Thursday, June 29, 2023

The extra child

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So for today:

Woody mentioned the ‘extra’ kids from the neighborhood. Along with his brothers and sisters other boys in the neighborhood were welcomed and his parents helped to raise them.  That brought back memories, good and even ‘one’ strange memory.

When I was young there were attitudes in a few families when you are 16 and do not attend school, you are pushed out of the nest just like little birds that are ready to fly.

I had one friend, Scotty, who quit school when I did and he went to work in the mill and took a room in a boarding house. I joined the USMC and had a bunk!

When I lived in the small town of Valdese, NC the church parsonage and church property bordered on the school property. Mama’s table was actually closer than the school cafeteria. Valdese had a small hometown weekly newspaper.  The lady editor’s son was in my class. I don’t remember if I knew his name. One day in the 8th grade he followed me home, in the back door and sat down at the table with me. Mama (The preacher’s wife) didn’t bat an eye, talked to him and fed him. That continued for the last week of school.  Strange we weren’t speaking friends in or after class. He never asked me to come to his house after school.  Odd but true.

One day when dad pastored in Albemarle, NC, daddy and mama introduced my sister Shirley and me to Grace. Her family had told her it was time for her to move out of their house so mama took her in.  She was as sweet as could be. She was a little older than Shirley but they became very close. Grace was fun to have around.  She lived with us for about a year. She met a young man and they married. He became a pastor and she was forever like a sister to me & Shirley.

Every year while I was growing up our home was open to evangelists at least 4-6 weeks for Revivals.  Back then traveling evangelists stayed in the pastor’s home and ate at our table every meal.  Of course the pastor’s kids had to go to church every night of the revivals. Some nights I faked a heart attack or something and mama would feel sorry for me. I stayed home and listened to radio programs I missed during revivals. LOL.

See you later, we are hitting the road, it is HOT in Florida!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023


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 1986 Chevy Caprice


So for today:

I read two blog entries of friends this week, both having to do with Forgiveness. One mentioned that Monday was actually Forgiveness Day.

Have you ever been the executor of someone’s will?  I  was assigned that job a couple time. One was simple with not a hitch. The other I knew would have repercussions, so I immediately turned it over to an attorney and accepted what she did.  I was misunderstood by some and they to this day hold that against me.

I tried to explain what happened to the ones who inherited, but it did no good. I heard rumors later that it was said I kept part of the money belonging to them. I got none of the money, all was distributed by the attorney. Some nasty stories came out of it.  Some things you cannot fix. I forgive them,  But it still hurts.

I came from a great family. I loved my two brothers and two sisters.  They were my heroes.  There were bitter feelings between my brothers. I loved them both, they were both successful in their own right.  but they could not get along.  I never knew the problem, still wonder. I just wish they could have forgiven each other.


Most arguments between siblings are silly, and eventually heal themselves.  Brothers and sisters should be able to forgive and forget, family is forever. You never know when you WILL need each other.  Brothers and sisters should never let a situation fester until a family is split.

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A simple "I'm sorry!"  Has set many a soul free, whether it is to God, family or fellowman.

It is a great TONIC, We all should try it sometime.


Sunday, June 25, 2023

Once it was Billy Carter, family sins?

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Not my fault!!!!

 So for today:

I have said it a million times (a bunch anyway!). The kid (offspring of any age) gets into trouble: Robbery, Rape, murder, drugs etc the parent (usually the father) is pointed out as WRONG in some way.

I mentioned Billy because it seemed in every new’s conference President Carter spent much of his time defending or explaining his brother Billy’s actions.  I always wanted to hear Jimmy STATE EMPHATICALLY, “Billy is my brother he has NOTHING to do with the presidency, for heaven’s sake! Next question please!”

WE all know that upbringing and childhood has lasting effects on humans. There are many exceptions, kids born in abject poverty or with mindboggling handicaps set their minds and overcome major obstacles.  Once a human reaches maturity he becomes or should become responsible for his actions.

Headlines like:

Donald Trump exploited loopholes to build a White House rife with nepotism. (true or not they were appointed)


Hunter Biden drug addict given what may as well be a ‘traffic Ticket‘ for felony!  (True or not he is not his daddy!)

