Sunday, June 26, 2022

Looking for trouble

  Memorable car of the day:

 1941 Chrysler Newport, Is this dude cool or what?

For today:

I caught myself looking under the kitchen and vanity sinks today for leaks. Funny that, it is like insurance, it seems when I check there is never a leak, BUT FORGET and when you least expect it, someone will notice & say, “There is a leak under the sink!”

It is like the saying, “Has a battery ever gone dead at a GOOD time?”

I know it is good to check the plumbing every once in a while as well as the battery on the lawnmowers. MOST of the time nothing is needed.

Over our later life time we have had some rental properties. I cannot manage rentals I KNOW I am an easy touch so we have a manager. He charges 10% to handle troubles, collect and deposit our share.

We have only one rental at present. It normally pays the taxes and insurance plus maintenance on both ‘Condos’. These are condos, but until Sister Shirley leased this side, it was always a ‘Duplex’.  Something bugged Shirl about living in a duplex, but a condo? Yeah that is cool. LOL


My dog Ace, stands watch on this etrance to the condos.

Anyway, Mr. Hunter (manager) called to say there was a leak next door, estimate to fix……. $3,500!  WHAT? Shucks plumbing the whole house only costed $2000………. Don’t tell me, Sherry already reminded me that was 25 years ago. LOL

I will be looking for someone who can do it more reasonable, or I will do it myself.  I just hate to interrupt the renter’s lives while it is being done, this will be a few days job, possible 2 weeks.  That is a long time to have someone in and out of your house.

Nite Shipslog

PS a: I should be here for one more entry, if not we will see you when we get back from the mountains….

PS b: Gotta remember this!!!

“Learn to smile at every situation. See it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability.” — Joe Brown


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Too hot to play…

  Today’s automobile:

1950 Merc, cuatomized


Some thoughts for today:

Great Granddaughter Stella is playing ‘fast pitch’ soft ball. Sherry had a shower to attend, but we did get to go to the first game.  It was a hot day, yeah I know it is hot all over this year.

Fast pitch is amazing. Those kids can let that ball fly. Stella was Shortstop, but mid game the coach replaced the pitcher and catcher. Stella did the catching, did a great job and that replacement pitcher was FIRING that ball (I was surprised at the speed). I didn’t get any great pictures, but any pictures of your grands is good.

 (You are OUT!)

Stella was a better catcher than the starter, I was pleased, even in the heat, she did a good job.  She also scored one of their 2 runs. The kid is a good hitter but she was walked. Then stole bases all the way around the field. She is  fast.

She is relaxing a little while the Umpire checked the time...

I didn’t know it but she was having some problems with her left hand. Here she is after the game hauling her ‘stuff’. I could tell she was favoring that left hand. You can see the results of the sun on her face, even with all the gear covering the catcher…..


Oh in closing. Here is a shot of our Pent House for the birds. It wasn’t used this year and I have it squirrel proof, still no takers.


That was our Saturday Morning......


PS: . “If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours.” — “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” — Leo F. Buscaglia

Friday, June 24, 2022

Sleep eating… Is it possible?

  Today’s automobile:

 This would be a dream to have....

Some thoughts for today:

Okay, this is fact. I love Butter Pecan Ice Cream but seldom buy it. Last grocery trip Sherry was getting Frozen Yogurt and I decided to pick up some Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Our Ice cream eating time is evening. I seldom take a sleeping pill, when I do I cut them in half. Well nite before last I took a whole pill. I couldn’t clear my mind and knew I would have a tough time getting to sleep.

I had eaten out of the container two times. There was about 2/3rds left. About an hour after taking the pill I got a small bowl of BUTTER PECAN! After eating the small bowl I took it into the kitchen to wash the bowl and do my nightly job of clearing any dirty dishes, preparing coffee and doing general cleaning. I finished, ME “Heck, I think I will get an exra spoonful of that delicious Butter Pecan Ice cream.” I took the container out, I remember eating a couple spoons full………… then all of a sudden I woke up, standing at the counter and the container was CLEAN, empty, I mean empty. I was holding the spoon.  I do not remember eating it, I didn’t even enjoy the pleasure of the taste!!

(Mine was cleaner than this!)

I told Sherry the next morning. She said, “I was puzzled the kitchen was as usual, except the counter at the coffee pot was very sticky!”

I sure would like to blame it on something.  I tried blaming Sherry but that didn’t work!

Imma tell you standing there holding that empty container, I was CONFUSED!  I could say age, because Sherry is getting up there you know! BUT, Now, I may FIB every once in a while, but that girl will not tell a story!

