Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More on hair

Now women’s hair, that is another story. It is amazing to me the styles folks buy into.  Some actually look like they were done with a huge fan and hair spray.


I am so lucky, I married a girl who has always had beautiful hair, not matter how she wore it.  In our earlier years I loved her in a Pony Tail . She did have a lot of hair.

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When we married it was long. The Picture on the right was on our 2nd Honeymoon, I loved this pose!

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The pic just above was the pony Tail and below was the Big Pony Tail.

Scanoldpic9 017 - Copy

Then she shortened it some, and was still MY GIRL.

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Then came the time her son’s hair was longer than hers. I always loved how her hair framed her face.

New Folder (2) 009 - Copy

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While in GITMO her hair was shortened. Less work to get ready for work.

cruise2 - Copy

Now, I love her hair, it fits her perfectly.  Like all ladies she has had her favorite beauticians. The first long term we her niece Brenda.  Now it is her Grand daughter Sherece, (Reececup). She finds someone she likes no matter where we are, but still can’t wait for Reece to do it.

There was a time of ‘teasing’ and she had High hair, but I cannot find a picture of that. I have one with her hair in curlers,  but I am not brave enough to print that one. 100_2180aCRUISE FOR 7 days 045

I cannot remember a time I did not like the way she had her hair done.

We are coming up on 59 years of marriage and over 60 of ‘still going steady’.

I am just glad she never looked like this.


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Ahhhh 1980 already, I was ready to retire I thought.




betty said...

Wise man not to post a picture of Sherry in curlers :) Always fun to see how the styles have changed over the years :)


Jackie said...

She is lovely....in all the photos. It is interesting to see how not only the hair styles change, but the styles in clothing as well.

Elizabeth said...

She is and always has been very pretty !

Paula said...

Jack you can make a post out of any subject. I remember the pictures of Sherry when you two were out hiking and she looked like she just stepped out of the salon.

Mevely317 said...

Too sweet! You're a blessed gent, Jack Darnell. :)

PS - The secretary in me is curious to know, what's that Sherry's working on at GITMO. Looks too small to be a typewriter.

Unknown said...

Very nice pics of the different styles Sherry has worn.
I once had my hair cut and donated to Locks of Love. When dear hubby saw me with short hair, I think he thought it was grounds for divorce.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sherry does have beautiful hair. It always looks nice in any of the pictures you've ever shared of her. You two are so blessed to have each other 60 years ! Wow !

Glenda said...

Beautiful Sherry pics, and that family portrait is great!