Sunday, July 31, 2022

He is not playing with a full deck! (etc)

 Memorable car of the day:

 Listed as the world's most beautiful car and I do not know what it is!  I want to guess Lamborghini... 

(I am posting early for Monday, tomorrow is an especially busy day!

For today:

You have heard that title in many different ways and sittings. Probably more of them than I remember. It is usually said about us that forget something or do something stupid. I have also heard it said derogatorily about dear friends (and Kin) who never developed past an early age.

One I remember dearly I met in Florida, Tyler, they called him Tyty. His problem came because of lack of oxygen to his brain at an early age. He was probably in his mid 20s when he got a job at Chic-Filet. They loved him you never saw Tyler without a smile! He died of Covid last year and is missed by many. Chic Filet had a special day for him after his passing. He was an amazing young man.

(Tyler and his mom, sweet Linda)

My Uncle Ralph, dad’s brother lived into his 40s. He was my playmate for years. I was a child and Ralph would play cars with me on the floor and under the house and he was 20. He was a good friend. After Granny Darnell died he lived off and on with all the brothers and sisters. Every one loved Ralph.  It is hard to not love someone who is always happy and smiling……  Makes one wonder how great it is to NOT know about: Russia, the economy and nasty politics, doesn’t it.


I have known Da--- a long time. But not until the last couple years have I really got to know him. He is NEVER without a smile, I think he is a miracle to have survived, he has lived to near 50 now, and he knows hundreds of songs. Plays the bass guitar and drums like a professional. BUT that VOICE! He sings in church. Ahhh such a grand voice, the professional sound from down deep. It is also sorta strange because most singers I cannot understand, BUT, I CAN HEAR and understand the words he sings. Everyone is shocked when they first hear the big ‘D’ sing. He has a natural ability to use a microphone to emphasize his ability.

I have known D’s dad since his our youth. His dad and mine were pastors during the same era. I do not know if D ever attended school or not but I am sure his mama ‘W’, had a lot to do with his training and abilities. She is a loving and patient lady. She told Sherry that ‘D’ lives 24/7 with a headache, but you would never know it.

I pause now when I see a ‘Mentally Challenged’ person. They live in a different world, at times I wish I could join them.  Have you ever been enlightened by someone mentally challenged?

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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Electrical and Drywall (Dryer… My fault!)

 Memorable car of the day:

This is an older Jag. This was a dream of many young folk in the 50s. I just read on FB a day or so ago the Lisa (Away from the Office Chair) was driving her dad's Jag. Probably a little newer that this one..... ;-)

For today:

I had peaches in my cereal this morning. Tonight Sherry sat and enjoyed some of the Peach Cobbler she baked, it was delicious.

The Dryer… I checked every electrical part and found nothing wrong…. So back down to the breaker panel. Pulled the cover and looked at the breakers more closely. I had replaced the big double breaker with a smaller twin set. To gain room for the apartment circuits.  I installed the replacement breaker one half breaker too high or too low. Your home has two 120v legs coming in. they are different phases. To get 220 v the twin breakers MUST grab BOTH legs. I had the same leg feeding. So it all was my fault. OUCH. However I sure learned a lot about dryers. LOL

All the drywall is hung, screwed and trimmed. The electrical is in place and ready for the sheetrock mud. So next I will be a mudder.

(Above is looking from the living room area back to the outside door. You can see our coach thru the door.)

(above is looking from the outside entrance area toward the living area, the odd color vinyl on the right is where I had already started covering the carpet.) BTW I can now use the new lights I installed.  They will be dropped down once I get to the ceiling.  HA!

 I am messy so I have the carpet completely covered to cut down on the mess of dropped mud and the dust that will come big time with the sanding.

(All Carpet is covered)

Mudding and sanding will take a minimum of 2 days maybe three four according to how fast the mud dries. I don’t mind mudding except for corners, they are a pain for me. LOL I ALWAYS try to do both sides of the corner a once, but I should do one side, let it dry then do the other side. But into every life a little rain must fall. LOL

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Friday, July 29, 2022


 Memorable car of the day:

 Cowgirl in the twenties!

For today:

I picked up the dry wall yesterday and got it staged in the basement garage. I hung two or three boards before Sherry came down with the bad news, “The dryer has Quit.”

I pulled the back cover and check everything I knew to check, nothing could I find that was bad. I had an appointment to help Grandson Josh, so I took off over to Charlotte. A heavy light fixture had fallen from the ceiling. I worked with him and we got it back in place.