It seems that government at times MUST find someone to blame for any and all problems that exist,  The problem is still there, but we know who to blame.  Sherry and I both worked in D.C. and have seen the government at work. ;-).  NOT ALL is bad, but blame is prominent, that is for sure.

Fact: I supervised 37 gov’t employees, mostly civilian. I found it to be like normal business. Some were the best workers you could ask for.  There were several that did as little as possible and would always blame their coworkers if something went wrong at their jobs.

I will say this and KNOW it is true, “It is not impossible to fire a government worker, but let me tell you it is VERY HARD to NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!”

It is hard for society not to blame a parent when the worst things happen. I am not excusing any parent who buys for or allows access to firearms of teens or those they know are mentally deficient.

The world has changed. My BIL told me he took his rifle with him to school like many boys, who would go hunting right after school for food for the family.  Even in my time boys carried their guns in racks in their pick up trucks to use for hunting.

BUT we all know it is a different age and understand why it is not accepted today and it should NOT be allowed.

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Friday, June 23, 2023

That smile, a smile, just a smile

  Today’s Car

 There days you have no idea which way you are going!


For Today:

I often compliment a cashier or clerk if they have a beaming smile.

Today  Sherry let me go shopping alone. I did, I actually used the self check out.  As I was leaving the store I happened to see a young lady, in her 20s with her mom or grandmom. She was assisting in another check out line. She had a smile for her mom or grandma that even made me feel good, and it wasn’t even directed at me.

It gave me a needed lift.  Thank’s Lord!  Yes, You knew I needed that!

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PS: ;-)

Tuesday, June 20, 2023


 You guys that read and comment are great, THANKS!  We will be okay but missing for a day or so. Off to hear another DELAY we are sure.  

The last I hear, huh?  

Anyway.  Take care and we do appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Jack & Sherry the Gypsies :-l

Monday, June 19, 2023

Taking Life as it comes…

  Car of the day:

Nissan S-Cargo voted one of the world's ugliest cars

So for today:

Most people today accept the title as fact (Taking life as it comes).  Mostly it is fact, I guess. Life has always had it’s ups and downs;  Ours and probably yours!

I have noticed though, when YOUR life is going thru one of those DOWN times, it is much easier for me  to say, “Things will get better!” and MEAN it.

BUT, BUT when it is mine (ours) NOT SO MUCH!  When it is ours, I FEEL LIKE Chicken Little, “The sky is falling down!”

Just now I found myself not typing, just staring out the window. My girl noticed and sorta raised from her seat to see what was happening outside.  I had to apologize and say, “Nothing is happening out there honey, for some reason I am just staring like a naked woman is walking down the road or a giant sink hole just appeared!”

I hate to be mysterious, but somethings are so bad that your heart hurts and life tends to give you NO answers.

I tell myself things could be worse:

,,,,, Sherry or I could have a life-threatening disease.

…….. We could have creditors taking our car, RV and houses.

…….. We could be burying a SON or GRAND!

……. Sherry could run off with the preacher!

,,,,, Medical support for my hearing devices could disappear and I would be totally deaf the rest of my life.

I pause now...... after writing that last one. There is a short time in my life EVERY morning, between waking and reinstalling batteries in my hearing devices that LIFE is beautiful. The whole world is quiet, not ONE noise is heard, PEACEFUL.  You would have to experience it to know what I mean.

The closest I can come to telling you how that feels is a ‘power failure,’ You must have noticed how, after a power failure, TV, RAdio, the A/C, fans, motors are no longer running. I remember our area after hurricane Hugo hit, unless you were next to a road, you heard ‘Silence!’

A song in the 60s era, Sounds of Silence.

Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping

We are in our  mid 80s and some hills are hard to climb because you do not know what lies on the other side, this one so far has taken 18 months. WE know we will reach the top soon.  Thank God it could be sunshine,,, BUT it most likely will be………. More clouds….

I should not publish this, but here goes.

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Maybe the devil made me do it :-(

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Maybe so, Maybe NO! and more!

  Car of the day:

The Stout Scarab 2 listed as one of the strangest cars. 1930s

(Susan: I won't see my ?Dr. until we Pass thru NC AGAIN. i b FUSSING TIL THEN.)

So for today:

Maybe so, maybe no, a phrase I heard later in life.  I heard “Maybe so,” all my life but not with the added Maybe no. Is it a locality thing, I heard it in Utah!

