post today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they are always appreciated.