Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1981 I bet you cannot do this!

One of the biggest childhood motivators.  Some never leave childhood.  Maybe that is me.

Do you remember someone saying, “I bet you can’t jump that ditch?”  You had to try!

You may have even used the same psychology on your child, to motivate them.  I think it is a built in human trait.  Some lose it early and some never do.

You might have heard the joke that starts:  Hold my beer and watch this! Then see some adult make a fool out of themselves.


We are tested by many challenges in life. As a kid tying your shoes, riding a bike, skating even getting a kite up high enough to stay.


Some folk NEVER lose the idea of looking for a challenge. I am not talking about sports, climbing mountains or sky diving. As I type this I think of the ingenuity involved in this computer, keyboard and monitor where I can see a misspelled word, underlined in red and go repair it without correction tape or white-out.

Son Jack and I were talking about these advances today. I mentioned Bill Gates idea of ‘windows’. Completely innovative, never heard of, but he and his partner did it.

Son-Jack was telling me of some ‘new ideas’. Men who are thinking digitally living forever. Where one’s brain and all thought processes can be downloaded and stored. They could be recalled from a thumb drive, to produce a hologram you can converse with long after the physical death.


I am sitting here trying to keep up, I reached in the drawer and took out a thumb drive. “Okay, like this is my dad, I forgot to ask him something. I can plug it in and after a few clicks he is here with me and I ask, “Dad what was the names of your mules, when you were a peanut farmer.”

And he looks at me as teaching a 5year old, “Son those mules were the best. Old Bet and Blue.”

“Thanks Dad, sorry to bother you.”

“No problem son, bring me back anytime, it is refreshing, Oh, by the way, you sure are looking older.Take care of your self, remember my ticker.”

Can it happen? I remember the Eniac**. a time when giant computers could not do what my watch can do.

Give the human a challenge…………. did you hear, They plan a Head transplant in the future.

Never say never.

Nite Shipslog

PS: As smart as humans are, it looks like we could get along with each other, doesn’t it?

**Eniac the first active computer 1940’s.


1981  That year like all others these were the best in the world. Sadly Detroit has lost the lead by now.



betty said...

Not sure if I would like my brain downloaded like that :) There might be some secrets I want to carry with me and perhaps not have the ability to share them once I'm physically gone :) But so true with technology; it keeps advancing because people keep dreaming and keep stepping up to a challenge.


Paula said...

Oh my goodness you just keep coming up with interesting posts. I never thought years ago we would be able to talk on the phone in a car. Now I know anything is possible. Of the things you mentioned getting a kite into the air was the hardest for me.

Lisa said...

It would be nicer to read about ones life than to plug in a flash drive.

Keep writing Jack.

shirl72 said...

Technology past me by I know how to turn my computer on and off. We are becoming so advanced for me takes me awhile to learn something new. I trying but gives my brain a good workout. Sherry's hair always looks good she and her Brother Vernon have pretty hair.

Mevely317 said...

Boggles the brain, doesn't it?
I was particularly struck by your mention of the screen 'fixing' a misspelled word w/o benefit of correction tape. (How well I remember!)
Like Betty said, I'm not so sure I want to be downloaded on demand! Better I leave that to someone's imagination! :)

Jackie said...

During our lifetime, we have seen and gone through soooo many technological changes, haven't we! Amazing at the developments that have occurred.
Mind boggling to think of what the next generation will be like!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It seems the sky isn't the limit anymore. Things we thought impossible have already happened in our lifetime. It does make me wonder sometimes just what will happen next. I like your thought that as smart as humans are it looks like we could get along with each other.

Sheila Y said...

That would be a little scary, but if they had had it in my grandparents day and I could go back and talk to the ones I didn't know and the ones I didn't know long enough, wow, I would love that. Oh and by the way, I didn't see the 1979 mustang, my first car, in the'79 car pics... ;-)) Take care, hoe you are healing well, Sheila