Monday, February 18, 2019

Stamp collecting and bank robbers

                This man was a collector!
The now:
At 12,  I started collecting stamps.   On Myra’s blog the other day she had a picture of 1911 valentines. They were what I have always called ‘Penny Post Cards.’ Sherry and I remember the penny post card existing until into the 1950s. First class was 3 cents and airmail 6 cents.
I had stamps from many countries. I bought stamps from the ads on the back of funny books (Comics). I could buy a hundred foreign stamps for 25 cents.  The ad declared ’no one had looked thru these stamps, some could be worth hundreds of dollars.’  Looking back I know that was all hype.
However I did have some that were ‘of value’. From my Great Grandpa’s desk Shirley and I found many treasures. The old office and court room was falling in, no one seemed to care about the law books nor written records. I found many odd stamps on the envelopes.  I actually had some of the first Air mail stamps ever issued in 1918, I knew they would bring millions!.
 (I had 6 of these. Today's value (used) is about $30, I guess I didn't lose that much. This was my top valued stamp)
We were living in the first-ever purchased home ($3,000). Before that we  had rented apartments or bought trailers. Then I decided to join the USN.  We chose to rent the house. I thought nothing of putting stuff in the attic, no one would bother it.  Would they?  HA! I never envisioned the house would be rented to the family of a ‘world famous thief.’ The rent was $40 a month. Mrs. C was evicted owing $800.00 (Yeah, I wasn’t much of a landlord LOL!)
My stamp collection was gone along with more, including a black & white sheep skin throw rug that I bought in Istanbul Turkey.  Everything was gone. Steven C, of the family became the mastermind for the second largest bank heist in the USA. The  ‘Loomis/FArgo’ heist of 1997, $17million. Probably not worth the effort to ask him what happened to my stamps, huh? Methinks he is out of prison now.
 Now I collect ‘stuff’.  Are U a collector?

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PS: Mrs. C also went to jail for money laundering. 
Did you know that 17 million in bills weighs over 2000 pounds. They had stolen so much they had to leave 3.3 million in the truck.


Glenda said...

That had to be a heartbreak to lose your treasured stamp collection along with the trust you had in those unscrupulous renters. I have had a few of those tough life learning lessons.

Lisa said...

I sat in high school class with one of the people that was involved in that heist. I never even knew he was a trouble maker at the time. Anyway, I do not have a collection of anything. I have tried, but never got around to a display of them and so I would get rid of whatever it was. Im gonna say, I do collect sand dollars. I have a glass dish on my mantle that I put them in but If they get gone, it will not bother me as I can always just get more. Haha.

From Sunny Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

How sad your collection was stolen. You definitely had a good one going. But who knew you had a thief in the house. My husband collected stamps and I passed them on to one of my sons. Maybe some day they'll be worth something to my grandchildren, even if only a fond memory of their grandfather.
Love and hugs from northern Ohio where it is cold, but sunny.

Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack! I think we all long to rub shoulders with the rich and famous … but this is taking things a bit too far. :) I've never known any serious stamp collectors, but admire their/your passion. You must have felt sick at heart!

I don't think I consciously collect things. Yet, I've discovered I can't resist olden stuffed bears at estate sales. That, and if I'm somewhere having a remarkable time, I'll probably buy a coffee cup. That way, weeks (and years!) later while enjoying my morning coffee I can remember that day.

Hope yours and Sherry's is super!