Monday, June 30, 2014

A day trip includes Funeral, visit and a beautiful mountain drive.

Pastor and missionary Charlie Hugh Matthew’s funeral was in Mountain Home, Alabama.  To get there we left NC, drove thru SC, GA, TN then down to Alabama. I did not realize we would travel 5 states to get there.


His wife was in good spirits along with the family. He had suffered a stroke and had been unable to speak  or take care of himself for quite awhile. Sherry got to speak to Eloise when I realized she was in very good spirits I told her I forgave her for the prank she pulled on me when Jack Jr. was born, we had a good laugh.

After the funeral we stopped by a vegetable market and bought some Molasses. That area makes some good molasses. (I knew Lucy would want some but I was afraid they would break in transit. Winking smileAngry smile.


Fred & Frances 003 - CopyFred & Frances 004 - Copy

(Fred and his LOVE, Frances.  Happier times for Frances)

Then to visit our precious friend Frances, the widow of Fred who used to comment on this blog. Fred fell in love with some of the bloggers here and like us wanted to someday visit them.

From the time Fred heard that Sherry and I were hiking the AT, he wanted to join us. A couple years ago he got the chance, but was not physically ready. But he had a chance to get a taste of it, and would brag (jokingly) that he went to Maine and hiked the entire WIDTH of the AT.


Friend Fred, second from right.

But I wanted to tell you  guys, especially the ones who knew Fred on his two blogs or personally. Fred had been a very successful missionary on the ground and in administration. Well known and liked, he had a very good sense of humor.

I can see Mel and Dar’s face,  when this is read. (Dar is Back!)

Frances said she was in the kitchen a couple days before Fred passed, and evidently had slammed or shut some doors too loudly. She said from his room she heard, “Hey, I’m trying to die here, I think I am supposed to have peace and quiet, of course I could be wrong since I have never done this before.”

Frances said she and one of her daughters went to Fred and they all had a great crying laugh. That was Fred.

We took Frances to lunch and departed. Driving back thru the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. The Road is US64/74 and goes thru the Nantahala Gorge . the road follows the river that is famous for White water rafters. Actually my friend Sonny and our sons (Steve and Mark) did this White Water thing a few years back.


Trailhead from the NorthTRIP MATTHEWS BRANNEN 011


The girl out in the Kayak belongs to this dog. The Dog was anxious for her to come back or it go to her.


This is my girl at the Southern trail head, where we reentered the trail after taking a break and having a restaurant meal a few years ago while hiking the AT.



The AT happens to cross this road at the Nantahala Outfitters. We recalled some memories of backpacking  thru here.  this was a treat.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


Sherry had a conversation with a couple that had walked a little way in and back out on the AT.  When Sherry told them we had hiked over 1850 miles of the AT, they were shocked that OLD FOLK could do something like that.    Surprised smile………….    Smile



1975 Caddy Convertible

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Blog of Comments… I missed you guys….

It seems like a week, but only a couple days. We took Sherry’s laptop, BUT I did not take the charger. So after reading the blogs, the battery died…. NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE A BLOG OF COMMENTS,

I want to say: Paula, I hope that was Hopper, and I never heard of an incognito Radio Station either. (LOL) AND that sure was a TOSSED SALAD! (smile)

Myra my dear… The house that was “built for me” (Was built by me) and was on Main Street in our home town. Everything We ever wanted including the indoor heated pool, BUT we sold and built a duplex, that is titled as  Condos. Yes I miss it some, but not enough to fret. We were going to travel and could not want to leave a pool and folks with keys taking a chance of someone being injured (or worse). It may be hard to believe but I love this motor home more.

That was neat, you winning the Chic. Soup for the Soul and autographed no less. SWEET……


Rose, of Roses are Read! What a list, and no, I did not know most of the list. Someone looks like me? Wow (lucky gal or guy! smile).

What  other people think of you- is  none of your business. (Boy do I like that one…)

An amazing list. It was a Joy to read. (Side bar, pic of you in 2014 snow, somehow I missed it, or my mind is slipping!) We are looking for a 2014 portrait shot!

