Saturday, June 10, 2023

Thinking…. Wait, no WEIGHT!

 Car of the day:  Yep there was a time you pushed your car off or cranked it to start!

So for today:

There have been obese folks in my family. One great guy who paid good money at Duke University to lose weight. He looked great. I said many times, “If he paid to lose weight it will stay lost!”  Sadly Not so.


We had two beautiful friends as teens. Both could easily have been models. One passed away at about 450 lbs.  The other still alive and a wonderful lady, still pretty but is obese. I have a personal lingering thought about her, she made a mistake early in her teens; I get the idea she feels she did not deserve the beauty (JMO)


I know two men, both long distance friends now.  Both did the stomach staple and lost nearly 150 pounds.  Both looked great and said they felt the best they had in years, sadly they gained most of it back. I cannot imagine having the will power to lose a lot of weight then gaining it back, but most folks that lose do that.

We humans cannot help having an opinion. I had a Grandson at 4 years old say to me, “Grandpa everyone has an opinion!”

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Okay It was just a thought that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…. Most of us have at times wanted to lose some weight.  Losing 10 pounds is a terribly hard task, the average person cannot imagine losing 50 to 200 pounds, what determination that must take.

 (I remember reading of a kid who was showing where he lived. coming to the bathroom scale he said, this is the MAD machine, every time mama gets on it she gets mad!)

This is definitely not meant to be insulting, I KNOW there are reasons beyond our control at times considering weight.

As a matter of fact, many months ago I weighed 158-160 pounds. Then I met Mr. or Mrs. Covid my weight fell to 137 the exact weight as when I joined the USMC at 17 yrs old. Now I bounce from 138-142.  I feel okay but my strength has been sapped.  Sherry says I am skinny, funny she did not say that when I was a hard charging Marine, at this weight. LOL  She thought I was cute!

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PS I did not mention Lisa who comments here. She is a beauty and was at one time a poster girl and spokes person  for Nutri Systems'.

Here is an idea:


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I know a long distance friend who is overweight. He is long distance because he is so big I can't get close to him.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My parents were always thin.. They once said, when I weighed 130 that I was fat. Now I weigh 160. Heavens knows they would call me obese now. I am slowly losing weight, due to a diet I'm on and I have been told I'll be on it the rest of my life. I'd be happy if I got down to 140, Pursuing this healthier diet, I'll get there. Slowly but surely.

Susie said...

Jack, This is a good post. Once at work, the fellows and I were talking about weight. My friend Dave said there were talking scales out in the market. I said , "Oh yes, that's what I want. A scales that yells out my weight for the neighbors to hear. " He said, "Especially if it says..One at a time, please. " I just about wrung that guy's neck. LOL. We have to think of losing weight in small lbs. It's easier to do. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mevely317 said...

*Sigh* Not quite a year ago I weighed 134, but have gained nearly 10 lbs. doing what I love most. I could just ignore the bathroom scales and focus on how I feel -- but weighing myself every morning's become an addiction. Owing that I love proteins, Keto's an easy option. This time, however, I'm going to try and strike a happy medium. There's no rush.

Woody said...

I am 6-1 and I weigh 223 Pounds, I am 23 pounds over weight I was told and also told I have Big Bones!!! Maybe that is why my Grandpa often called me a "Bone Head" !
Hope you and the Mrs. are doing well, sending down love and cares from the cool, smokey North Country ! Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...

Yes sir. I lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. Kept it off for 5 years the BAM! Weight came back on and I bought into another (more expensive)diet. I lost 30 lbs. Kept the weight off for only 4 months. Then BAM! Weight came back on again. I am currently on week 3 of the same 8 week diet. I am now broke. But hey, I’m down 10 lbs.
Dieting is hard and I love doughnuts, waffles, Potatoes and ice cream. I just can’t do it on my own. I have to have a program to keep me accountable. I’m gonna try really hard to keep it off this time. ……Says every dieter.

Hungry in Gtown.