Sunday, June 25, 2023

Once it was Billy Carter, family sins?

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Not my fault!!!!

 So for today:

I have said it a million times (a bunch anyway!). The kid (offspring of any age) gets into trouble: Robbery, Rape, murder, drugs etc the parent (usually the father) is pointed out as WRONG in some way.

I mentioned Billy because it seemed in every new’s conference President Carter spent much of his time defending or explaining his brother Billy’s actions.  I always wanted to hear Jimmy STATE EMPHATICALLY, “Billy is my brother he has NOTHING to do with the presidency, for heaven’s sake! Next question please!”

WE all know that upbringing and childhood has lasting effects on humans. There are many exceptions, kids born in abject poverty or with mindboggling handicaps set their minds and overcome major obstacles.  Once a human reaches maturity he becomes or should become responsible for his actions.

Headlines like:

Donald Trump exploited loopholes to build a White House rife with nepotism. (true or not they were appointed)


Hunter Biden drug addict given what may as well be a ‘traffic Ticket‘ for felony!  (True or not he is not his daddy!)

It seems that government at times MUST find someone to blame for any and all problems that exist,  The problem is still there, but we know who to blame.  Sherry and I both worked in D.C. and have seen the government at work. ;-).  NOT ALL is bad, but blame is prominent, that is for sure.

Fact: I supervised 37 gov’t employees, mostly civilian. I found it to be like normal business. Some were the best workers you could ask for.  There were several that did as little as possible and would always blame their coworkers if something went wrong at their jobs.

I will say this and KNOW it is true, “It is not impossible to fire a government worker, but let me tell you it is VERY HARD to NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!”

It is hard for society not to blame a parent when the worst things happen. I am not excusing any parent who buys for or allows access to firearms of teens or those they know are mentally deficient.

The world has changed. My BIL told me he took his rifle with him to school like many boys, who would go hunting right after school for food for the family.  Even in my time boys carried their guns in racks in their pick up trucks to use for hunting.

BUT we all know it is a different age and understand why it is not accepted today and it should NOT be allowed.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think we all have a responsibility to step up and own our mistakes and forgive others. None of us is perfect and we all can make mistakes. We need to take responsibility for our own mistakes. Any one who blames others has no reason to complain. They can take offense but should never complain.

Chatty Crone said...

A little confused what you are saying here or what you mean exactly. I do know we are responsible for ourselves - and it is up to us to change.

Mevely317 said...

I think my mother's greatest fear was me doing something wrong and what people would say. Everytime a news story would break about so-and-so getting in trouble, she'd say, "Oh, the poor parents."
Trying to understand, but liberals (and the lame-stream media) are so quick to deflect and distract from the one actually responsible. I'm sure you, too, have heard the hard-luck stories how someone should be excused because they had a hard childhood.
I miss those days of 'yore!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Praying for you and yours.

God bless.

Woody said...

Dad an Mom raised 6 Boys and 2 Girls, Plus we helped raise several Boys who were neighbors, they were always welcome at our House as long as we Played outside, Meals were eaten outside in good weather and on the Porch in Rainy days and Inside during cold weather. Father always was a patient Man, a big heart full of love for us kids and we treated him with a lot of respect. When ever we got in a Mess Father would just say, "Face the Music" and Take your Punishment like a Man. Great Memories of a Great Man !