BONNIE over at Organic Discourse134 stink bugs off 6 ‘mater plants? Wow. Also never thought of the gas in the lawn mower but will check for ethanol next time I buy…

LUCY, my love from Nebraska…. I saw some bad weather on the motel TV about your area. Hope those TS’s and Twisters missed you. PS: Joe is right, Sleep ‘til 10! OH, I know some folk cannot sleep in and I really hate that. You are missing a good part of life (But that is just a sailor’s opinion)

And I too wish I could clean out everything not needed on the system BUT I also wish I knew who to believe about the best way to do it. IT IS CONFUSING!

Ma, Over at “What is New at My House?” I love that quote of Grandma Moses you opened with, “Life is what we make of it, always has been, always will be!”

Counting her blessing, and remembering what she has. You are always an encourager MA, never a down time… thanks…

Oh yes the Boomer from the NC mountains. I cannot believe there is ever trouble in paradise with Miss Kitty, Mia and Max! (smile)

Rick over at life 101, Happy Birthday to Anthony!

Coming back from the funeral we had visited 5 states. Tired but ready to get back home. I just tucked my girl in her bed and she said, “I missed my bed……” (written last nite)

Nite Shipslog


I have ‘things to say’ about our days out…. Next blog entry including Nantahala Gorge.


1948 Desota business coupe

I saw one of these in the gorge yesterday

1948 Desoto Coupe…

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I will be missing for a couple days

We just finished the Studio Efficiency and heard of the passing of a dear friend and early pastor, Charlie Hugh Matthews.  His funeral will be in a small community, Mountain View, Alabama.  We are making arrangements to head that way.

Take care.

In the military, if you attend church at or near a base, it seems to become a home away from home.  Our church in Biloxi, MS was that kind of church, and Charlie Hugh was our pastor.  He helped us find our first apartment.  Driving us all over the area, until we found an apt.  down town we liked.

Nite Shipslog


At our age, losing friends is becoming too familiar.

Update the breakers and A/C time

Heading down hill now. I added breakers to the  Studio, now all controls are here instead of on the house.

Studio getting NEAR end 006

There are two major designs of power panes. When this was a storage building I stuck in the easiest one the ‘Surface mount’ as you see above.

AC instal 002

But today I took the time and extra expense to purchase and install the recessed panels. that you see above. since this is a main wall in the living area we will hang a picture over them.

Now it is time to think Air conditioning.. Today when we bought the panels we also picked up a 7 or 8K A/C unit. I prefer to put the unit in a wall rather than use a window. so the first thing is to take a razor knife and cut an exploratory hole, i.e.

AC instal 001

Here you see what I found, the insulation and a stud. I will cut the stud. Now it is gone.Here I am on the ladder outside looking in.

AC instal 003

I was to this point when Sherry came home from church.

AC instal 004

She caught Mark and Luke, They had just taken a couple things back to Lowes I did not need, it was plywood and long PVC pipe and Mark had his truck empty. Our little Fit will not do it.Winking smile

AC instal 005

All I wanted to do tonight was stick the A/C in the hole until tomorrow. Sherry helped me lift it in place.

AC instal 006AC instal 007

We are hoping from this position it will cool the bathroom also…AC instal 008

So we are coming close. Sherry says it seems when she gets the place straight, here I come and spread more saw dust and drywall dust.

BUT, that will all soon be over.

Nite shipslog


Today was another good day.



I do not know what it is, but I like it…

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BLOGGER, my friend?

I know a lot of folks are like me, sorta messed up with the changes in Blogger.  I don’t mind getting the latest friends blog entry, but wish the “View More”, worked.
I have spent between 2-3 hours going thru all my friends blogs to see who published tonight.  anyway Life goes on.
Somehow I think I missed MA, gotta go back and check when I finish.
More STUDIO 001

