Sunday, September 27, 2015

More of ‘Don’t do that anymore.’

I just read ‘folks that eat food, eventually die.’
After giving that serious thought, I have decided to agree.
Now, I read P-nut butter and Jelly sandwiches are worse for you than a hamburger (You know the ones at McD’s that were killing everybody last week.)
pb J burger
(No longer a video)
The writer said, “Notice the plague of obesity in the country today among school kids.”  Imma thinking and commented on the article. ‘I doubt if many kids take their lunch school anymore. And I would be willing to bet if they take PB & J they ain’t the ones obese.’
When we took PB &J to school (a few years ago), there were very few obese kids.
I think all these writers are members of a circular firing squad and are going to kill each other off.  ;-)  
(I just felt like being a smart Aleck.)
I just filled out an online survey from my gas company. I have a chance of winning a lot of gasoline for our car. WOW! (do you fill out the online surveys on the back of your receipt? Ever win anything?)
I bought a power ball ticket, I am going to try to think positive, I could use $200 million dollars this week.
Well I did win $10 last year (Only cost $30).
I am blessed with a lot of good things, LUCK at gambling ain’t one of them, but I consider day dreaming as entertainment, the lottery supplies lots of dreams. And yep I read the odds.
I hope you are blessed and also lucky. Sherry and I consider our selves lucky when we find a penny on the street or sidewalk. Don’t take much to entertain us. LOL
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ps:Your favorite jelly is?______ Mine is Blackberry.
Top nine cars of 1989 (was 10 but I lost one!)
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Back Porch Writer said...

Well I eat both without the bread so...hopefully I'll reduce the number of obese people here very soon. lol

I have no luck at lottery or gambling either. I do like the crossword puzzle lotteries though and often buy the scratch offs to do while taking off in the airplane to keep me from thinking about flying.

Hope you all are doing great! Be safe.

Paula said...

Thank you so much for sending the books. With this latest computer I lose e-mail addresses except the ones I use every week. Either it's weird or I am, I'm sure it's me. Thank you and I can't wait to read it. Lynda already told me she wants one too.

Mevely317 said...

Ooooh, those photos of the pbj and the burger are provoking my taste buds! Now, I've always loved peanut butter ... WITHOUT the jelly. (I dunno; maybe my taste buds suspect that's too close to fruit?)
Anymore, those food 'critics' just seem pathetic.

PS - If we can't, I hope you DO win that lottery!

betty said...

I sometimes take the surveys on the back of receipts. I know someone has to win and hope it will be me :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It doesn't take much at all to entertain me these days either. I've never been much of a gambler and haven't won a lot of money either, but it is fun to dream, so I buy a lotto ticket now and then. Less and less theses days. Peanut butter and jelly was a mainstay in the lunch boxes when my children were in school. I still love them and have one when nothing else seems to tickle my fancy. I pretty much eat what I'm hungry for these days. We had what was probably our last batch of fresh corn on the cob and green beans yesterday for dinner. My but they were good. Hope you both have a great start to this new week. Happy Monday !

Rick Watson said...

It's been a while since I've had a PB&J sandwich, but I had a grilled peanut butter sandwich recently that was scrumptious. I made it like a grilled cheese except with PB. Yum.

Sheila Y said...

Cori took her lunch to school (some of middle school and all of high school)Jarin didn't. She would eat the same thing, every day for the longest. Spaghetti O's, then later chicken noodle soup, at the end it was turkey sandwiches. She's into PB & J for now. Cori and I both like blackberry. But we found a strawberry/blackberry mix and she likes that with her peanut butter. Hope you are feeling better, Sheila