I must be a Sleep-eater!


PS: . ¨Smile is the beauty of the soul.¨- Lailah Gifty Akita


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Planning and the nature trail (Not too natural. )

  Today’s automobile:

Customized 1950 Ford. Things like this I drooled over as a teenager, but could not afford it of course.. LOL


Note: Thanks Betty for the answer to my quandary about The Night Rider and Kit. I had forgotten completely.

Some thoughts for today:

We purchased a tablet a couple years ago, thinking we would use it to replace one of our PCs. That has not worked out.  I just plugged it in to charge the battery.  I am hoping a new start will produce better results.

We are taking a few days into the mountains and don’t want to transfer EVERYTHING to the coach.  This is when we both say, it was easier when we lived in it full time.  Of course it was.  We both miss it.  Folks do not understand the feeling, but to us it is sort of a FREEDOM.

Folks ask me if I carry tools. I smile. I have enough tools to overhaul an engine or build a house, true dat.

Anyway, I hope for a few days we can make it with 2 cell phones and a tablet. LOL  That is without a RELAPSE of some kind.

I have been working on my little nature trail.  This is the latest additions.

The tree in the middle of the trail I envision being the height tree. The left side is white to mark the kids heights. There is a spot in the basement that has been used over 25 years. The great grand's now reaching the early marks of the grand's.

Froggy taking a bath


Reroute to make the trail easier on a little tractor.


I washed and Painted some rocks to lay along the trail, some with SOLID GOLD veins (LOL).


Then two huge nuggets, in case we decide to sell, that should increase the value. HA!

 No patterns, just fun... 



“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

I am really trying to smile…

 Today’s automobile:

 I do  know it was a TV series and I liked it... YEARS AGO

Right now I cannot think of this cars name, but it could talk..

Some thoughts for today:

But it is hard.  Today we were again reminded we have outlived our time.  First, a water bill. It is a final bill for a home we sold. We have been paying the water bill, exorbitant as it is for a few years. So to the water department. Uh oh, the man inside smiled and said they have moved… We got the address.  Belmont was ALWAYS a small town.  We found the NEW city complex, It is modern and as large as the cotton mills that used to support this town. It wasn’t easy to find the  MAIN ENTRANCE!

The lady was nice, oh you cannot pay here, it must be on line or dropped into a box ‘down town’ cash or check, but we prefer ck or credit card.

I asked, “The total is a little confusing, what do we OWE?” Oh that… “The $136 is not due because of ,,,, the actual bill is $62 or something, you can find it online.”

“The correct amt will be deducted in July sometime.”

Then to the Photo shop at the drug store. I have already tried at WALMART and the person handling that was not there two times. (I need one 8mm film reel and two ancient video cassettes put on DVD).  Now the Drug store guy cannot get the computer to cooperate, “could I come back later? The real guy will be here.”

Then to the home ins. Guy because the bills arrived saying they will deducted from our bank account when due, we are going paperless. “WE informed the lady there we have not authorized the use of our bank account, and we want to pay by CC or check always.”

“Okay but this will take time, please have a seat.” 15 mins later it is done. She had to get secure secret numbers to change it all.

This is not over.  WE use a mail service, in the mail we just called for, They now want to go paperless and need a CC # to make this happen…….

“YES!” Sherry says, “Time to move into assisted living, sell everything, get rid of all our stuff and be regular OLD PEOPLE.”  I am about to agree with her.

WE have outlived OUR time. We can cope I think, but it ain’t no fun. I reminded Sherry, We could drop this nearly $2000 in home insurance, I never insured a home before that was paid off. I’m reminded of a lifelong Insurance man who told me, “WE are betting that your home will not be destroyed. WE are over 90% right. You on the other hand are betting that it will, you are part of the 10%!”




“Gratitude paints little smiley faces on everything it touches.” — Richelle E. Goodrich

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Ouch but also a smile

 Today’s automobile:

1952 Kaiser Traveler

 Some thoughts for today:

I found something yesterday, NOT a treasure, but part of life and nature. I found a Yellow Jacket nest, the hard way.  I only got stung once, and that was enough to know they meant for me to BACK OFF! I was working on my little nature trail.  Since it is in the middle of the trail I will have to insist they move. I can’t have one of the Great Grands finding them also.

I have some memories of Yellow Jackets and Hornets. Well Sherry has one about Hornets, OUCH in capitals!

As a child I did see a kid covered with yellow jackets. A Hero, a fast thinking teacher grabbed the kid and rushed him over to a creek that ran by our school. He soused the kid into the water awhile brushing the jackets away. He was stunk many times himself, but saved the boy’s life I am sure. The kid spent a couple days in the hospital.