“Don’t like bottom wanna get up on top, but it seems like I’m just too pooped to pop.”  Said by me as a popcorn grain!

“I don’t feel like a have a full deck today!”

Me today, “I sure don’t feel like the sharpest knife in the drawer!”

;-)  I am still trying, I sure hope my elevator gets to the top!,,,,,,

In the past few days I have felt like ALL the air has left my balloon.

Once my sister Shirl said to her hubby, “I’m trying!”  His retort, “YOU sure are!”  ;-)

I have been building this entry for a few days,,,,,

Today it is raining Cats and Dogs at Southern Palms!  Now where did that originate and what sense does it make? (see PS)

Add a quip from your area or that you use!


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PS: The first record of the phrase being used was in 1651 by British poet Henry Vaughan. Who wrote a collection of poems titled Olor Iscanus. In the poems, he referred to a roof that was secure against, “dogs and cats rained in shower." In 1652, a British playwright named Richard Brome wrote the comedy play Citty Wit.


Seems many cats and dogs were drowned and pooled into the same area after a huge storm.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cars and wonderful people

 Car of the Day


This is Lisa’s Brother’s beautiful 1951 Ford.  It was on display at the Car show where we met Nick

 So for today:

A couple years ago as we walked around at a car show on New Hope Road near Gastonia NC we met Nick. I have a problem ID’ing anyone from a photo, but not my girl, she recognized Nick right away. He is from a well-known named family in his area PLUS is the hubby of Lisa. Yep Lisa, a young lady we have grown to love but have not met.


 Isn’t that weird! When in NC lately we live less than 12 miles from her and Nick, but still have not met. She is a good friend of friends of ours too. She was well known locally because of her relationship with Nutrisystems.  Since many of you may not read comments I wanted to reprint a comment from Lisa.  I hope it will help some of you understand that MANY people share the same situation.

Lisa said:

Yes sir. I lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. Kept it off for 5 years the BAM! Weight came back on and I bought into another (more expensive)diet. I lost 30 lbs. Kept the weight off for only 4 months. Then BAM! Weight came back on again. I am currently on week 3 of the same 8 week diet. I am now broke. But hey, I’m down 10 lbs.
Dieting is hard and I love doughnuts, waffles, Potatoes and ice cream. I just can’t do it on my own. I have to have a program to keep me accountable. I’m gonna try really hard to keep it off this time. ……Says every dieter.

Hungry in Gtown.

We plan to rectify the situation of not seeing each other and we must meet Nick and Lisa on our next trip back to NC.

I know my visits are sporadic here lately. I felt strongly about this today and made an extra effort to get aboard. I think your concern and prayers help me keep going. More in a couple days.  We appreciate your prayers I have felt poorly for a few days now. 

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Monday, June 12, 2023

A Crook but then there are Nice Folks!

 Car for today:


Above the '55 Ford below was the 55' Rambler

 Repeat from 10 yrs ago:

One of my many jobs was at a service station at an interstate exit. Within a day I realized I was working for a crook. He treated me fairly, I was working for minimum wage and happy to get the job. I watched the man cheat customer after customer.

Once I was pumping gas, I noticed a taillight out. I mentioned it to the driver and he said check it out. I pulled the bulb it took less than a minute. I could see the filaments were good so I cleaned the base on my jeans and reinstalled it and it worked. I collected for the gas and told him I had cleaned the contacts and his taillight was ok.

The owner fussed, “You could have sold him a bulb and put the old one back in. I am here to make money!” I told him the man did not need a new bulb and it had cost nothing to fix it.

I joined the Navy and Sherry was going to drive up for a weekend. I asked her to take  it to my former boss and make sure the car was in good shape. He sold her 4 tires, and several other things. I knew they were not needed. I thought at least he would not cheat my family, but he did. He was an equal opportunity crook. Later he lost the station.  He failed in every business he tried.

Knowing that, I have always been leery on the interstate. Once Sherry and I were towing a trailer with the 55 Ford on the interstate when the car started acting up, losing power. I pulled in, the mechanic listened to my story. picked up a couple things and started to the car. “Hey man, what is this going to cost?”

“Not much,” and he just ignored me. He got under the hood played around a little with the gas lines and said “Now try it.”  It started and idled well.

You won’t have any more problems with that, come on inside.”

