Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Go Tend to your knitting…

One of my mama’s sayings when I would get in her way or I was somehow interfering.
When I have time in my ‘busy schedule’, I go to my blog and click the ‘Next BIog’ button. I enjoy it as much as some enjoy Facebook I guess. Last night I ran across 8 out of 10 blogs that were ‘sewing, knitting and quilting.  So I thought of mama’s saying.
Friend Mary Ann is an ‘expert’ with her fingers and yarn. Blue Ridge Boomer quilts some neat stuff.  Lisa of ‘Life away from the Office’ does neat stuff.  Sister Shirl is Crafty, I have even thought of knitting, but never got around to ‘My own knitting.’
One of the blogs was a lady in Northern Spain. She and her husband bought an old farm house and 4 acres and are making a go of it. I am guessing they moved from the UK, I couldn’t tell for sure. But it was a neat blog.
I ran across Heather. She and her Hubby live in Europe somewhere, she was making some good sounding Chicken soup, I could almost smell it.  There are times I leave a comment.  Usually I just lurk.
I read several blogs,  I prefer 800 words or less, I usually get lost in 500, unless it really yanks my chain.
I am striving to drop to 300 words and be concise, But I am stuck on 400-500. I know many folk do not care, and I appreciate that, from the writer’s standpoint. The net is time consuming at best, but it can be fun, and I don’t want the Shipslog to monopolize  your time.

Nite Shipslog
PS: For years there was a quilting frame pulled up to the ceiling in our living room. Mama quilted and sewed!

Here are the 1968's  Some of them anyway.  I had a poor selection today.
But 1968 is high in my mind. The only time in my life I really got car fever. I traded a nice 65 Rambler in on a 1968 Chevelle 2 dr hardtop! I loved that car...


Dar said...

Good Morning good friend. Often we have thought of you and your lovely bride. Hug to you and Sherry to start this out.
Now you're talking my language. I love knitting, crocheting, quilting the easy way, all that good stuff. We have to start early to get all our Christmas gifts, at least I do.
Yes, we are still kicking. We spent long hrs. at the cabin yesterday adding a wonderful 52 foot bridge over the creek with dock sections. The produce is booming all at the same time and the rains are helping the pumpkin patch limp along slowly, so the kitchen is also busy.
I just got back on line, glitch now fixed and also updated to Windows 10-not noticing much difference from 8.
And last, more hugs to you and your lovely lady.
Loveya, missya, hugya, kissya both. Your northern friends....oh, Sy's in 7th grade already..........gotta pinch myself.

betty said...

I too like to click on "Next Blog" if I have some time. There is where I often find a lot of blogs that haven't been updated in a long time. I do like your mother's saying, a cute one indeed! My mom was crafty, I didn't quite get those genes from her :)


Paula said...

Since I took up with John I don't have time for those crafty things I used to enjoy. I never learned to knit but embroidered everything that would hold still. My daughter still has a work shirt that I embroidered every one of her classmates name on. Once I made a wall hanging in a country scene using color book pictures for patterns. Once painted a wall hanging of a peacock using a toothpick to paint all the tiny feathers. John is having his eye surgery today. They've called twice to change the time. I don't like his type of insurance.

Mevely317 said...

Much to my mother's dismay, I never understood (her) passion for knitting. What beautiful pieces she'd create!
We did, however, share more than a few laughs when, in my 50's, I asked her to teach me again. She being right-handed and me, left ... well, it just didn't gel.

PS - I graduated h.s. in '68, but none of these cars look familiar. I was probably too busy staring at the fellows behind the wheel!

Lisa said...

Awwe Thanks for the mention in your post! I love to crochet. Wish I knew how to knit and I have made a quilt with moms scraps before. Its all so relaxing especially on a cold winter day when your stuck inside. Creativeness is my fun.
Like you, I prefer short blog post too.

Hooking in NC

Cindi said...

Crocheting is near/dear to my heart. I too hit the next blog button, I seem to find old, outdated blogs, anything about new moms or brilliant "potty training" tricks I tend to click the next button faster! Not interested in reading any 'new' ideas about child I slow down for cute animals or crafting.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is amazing how many bloggers there are out there and all the things that they do. I always thought that phrase, tend to your own knitting, meant mind your own business and stay out of mine. I've tried my hand at lots of things, knitting included. Having a craft helps to fill the days when I don't get outside much. It's been a hot week here and will continue in to next week too. I'm keeping cool with the a/c. Hope you all are too.

Rick Watson said...

I try to keep my posts shorter too. The longest this I normally post is my column on Monday evenings and it's usually around 500 words though it sometimes runs a little longer.
I also try to post a picture with it as well. The studies I've read say that posts with graphics get more views though I'm not sure I could prove that. I do know that a picture gives people something to comment about when they don't have anything to say about your writing.