Sunday, February 17, 2019

Those Reminders..

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The now:
My wife has a ‘programmed mind’, routines are easy for her. She does make notes. Evidently those classes in short hand taught her to put a lot in a little space. She has a daily log of our lives. She can tell me exactly where we were and what we ate one or two years ago. She keeps a record in a 1”x2” space on a pocket calendar. She has a file of these. She also makes notes for herself. The girl also has a collection of Church bulletins with sermon notes on them from churches we visit.
Me? I use the computer calendar for several reminders. This monitor flashes up reminders for me to clean filters,  ‘Dump Black water’ (empty the RV septic system) and to ‘Change implant batteries.’ I always carry extra batteries in case I miss a reminder.. The implants are unforgiving when I hear the three dings, I know I have 3-4 minutes before I go deaf. Hearing aids gave me more warning.

I have yearly notices: oil all doors, hatches and check the motor home’s batteries for water level.  It is good for me, because I have gone three years and not oiled the doors and think it has been 6 months. LOL
Sorta like birthdays at this age, “WHAT? It’s been a year already?”

Yes, I still make to do lists, and yes, some I still kick them down the road.

I know Rick W. uses e-reminders home and work. Do you use them?
I met a lady at the Park library. She asked  what authors I liked. I could only think of Clancy from the many I enjoy. She made a note of our lot # on her smart ‘phone’ and said, "I will bring you some."  I think she ignores her notes too! (Or wonders what '#28' means! as she stares at her reminders) LOL

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Mevely317 said...

Yup, I'm old … old school. While we've e-reminders, I still prefer surrounding myself with a paper trail. Sherry's daily planner diaries are so cool! Really. Once upon a time I tried documenting my days, but that exercise fizzled before the month was out. On the other hand, my mom kept meticulous records on her car's mileage and maintenance statistics, dates her light bulbs and batteries were changed, etc.

betty said...

I probably need to set up reminders. I keep a lot of the info in my head and haven't missed much but forgot to pay the taxes for the rental house, but they were still paid within the grace period. I do like though the e-reminders over a paper trail. Seems like we are always collecting a lot of paper here that I'm trying to keep to a minimum.


bobbie said...

I am a dyed-in-the-wool list maker! I prefer pen & ink to E-lists ~ just an old fashioned gal at heart!

Lisa said...

We keep a calender on the wall that we write everything on. I personally keep my reminders on my Google calander that will pop up and reminde me the day before. Now that we have “Alexa”, I have her programmed to my google calander so even when I am not at home, Nick can ask her whats on the calander for today, week or month, and she will tell him. Now if I can just find a way to remind myself to actually add the reminders. Ha!

42 and cloudy in Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems I use them lists, my calendar, the reminders. Even then, sometimes I forget. My computer and my phone have reminders and I use paper and pen to make lists too. Truly I need all the help I can get.

Glenda said...

I use a combination of google calendar, phone reminders and the calendar on the fridge. Most of the time one of them works for me!!! Agree with MA, need all the helpers :)

Dar said...

Most of our reminders go directly onto the paper calendar hanging by the phone, yes, the land line. All the birthdays, anniv.s, parties get transferred each new year including ages, yrs. of anniv.s. Our health visits also go there...his in blue, mine in pink, both yellow highlighted. I don't put anything on cell phones because we only use them while traveling or at the cabin. We spent the day there today, still moving so much deep snow around. I was over my knees shoveling off the deck while Bill pushed what he could with the UTV. It's gorgeous out there but dangerous.
loven'hugs from up north where we enjoy our 4 seasons none the less.

Susan Kane said...

I am a paper and pen person. Carry a small calendar in my purse and have a full sized one by the phone.

One drawer in my Brm holds many journals that document years.

I love that "mobile traveling trailer"! I wonder how it went.

Chatty Crone said...

I am a calendar gal and a note gal. I don't know what I would do without them.