Once in the mountains we had crossed a swinging bridge to visit my sister. Jack Jr. started yelling. He had been stung by a hornet. Sherry dashed across the bridge, stirring the hornets more and under her dress they went. Modesty went to the wind, she was stung several times… OUCH.

 Well yesterday afternoon Sherry and I were out in the picnic area. I was deciding how to convince the Yellow Jackets to move and was waiting for evening. The kittens caught our eye, they were learning they could climb trees.

I have heard cats cannot back down a tree, but I have learned they can. The Kittens had a ball climbing and coming back down.

These walked over to the Motor Home and  fell dead asleep after that work out.



“Just for today, smile a little more.” — James A. Murphy


The good Father

 Today’s automobile:

Daddy never bought a new car, but when he could, he bought a 'demonstrator', That was a car the dealers let customers drive during the year, then sold it as used at the end of the year.

 He bought a 48 Chevy Fleetline that way, I was in the 3rd grade.

 Some thoughts for today:

No earthly father is perfect.  Kids do not come with instructions. And right or wrong, there are no two kids alike.  Many siblings have what appears to have the same traits, but as they mature (?) differences show up. I was fortunate, my dad had 4 to practice on before I come along. I think he was the perfect dad, that is my opinion.

I broke his heart at least two times, but he was always there for me. He wanted me to finish school. Shirley was the only child out of the 5 that lived to maturity, to graduate High School, none had went to college. He begged me to stay in school, I quit. He reluctantly signed for me to enlist in the USMC.

On my second enlistment I got my heart right with God and thought I should become a preacher.  MY  DAD NEVER encouraged that. But when he saw I was determined he backed me.

AND THEN true to form, after pastoring 2 churches and organizing and building one (with Sherry’s help and support).

I quit, went to trade school for a few months and then enlisted in the USN. Dad had high hopes for me “Working in the Vineyard” and I broke his heart. He never climbed in my case, but loved me and his grand kids. ;-).

During that time I had become a dad, a father. I thought I was doing right.  I thought I was handling being a father the ‘right’ way, but somewhere along the line I messed up big time. I love my boys. One joined the USN, I hoped he would make a career, but that didn’t happen; but he has been successful in his own right, he was also a good single parent. The other become a successful Gen Contractor, then made some wrong decisions, he lost a lot, and he no longer renews his Contractor's License. Drugs played a big part in the down side for both.

I continually ask myself, what could I have done that would have remedied that? I remember once during a crisis; standing, looking out a window crying, saying aloud, “I can fix anything, just ask anyone! But I can’t fix my family…..”

You do not need to comment. At this time I have had a big punch in my stomach,  I just needed to unload on someone and you are handy…. I did get a call and card for Father’s day. 


Life is good and I KNOW I cannot change the past…..

 Back when I had the world by the tail!


PS:  I have to think this could happen:

¨Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.¨- Steve Maraboli

Sunday, June 19, 2022


 Today’s automobile:

1970s F150


 Some thoughts for today:

This kid stopped by on Father’s Day and brought his Father Matt Dillon Darnell. This is Jack Wiley. It is hard to look at this little guy and not think…

(Great Grandson Jack Wiley) 

Hey, around 60+ years back, our sons were this size.

Lot of joy, Fun, Love, grief and sadness in those years. Still love those boys…

Wishing them a Happy Father’s day.


PS:  I had to think about this one for a bit, then it hit me, yep……………

 “It is impossible to persuade a man who does not disagree, but smiles.” ​– Muriel Spark


Saturday, June 18, 2022

It ain't never gonna be like it WAS! (I guess that is okay)

  Today’s automobile:


That 1950 Nash, referred to as the upside down bathtub.

 Some thoughts for today:

Time, I fuss about time passing too fast. Before I know it Christmas will be here. Then a few weeks later I will be another year older. We still have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Maybe it because I now have 6 Saturdays and one Sunday, that I look at things different.  Of course it is not only this OLD MAN, but more and more I hear old folks saying the same thing.

WE wish TV programs made since like they used to.  There was Andy Griffin and I Love Lucy. Of course most guys love Gun Smoke, Raw Hide and Bonanza.

Do kids still go to the movies on Saturday?  I remember the ‘continuing serials’ that kept me coming back, a cartoon and a comedy the main event.

WE want things back like they were. VERY FEW mamas and dads drove their kids to some ‘sports practice’.  If we wanted to play ball we did.  No games were scheduled, and besides I might have preferred going fishing.

