Thursday, February 28, 2019

A vacation

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 1934 Ford Dump Truck

Remembering, thinking on our vacation.

I mentioned in a previous blog, that BIL Elmer had attended the same church since 1946. My dad became Elmer's pastor in 1954. Sherry was Elmer's Sister in law. So off and on I have attended since then. Our pastor at present is Rev. Danny Peterson. He is a good pastor and has become a great friend. He spoke well over Elmer. I was amiss not telling him his morning sermon (and at the funeral ) was good for me. To be honest, good pastors are few these days.
Church has been part and parcel of our lives. Not everyone is involved with church. I have no problem with other opinions, but like politics, religion is a personal thing. Usually influenced by family and friends, of course many times jobs and locale have a lot to do with it.

Many do not remember the Slogan, "I like Ike" in the early 1950s. I never knew my dad's politics because he never said. He had church members who were of both parties. His line was, "I will discuss religion, but absolutely not politics." I  suspected he was a Democrat.

In the 7th grade a close friend's family liked Adlai.  So I became a Democrat. The slogans were:
"Forward with Stevenson-Sparkman" and "All the Way With Adlai."

While Eisenhower had: "I Like Ike" and "Clean House with Ike and Dick."

I had to admit that Ike had the best slogans.

Politics was fun back then.  Dad pastored a church in Valdese, NC, in the foothills of the mountains. The church was actually split politically about half and half. I remembered the members attending with their buttons. They actually sat on opposite sides in church. 

BUT what I fondly remember was the fun they all had, joking with each other. As a boy, I do not remember any of them becoming upset at the opposition they seemed to have fun arguing.  They were still close friends.

It would be nice if we all could relearn that attitude!.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is a great attitude. We don't all have to agree, but we can still remain friends! We can respect each others differences for what they are and not get carried away. Good memories and good thoughts for today! Love and hugs from a cold but sunny northern Ohio!

Dar said...

The one thing I am most opposed to is the disrespect of our country leader, whether or not he is right or wrong about this issue or that. He still deserves must have respect to continue to carry our country on his shoulders. I also recall the 'buttons' but still the comradeship in spite of them. Great reminder Jack.
love n' hugs from our over the knees deep snow cover. We got our blanket of insulation for sure. Now to watch the meltdown and pray for no floods from here on down the Mississippi River.

Mevely317 said...

I sure gotta agree with what Dar said. How well I remember the slogan (if not the election), "I Like Ike." Kinder, simpler times.
This reminds me a little, I forget where we were, but a couple older men began ribbing me about my Auburn hoodie. Then one hastened to add, "Oh don't worry about us … we're just fussin; that's what we do." I love that word, fussin!

betty said...

It would be nice if politics would become fun again but it seems like there are so many opposites in it that I don't see it happening. People do have their opinion about it and religion so most of the time it is better to be quiet me thinks. Church has always been part of our lives too except for when we lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 2 years and couldn't for the life of us find a Christian church that didn't also include the culture of the land with animal spirits, etc. We decided it was probably best not to attend church there rather than expose the kids at their young age to things we didn't want them exposed to. We were getting ready to consider driving down to Albuquerque to attend church when hubby got the job in Montana where we promptly started attending church again weekly and haven't missed too much since then :)