As I was leaving he asked if we liked peaches. SURE!

He has a tree of ‘freestone’ peaches that is LOADED, So much so the limbs are kissing the ground. We picked some, I took a good sized bag.  Sherry has already peeled and cut them and put some in sweetener, MAN ARE THEY GOOD.  I must have already eaten a pint of them. I think tomorrow we will try some type of pie….

Still cannot figure a problem with the Dryer…..

I hung two more boards of drywall and quit…..Then went out with Sherry to the swing where we were entertained by the kitties playing and climbing trees.

Life is good (could be better if I can find out what is wrong with the dryer, LOL).

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Thursday, July 28, 2022


Memorable car of the day:

Normal gasoline prices in the 50's! WE are below $4 here in NC...
Test driving the new Jeep, reckon they had seat belts?

For today:

I continued with the electrical. I found 4 circuits I can use.  So I am using only 3 (saving one. LOL)

One of the outlets wired and ready for drywall.

Of course Electrical is never done until the trim work after the painting.  But all the wire is pulled, some outlets and switches wired and tested.

The two yellow wires were the two remaining circuits to squeeze into the manel.

I closed the main panel, if one is careful they can work on a live panel. I did not want to shut the house down completely. I got one tingle and one arc. Not bad for a crowded panel. I was glad to see the cover screwed back in place.

(The refrigerator outlet, finished on it's own circuit)

(I had to take down two of these 4 tube florescent fixtures. They too have gained weight since I hung them by myself 25 yrs ago. LOL)

I ran the outlet wire by drilling holes in the suds to save wire.)

Next?  Gotta go get drywall, doors and a couple small items. My list is in the basement. LOL

Take care. Life is Good.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

 There is a difference

 The super CAddy, sent to me by an old Shipmate, Frank Malinowski

Hidden tires with room to turn!

Memorable car of the day:


For today:

Yes, there is a difference in being just worn out, weary and tired and being BEAT! There can be a smiling tired, a happy tired or just a good tired.  I have made the mistake of saying I am ‘tired,’ without saying BUT it is a GOOD tired.

It is a strange thing about age, unless one is sick, or disabled with a life threatening condition, your mind does not age, and you feel the same as when you were much younger.

I hope I am not misreading my situation, today I have been very active. Cleaning behind myself, pulling wire for outlets and lights and smiling as I lose and find tools I have hid from myself.

The electrical project is going well, but the grass still grows, so I took time to cut, weed eat and give the drive a good blowing. I had ordered a replacement TV for the junk we had in the bedroom. We decided on a wall mount, we have never had that before, so I hung the NEW TV. Of course the TV is not a ‘click ON’ and watch, but we handled it. LOL

So I am tired. I do not think I have over-did.  I think Sherry thinks so, at times. BUT it is hard to stop doing something that is accomplishing something and is fun. I have a ‘policy’, I think the body is smart and will tell me to slow down or take it easy, if I push too far… LOL

Yeah I know, everyone thinks that……. BUT  I got it…  LOL

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PS: I talked to a lady who still gets around, but is very sick. She was saying that one day someone will wonder why there is not active at my home and will check to find ‘I have returned to dust.’ It is sad she has no kin left. She still drives, She told me a few weeks ago, “There are times I want to just start driving, no destination in mind, but just GO, until I die.”
That is sad….

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Back in 1902

Memorable car of the day:

 1902 Studebaker Electric, before it's time.

For today:

Well would you believe it, I picked up some electrical supplies today. A roll of wire I would buy back when I was  building cost about $38-$48. The price on that wire, size 12, was $159.  OUCH…

I did get one circuit run today. It will cover the micro wave, hot plate and lite in the pantry.

But today is July 27th, back in ’02 a baby was born and he was named Wiley Aaron Harris. He was born in the mill town of Belmont, NC.  In his entire life he lived outside Belmont on two occasions, both short.  The last time he moved back it was to a senior facility, He sat in his Lazy Boy, reclined in front of his ‘color TV’, smiled and said, “I am a Belmont boy again.”

Wiley was working in the Imperial Mill when he was 8 years old. Below is a picture of the mill workers when he was 12 yrs old.

He worked in the Climax Mill for a short while but spent most of his life in the Imperial Mill where the main product was ‘yarn.


He was a handsome man with naturally wavy hair. He married the beautiful Susie Hawes and fathered Wiley Jr, Lennie, Colette, Vernon, Tommy, Sherry and Johnny. 