I ran two outlets today (in the rain) These two meant back under the entire length of the buildings.More STUDIO 002
I got so tired of taking off my shoes and putting them back on that I worked barefooted. Angry smile.Since this outlet was under the sink I put it in conduit. The conduit is the sorta crooked line just under the cabinet.
The other outlet was for the A/C and it had to be run under also and up thru an insulated wall.  But they both are complete along with the new breaker being added.
The rest of the day was taken up patching a floor in another storage area and cleaning up some.
We have a couple motor home issues patiently waiting. We lost our kitchen over head light. It just died. I ordered another over the net, due in Friday.
OH, one other thing. We have had a bathroom light that sporadically would not come on. It is a push button switch, so we figured the switch was going bad. finally the light just barely burned when it did come on. So I  being the super handy man, changed the switch, same deal. Sherry said, “Could it be the bulb?”
“Not normally,” says I.
But it was. since it was one of the new handy dandy super savor curlycue lights it does not act like an incandescent bulb GOD created. The ones God created (LOL)  Die and you know they are dead.  Oh well the lights are cute, curling around like they do.

sorry for the rant. I think Blogger is back to normal now. This was posted last night and did not show up. So Here it is again.  I guess I jumped too soon.... later.
Nite Shipslog
I am late, I am late for a very important date? Just kidding, I am JUST LATE!.
I  hope this is okay, I am going to sleep as I type.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Track lighting

Today was very slow. I wanted to install track lighting in the kitchen and bathroom. The job in the kitchen took over 3 hours. working around a corner where the light fixture needed to get the sink area and the entrance area. I finally was able to get that done.

Track lighting 001

We also hung the fouled anchor, that is a wooden anchor and wooden chain. You can get an idea of the track lights in the entrance.

Track lighting 002

We also added the microwave, below the anchor but it probably won’t stay there. A good view of the track lights.

Track lighting 003

My girl and the bathroom track lighting. she added the shower curtain also.Track lighting 004

I hung one of my small paintings in the bathroom.

Track lighting 005

The picture on the wall below, hung in mama’s house as long as I could remember, “boys fishing and a gristmill water wheel.”  Then It hung in our different houses after her death.

Track lighting 006

Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy  came to keep the monkey company.

It is hard to think that a few week ago this place was FULL and a nice storage building.

On the down swing now. A/C and bathroom vent and some heat and we are DONE

Wait Sherry mentioned a Toaster oven…something else I B forgotten.

Thanks for stopping by.

Nite Shipslog


Luke came out tonight, funny, from:  ‘it might be too small,’ to: his eyes lit up and said, “THIS IS GREAT.”  It might be his home for this coming school year.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

The day started great.

I was able to read some blogs, and relax before heading for McDonalds and our biscuit, jelly and coffee.

I attend church with my Sherry, but I normally do not know much of what is said.  The church we attend was the church my dad pastored when God smiled on me and let me meet my Sherry. For a year she really did not know I existed. We did attend the same services and many social functions but she was the ‘upper classman’ and out of my reach~

But now, she is within reach and painting. Soooo you wanted to see my girl in action:

Studio getting NEAR end 001

This window is the back window. It looks into a small but thick grove of young trees. I have my tractor backed into them and have noted it would be a great place for a picnic. 

Studio getting NEAR end 002

The other window looks out on the deck and our motor home. So who ever is staying here is in our front yard. I am not sure Luke will like that.

Studio getting NEAR end 003

We finally got toilet paper and I made a toilet paper tree.  It is adjustable for up to 4 rolls. Winking smile.

Studio getting NEAR end 004

Now you see all the cabinets  I put the two shelves in the middle, I toyed with the idea of painting a window looking at a sunrise, I have done that before and liked it. But Not this time. (I am still lacking the base board around the cabinet, maybe tomorrow.Disappointed smile

Studio getting NEAR end 005

Sherry also painted the entrance door and I hung the coat rack behind the door.

Studio getting NEAR end 006

We now have two mirrors in the bathroom. One above the vanity and a door mirror on the door.

Studio getting NEAR end 007Studio getting NEAR end 009

The monkey is ready for someone to move in and keep her company.

Studio getting NEAR end 010

My girl fixed us a late night snack. That is our scrambled eggbeaters, ham, and onion open faced sandwich with green tea. Are we eating healthy or what?

Studio getting NEAR end 011

No leaks in the plumbing, painting done and only a few more fun things to do…

Thanks for stopping by.

Nite Shipslog


It has been a lovely day.  Grandson Matt and his girl friend Kirsten, topped by and liked the Studio efficiency.  They attend Eastern NC College in Greenville, NC



These are not antiques yet, are they?