WE seldom can go home to die anymore, be are carted off to some Hospice outfit.  Before someone gets upset, I Understand schedules and fully working families DO NOT have the time.  But lately Sherry’s Brother chose to not return to a hospital or hospice but stay home until the end, he did.  His daughters and wife could be with him off and on 24/7. He left this earth on his terms. I was sorta proud of the old Green Beret guy.

Janet and Vernon (SGT Harris) in happier times, the way things were!

Ok I quit. Enough for this entry. I am not even going to say the Hot Dogs used to be much better because the cook took time to ‘steam the buns’, LOL


PS:  Think!:

. “Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available.” — Jim Beggs

Friday, June 17, 2022

So stinking final!!!

  Today’s automobile:

 1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt


Growing up and attending funerals they were funerals for folks much older than I. I had known them as Aunt or Uncle. In our family, it was a family reunion. Seeing cousins I had not seen since Christmas or the last funeral.  Kids played and had fun during the wake, until we crashed, 6 to a bed or pallets on the floors. But death to us was really not ‘FINAL,’ life went on.

Yesterday we attended a funeral for a man ONLY 44 years old, died in his sleep. NOW I THINK OF FINAL. WE old folk just do not like nor understand kids departing before the parents, no matter the age.

WE have cheapened life, when 20-50 people are shot dead, if it is not our family or friends, we feel badly but in a few days we are back at our routines, BUT THOSE 20-50 FAMILIES are dealing with NEVER AGAIN SEEING THEIR LOVED ONE. They will remember the last time they saw them alive. The FINAL SMILE, WORDS, EVEN CLOTHES THEY WORE. I MEAN FINAL!

Ever deal with a Bond’s Man? A Person someone pays to get them out of jail and GUARANTEES they will be in court. Locally we had a young man get out of jail on a BOND of $5000. He did not show up for court. The bondsman called his MEN, the guys paid to get the bond jumper. 8 men surrounded a house he was in, he tried to run. He was shot dead, DEAD. He valued his life at $5000. That young man by ignorance or stupidity missed a court date, and DIED.  His mom and dad are still crying.

We need to instill in young people that DEATH is FINAL, THAT IS IT, YOU ARE GONE. Never to play ball again.  Never to date again, never to own a car and cruise the streets. Death?  Not a game; you will not get up and try again. I personally think teen years would be a good time to point out how final DEATH IS.

I’m sorry, seeing a young man in a casket much younger than our sons Jack Jr. & Mark, got to me.

Brandon, Sherece and Stella.

 A couple years ago we lost Brandon, Stella’s daddy (early 30s), Stella will Never again see him at her ball games or birthday parties.


PS:  Think!:

“I love those who can smile in trouble.”- Leonardo da Vinci

Just thinking (I'm sorry)

  Today’s automobile:

 If the USA was a car, it would look like this after paying the National Debt!

 Some thoughts for today:

According to the national news on the internet, we Americans are driving just as much and paying 2-3 times the amount per gallon as we were 2 years ago.

I despise debt.  Whether it is mine of the governments. I hate to see my taxes going to interest on the national debt.

Soooo imma thinking Hey, we are used to paying say $2 more a gallon, why not for one year add $2 per gallon to our gas and diesel and put it to the national debt.  I was sure we used that much fuel here in the USA,  Guess what?

I did some figures, the National Debt is nearing 23.3 trillion $.  The US uses about 180 billion gallons of gas/diesel a year. I will have to ask my grandsons and JJr to check the figures.  My idea is a joke (Not a HAHA joke!), if my figures are right. We would have to raise the price per gallon to about $135.00 a gallon to pay off the debt. That is $5 a gallon plus $130.00 in tax to pay off $23.3 Trillion Dollars in a year.

What in the name of common sense were our politicians thinking about? ALL of them both Dems and Reps!  Evidently NONE of them thought we would EVER pay off the national debt. I am flabbergasted. I thought The debt could be paid off.  I just did not know how much $23.3 Trillion was. ?????  I bet none of you guys will make a trillion $ this year!!!!

Check this out President Clinton was the last president to Balance the budget and pay some on the much smaller Nat’l debt.

President Clinton's two terms in office: He had budget surpluses for fiscal years 1998–2001, the only such years from 1970 to 2018. Clinton's final four budgets were balanced budgets with surpluses, beginning with the 1997 budget.  Nat’l debt 5.8 billion dollars.

I did not appreciate President Clinton’s character, but he did work across the aisle and got cooperation.  We need that today.

SORRY GUYS, I thought you would love to throw some figures around in your head. LOL



PS:  I am sure this is true…!:

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.” – William Arthur Ward