He was passionate about sports, especially baseball. He was a Yankee Fan. With about 95% of mill workers being Democrats, Wiley was a staunch Republican. He did like and admire FDR.

He passed away at the age of 83 out living his sweet Susie by 22 years.

You know the reason I care about Wiley and Susie. In 1954 I met Sherry! In 1956 we were married. Soooo Wiley & Susie were the best Father and Mother-in-law that ever lived.

Today, if Wiley Aaron was still alive he would be 120

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Just a little more….

 Memorable car of the day:

 Mystery car, I hve no idea the year, country nor name. But I like it.  It looks like it is whistling a catchy tune. LOL

For today:

The iron worked for seaming the carpet. I did not do the job real carpet men would have, but it should work for this job.

Sherry and I went to the Verizon store to get a # removed from our bill. HAHAHAHA That cannot be done at the store. It must be done on the net or by phone.

Then we picked up the lumber order and I got started to work.


(Half the long wall is in the fore ground, the short wall is on the deck waiting  some nails.)

Since my strength isn’t what it used to be I had to half the 22 foot wall so I could lift half at a time. That shocked me at how heavy even a 10-12 foot wall is. Imma thinking they make lumber heavier now—a-days. LOL During a chow break we tried the phone company again, this time via phone.

HAHAHA again. It took Hours or seemed like that and after chasing our tails with computer generated voices we finally got it done.

Back to work to finish raising the walls and completed the framing.

(just below is looking from the basement garage at the entrance door to the apart. We already have an outside door. I installed that when I put the bathroom in.) to give you an orientation; looking in. the kitchen is to the left, that door with a flag over it is the bedroom entrance.

Shucks the short wall was heavier than I expected.

The little apartment is framed now and ready for electrical before drywall. The big job is finding space in our power panel for three circuits. ;-)

A good days work, that included the Verizon frustration.


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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Thinking about driving nails.

Memorable car of the day:

This bus was parked in our drive a few years back. It carried kids from Haiti who where touring churches singing and telling about life in Haiti. We were traveling and not using the house at the time and it was a great place for them to take a break.

For today:

(Of course I hope to shoot the nails)…BUT actually I am slipping a moisture barrier under the old carpet in the basement. The last time we replaced the carpet here in the house, instead of sending the carpet to the dump, I spread it in the basement. It has served me well just lying in pieces, large and small. So before I start with walls after adding the moisture barrier I will try to seam the carpet.

Seaming carpet permanently requires hot glue seaming tape. Carpet men seam carpet with a seaming iron specifically designed for the job. I am going to try to use an old steam iron and seam the carpet before starting the walls. It is just an idea. I can replace the iron for about $10 which is cheap if the job works. LOL  (If not, I will just cry!)

I will keep you up to date…..  ;-)

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Phase one is complete..

Memorable car of the day:

Yeah that is Frank Sinatra in his '55 T-Bird....


For today:

All shelves and work benches  that were in the way of the upcoming downstairs apt have been removed. That was the ‘labor intense’ part of this project.

WE can walk around the basement without tripping over electric cords and air hoses.

I guess now a material list and staging everything is next. This is also the fun part, ;-) right now my net signal is bouncing from nothing to 3 bars. So I am off here.

Take care and be safe…..

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Enjoying things, even in the chaos

 Memorable car of the day:

 1954 Plymouth Belmont convertible, So few, I never saw on in real life. LOL

For today:

WE had ‘apple pecan salad with pomegranate vinergarette dressing. We had it two days in a row, yesterday we had a tomato sandwich to go along with it.  Then we took a break and played a game of dominoes. Well we played a ¼ of a game. A game of Mexican Train (our way) takes us 4 days.  Then back to work, she let me work until 9PM then I had to stop.

I said work, but I consider this fun.  I even found some stuff I had forgotten. It guess this is doing something and a little Easter-egg hunt combined. LOL

I am having to work my head a little also trying to downsize my playing area. I am actually throwing a ‘little’ away. LOL

(The wall below was shelves for Electrical and Plumbing, now further back)

(above is Tommy Tom in the middle of the chaos)

Part of today I had to be very careful, Little Tommy Tom the kitty that went to the mts with us was under foot for a couple hours. I put him up on the new work bench for a few minutes. Kittens are so danged inquisitive and cute. One of his sisters, orange/yellow also in color, will let me pet her a little also.

Thanks for stopping by. Looking thru the mess and the kittens eating and playing.

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