Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Winning Big!

I have mentioned several times on this Blog that I do buy a lottery ticket. I have had a lot of folk say, “I thought you did not believe in gambling.”  Now most churches I have attended and been a member of in my nearly 77 years have been apposed to gambling and even the lottery, I always wonder if they would turn down my 10%.  I did read of one church that refused lottery winnings. That is their business.

We all justify what we do, so I justify mine as entertainment. We seldom go to a movie 1 or 2 in 15 years. I have never rented a movie. I do not play golf, work has always been my entertainment.   I don’t work now (on a job) so I buy a lottery ticket, cheaper than Golf and I don’t get mad. I while away a few hours in a week planning to spend this windfall.

Since my daddy taught me to give to worthy causes, at least 20-25% of a BIG WIN would be given to worthy causes other than my family.  I have a list of folks I would like to give a donation to.  I have several churches and pastors also that can use a large donation. I am not sure I would donate to a charity.  I guess if I did it would be the Salvation Army.  Their admin costs are lower than other charities.  I know some seniors who struggle to make ends meet and still have a mortgage. I would like to pay their mortgages off.

I would bet I get more enjoyment out of day dreaming than many men get out of Golf. Day dreaming I have never got mad enough to throw a club! Winking smile.


Gambling? I used to gamble every year buying my deer license, and never harvested a deer.  Shucks if I’d got one I would have called Bill or Slim up in the North Woods to find out what to do!  But I gambled $35 every year and lost. (but I did eat well out in the woods)

You are sort of a gambler when you drive your car, there is a chance you will have a wreck, Surprised smile.  Is taking a chance the same as gambling?

Anyway, besides your family, if you play, and actually won, who would benefit?

A man was always praying to God that he would win the lottery, Week after week. One evening when the man was seriously talking to God about the lottery he heard this voice, “Help me out here John, buy a ticket!”

You don’t win without a ticket.

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1992 automobiles,,,,,,

Car & Driver’s top 9 (3  American made 1992)

1992-bmw-325i-photo-166360-s-original1992-cadillac-seville-touring-sedan-photo-166362-s-original1992-eagle-talon-tsi-awd-plymouth-laser-ks-turbo-awd-and-mitsubishi-eclipse-gsx-photo-166364-s-original1992-ford-taurus-sho-photo-166365-s-original (1)1992-honda-prelude-si-photo-166367-s-original1992-mazda-mx-5-miata-photo-166371-s-original1992-nissan-300zx-turbo-photo-166373-s-original1992-nissan-sentra-se-r-photo-166375-s-original1992-toyota-camry-v-6-photo-166377-s-original

Monday, September 28, 2015

That ‘comfort food’

Of course I have never thought of a food as a comfort food until some Johnny or Susie come-lately thought it was a cool name.  I smiled, since I have never tried it, but Rick (life 101) said he had a ‘grilled PB’ sandwich.  I never heard of it, but it really don’t sound half bad at all.

So I go to thinking, we all have combinations of foods that we ‘go to’ when nothing else seems to satisfy. My foremost and has been since a little kid is saltine crackers and milk. I like them crushed in a class and pour milk over them. (I like a hunk of cheese along with it)

An oddity of mine. If we have cornbread left over, is cornbread and milk and I love onions with it.

Another oddity (I think) is a grilled cheese with onion .

Any of those three are my absolute ‘Comfort Foods’. I seldom have the grilled cheese when I am craving because the crackers (or cornbread) is so easy and handy. Either usually satisfies my craving.

Do you have a favorite?

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1991 top ten cars, it is hard to believe these were new 24 yrs ago. I think they are legally antiques.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder

I do not remember who was credited with the statement, but I know is was a long time ago. Shakespeare used it a couple times, and it is true.
I see people and things today that some say are beautiful, and I might think, ‘maybe.’
Paintings are the same.  I have actually seen some abstracts I liked, but could not tell you why. I always remember one of my dad’s favorite jokes, when the Abstract was big.
In an art gallery in Texas, Son to mother  “ Mama, what is that picture?”
Mother, “Says here that is supposed to be a man on a horse.”
“Then why ain’t it?”
(the boy knew what a man on a horse looked like.)
Tonite’s thoughts is about animals. There are times I see a picture of a cat, and it throws me for a loop, cute.
There are dog pictures that make me smile, I love dogs. They are not as photogenic as a cat (when they want to be). (The Corgi is for Betty)
I love the lion and tiger for beauty also. 
And ducks, on the lakes in Florida you see so many magnificently painted water fowl. Some are as pretty as the butterfly.
BUT my choice of beauty is the horse.  Since I was a kid I would see horses and I thought they were absolutely the most beautiful animal In the world.
beauty now
Ugly?  The moose is so ugly it is pretty .  I love to see them in the wild. They are huge homely looking animals, to me. I have met folks who think the Moose is magnificent. ‘
Proving, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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PS: Does anyone know if a ceramic cup can be re-fired to add a name?

The top ten cars of 1990 , Ford squeezed in the TAurus

More of ‘Don’t do that anymore.’

I just read ‘folks that eat food, eventually die.’
After giving that serious thought, I have decided to agree.
Now, I read P-nut butter and Jelly sandwiches are worse for you than a hamburger (You know the ones at McD’s that were killing everybody last week.)
pb J burger
(No longer a video)
The writer said, “Notice the plague of obesity in the country today among school kids.”  Imma thinking and commented on the article. ‘I doubt if many kids take their lunch school anymore. And I would be willing to bet if they take PB & J they ain’t the ones obese.’
When we took PB &J to school (a few years ago), there were very few obese kids.
I think all these writers are members of a circular firing squad and are going to kill each other off.  ;-)  
(I just felt like being a smart Aleck.)
I just filled out an online survey from my gas company. I have a chance of winning a lot of gasoline for our car. WOW! (do you fill out the online surveys on the back of your receipt? Ever win anything?)
I bought a power ball ticket, I am going to try to think positive, I could use $200 million dollars this week.
Well I did win $10 last year (Only cost $30).
I am blessed with a lot of good things, LUCK at gambling ain’t one of them, but I consider day dreaming as entertainment, the lottery supplies lots of dreams. And yep I read the odds.
I hope you are blessed and also lucky. Sherry and I consider our selves lucky when we find a penny on the street or sidewalk. Don’t take much to entertain us. LOL
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ps:Your favorite jelly is?______ Mine is Blackberry.
Top nine cars of 1989 (was 10 but I lost one!)
1989-acura-legend-coupe-photo-166440-s-429x2621989-chevrolet-corvette-photo-166451-s-429x2621989-dodge-colt-turbo-mitsubishi-mirage-turbo-photo-166441-s-429x2621989-ford-probe-gt-photo-166442-s-429x2621989-ford-taurus-taurus-sho-photo-166443-s-429x2621989-honda-accord-photo-166444-s-429x2621989-honda-civic-photo-166446-s-429x2621989-mitsubishi-eclipse-turbo-plymouth-laser-turbo-photo-166448-s-429x262 - Copy1989-lincoln-continental-photo-166447-s-429x262