He charged me about $3. “It was just the fuel filter, I replaced it.”   All was well! It renewed my faith in people.

Another time while stationed in Missouri, I was told I needed a new engine. Sherry was taking piano lessons at the time, and the teacher’s husband was a mechanic. I drove my shaking, backfiring 1955 Rambler to his shop. I told him what the Rambler Dealership had said. From under the hood he said. “Hand me the 3/8 wrench off the bench!”

In 10 seconds the engine smoothed out.

It was just a couple loose intake manifold bolts, it’s okay now. No charge.”  I gave him $10 he had just saved me $800.00.

Everyone is not a con-man, there are nice folks in this world…

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It is like a breath of fresh air to be treated fairly.

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Some things are just nice…

 Car of the Day


You probably didn't know this 30s Ford was equipped with Air Bags!

So for today:

Family means a lot to me.  We had two grandsons on the west coast. A year or so ago the oldest, Corey, a great guy, passed away. I talked about him here when we visited him in Portland.  Corey’s kids are still in the Clearfield UT area.  That is their life and most likely will stay there for their lives. Now the other grandson Benjamin Aaron has moved back to NC.

He is a builder, can do most anything with wood. He loved framing and never got involved with the other areas of construction.. Now it is my pleasure to help him.  He wants a more rounded life in the industry.

I had a chance to show him a little in the electrical area. He is a fast learner. Next he is looking to learn drywall finishing. I took the tools over to drop them off and finished on some electrical things. I was able to show him how to ‘spread mud’ (finish drywall).  I love it, the dude picks up stuff fast….

Sherry and I (and his dad Jack Jr, of course) are thrilled to have all our family down to the grands, here on the east coast. Mark will stick around Florida for a while longer but will head back to this area as soon as he can.

We have known dysfunctional families and it hurts even to see it.  Since I have always prided myself in giving a day’s work (+) for a day’s pay, I see a great work ethic in all the Grands.  My sons have always worked and put in a full day for a day’s pay.

(There are some pictures you are so glad you snapped, Ben and my carpenter's hammer)

Benjamin got a job within 4-5 days after arriving in NC.  He has worked for this company for about a month, and is already being used as a super and keeping his own time card.  Just makes an old Grandpa happy because for years we only saw him for a few days at a time during a year.

So yeah, even when the clouds are heavy, it is great to see a Silver Lining.

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Thinking…. Wait, no WEIGHT!

 Car of the day:  Yep there was a time you pushed your car off or cranked it to start!

So for today:

There have been obese folks in my family. One great guy who paid good money at Duke University to lose weight. He looked great. I said many times, “If he paid to lose weight it will stay lost!”  Sadly Not so.


We had two beautiful friends as teens. Both could easily have been models. One passed away at about 450 lbs.  The other still alive and a wonderful lady, still pretty but is obese. I have a personal lingering thought about her, she made a mistake early in her teens; I get the idea she feels she did not deserve the beauty (JMO)


I know two men, both long distance friends now.  Both did the stomach staple and lost nearly 150 pounds.  Both looked great and said they felt the best they had in years, sadly they gained most of it back. I cannot imagine having the will power to lose a lot of weight then gaining it back, but most folks that lose do that.

We humans cannot help having an opinion. I had a Grandson at 4 years old say to me, “Grandpa everyone has an opinion!”

------------   --------

Okay It was just a thought that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…. Most of us have at times wanted to lose some weight.  Losing 10 pounds is a terribly hard task, the average person cannot imagine losing 50 to 200 pounds, what determination that must take.

 (I remember reading of a kid who was showing where he lived. coming to the bathroom scale he said, this is the MAD machine, every time mama gets on it she gets mad!)

This is definitely not meant to be insulting, I KNOW there are reasons beyond our control at times considering weight.

As a matter of fact, many months ago I weighed 158-160 pounds. Then I met Mr. or Mrs. Covid my weight fell to 137 the exact weight as when I joined the USMC at 17 yrs old. Now I bounce from 138-142.  I feel okay but my strength has been sapped.  Sherry says I am skinny, funny she did not say that when I was a hard charging Marine, at this weight. LOL  She thought I was cute!

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PS I did not mention Lisa who comments here. She is a beauty and was at one time a poster girl and spokes person  for Nutri Systems'.

Here is an idea: