Thursday, February 28, 2019

A vacation

Trucks of Art
 1934 Ford Dump Truck

Remembering, thinking on our vacation.

I mentioned in a previous blog, that BIL Elmer had attended the same church since 1946. My dad became Elmer's pastor in 1954. Sherry was Elmer's Sister in law. So off and on I have attended since then. Our pastor at present is Rev. Danny Peterson. He is a good pastor and has become a great friend. He spoke well over Elmer. I was amiss not telling him his morning sermon (and at the funeral ) was good for me. To be honest, good pastors are few these days.
Church has been part and parcel of our lives. Not everyone is involved with church. I have no problem with other opinions, but like politics, religion is a personal thing. Usually influenced by family and friends, of course many times jobs and locale have a lot to do with it.

Many do not remember the Slogan, "I like Ike" in the early 1950s. I never knew my dad's politics because he never said. He had church members who were of both parties. His line was, "I will discuss religion, but absolutely not politics." I  suspected he was a Democrat.

In the 7th grade a close friend's family liked Adlai.  So I became a Democrat. The slogans were:
"Forward with Stevenson-Sparkman" and "All the Way With Adlai."

While Eisenhower had: "I Like Ike" and "Clean House with Ike and Dick."

I had to admit that Ike had the best slogans.

Politics was fun back then.  Dad pastored a church in Valdese, NC, in the foothills of the mountains. The church was actually split politically about half and half. I remembered the members attending with their buttons. They actually sat on opposite sides in church. 

BUT what I fondly remember was the fun they all had, joking with each other. As a boy, I do not remember any of them becoming upset at the opposition they seemed to have fun arguing.  They were still close friends.

It would be nice if we all could relearn that attitude!.

Nite Shipslog

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Long drive, but back in Florida

Trucks of Art
 The beautiful 1940 Ford Pickup!

We are back in Florida. Beautiful driving weather, but we did get a down pour here at Deltona just after we arrived. Looking forward to 2-4 weeks of relaxed ‘vacation’.  I might just continue some chain saw carving.

At least there will be no coach problems and it looks like we will get some time in walking. We both have that few pounds we really want off, but have not had the determination to do it yet.  I make a ‘great’ tomato basil soup. It is the consistency of ‘Campbells’ but much better in our opinion.  I suggested we try eating eggs for breakfast and my soup the rest of the day for 4-5 days to see if we can actually accomplish the weight loss. If there is a noticeable drop, then eat a good meal and give it another shot.

Our friend Lisa of “Life Away From the Office Chair”, is a success story of Nutri Systems (losing 50 lbs and keeping it off). There are other success stories here, like ‘Betty’ of ‘A Bench With a View’. (She posted it.) So using these ‘sweet and true’ examples I hope we can do it. If we cannot I won’t say another thing here. It will be a continuing secret. LOL

Of course neither one of us has ever been ‘much’ over weight, I reached 180 once, I am now 158’ but I know would feel better (about myself) if I were 150.

Betty had a good one on tonight,

Nite Shipslog