Saturday, February 23, 2019

Just thinking...

Trucks of Art
 1926 Motor Home
Arriving in NC we found every river and creek mostly out of their banks. It is still raining. Not great weather for a funeral. So much water another pump has burned out here at the Duplex.
But for now:
It seemed so simple
Yep, it seemed very simple:  We take the motor home to NC for the funeral. Leave the motor home in NC and drive the car back to Florida. Then we will finish off the winter in our little house in Deltona.

Now that we are here and thinking what we will need to take back. The first thing is this computer. OH? Will I need the printer? LOL….. Sherry says she will be happy with the old lap top for that time. So that part will be okay.

Sherry says “We will need to pack a suitcase.”  We have been so blessed to live in something mobile where we had EVERYTHING we need close at hand, we are spoiled.  We could decide to go from Florida to Nova Scotia and not pack a thing, we had it all.  Shucks, even sitting in NC and decide to go to Alaska, all we had to do was pull in the awnings, raise the jacks and take off.

After living over 20 years on the road in a motor home. Settling down to a mortar and frame home will take some adjusting for us. As you can tell, we are not used to packing a suitcase for a trip.  LIFE IS STILL GOOD!
The ‘wild cat’ Stormy still loves me.
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betty said...

As long as the wild cat Stormy still loves you, life indeed is good. Pack light for your travels ahead. I'm sure you will figure out what you need to take and what needs to stay.


Glenda said...

It's amazing how we get accustomed to something; making the coffee perhaps, and are literally on autopilot. Instinctively know where to reach, scoop, etc and don't even have to think about it. Getting out of your zone makes you think, sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's bewildering! Put your "heads" together, you'll get it figured out. In a worst-case scenario, there's usually a nearby Walmart :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Whatever you might forget, you can always find somewhere close by. When I travel I always take my computer along. It is a laptop so it's easy enough to do. Sounds like you are ready to go so I'm wishing you safe travels.

Love and hugs,

Lisa said...

So its gonna feel like a Vacation. You will always feel like you forgot something. Just be careful and dont get any speeding tickets now that you have lightend the load. Haha. Oh and make sure you clean out the fridge.
I have a funeral to attend tomrrow for my Uncle.

Stay safe out there

Dar said...

No matter what mode of transportation you take, you'll still be together wherever you land. Yes, you'll have adjustments to make living in a framed home after all the years on the road, but you will adjust. You also will forget something but not to worry. Enjoy your new lifestyle. You'll manage just fine and you'll still kiss Sherry goodnight and many times, passing by her. We haven't had a chance to do much more than collapse after pushing so much snow AGAIN and my hands no longer want to fit the handle of the shovel.
Stay warm. Your area and AZ area look good compared to the rest of the country. Send sunshine.
loven'hugs from up north as I pull up my boots and cap and get after it!

Mevely317 said...

Great points. This 'transient' really hasn't a clue what it's like to bring along everything one could want. (But I'd love to learn someday … as long as someone ELSE was doing the driving. Ha!)

BTW, I love what you wrote on Sean's column about Interstates v. back roads. Sometimes I enjoy going back and reading folks' comments and smile all over again!

Jean said...

Safe travel back to your home in Florida I'm sure you and Sherry will enjoy living in your house for a while. It's been fair weather here the pass few days it was in the 80's yesterday back in the 60's today. Take care, Jean

Woody said...

Safe Travels Home, just think, You and your Honey did what a lot of only just Dream about, you actually did just wander and roam, like the old "Woody Guthrie" song, "This Land is your Land", Take it easy, sending down our warmest regards ! Gary and Anna Mae !