Sunday, June 22, 2014

The day started great.

I was able to read some blogs, and relax before heading for McDonalds and our biscuit, jelly and coffee.

I attend church with my Sherry, but I normally do not know much of what is said.  The church we attend was the church my dad pastored when God smiled on me and let me meet my Sherry. For a year she really did not know I existed. We did attend the same services and many social functions but she was the ‘upper classman’ and out of my reach~

But now, she is within reach and painting. Soooo you wanted to see my girl in action:

Studio getting NEAR end 001

This window is the back window. It looks into a small but thick grove of young trees. I have my tractor backed into them and have noted it would be a great place for a picnic. 

Studio getting NEAR end 002

The other window looks out on the deck and our motor home. So who ever is staying here is in our front yard. I am not sure Luke will like that.

Studio getting NEAR end 003

We finally got toilet paper and I made a toilet paper tree.  It is adjustable for up to 4 rolls. Winking smile.

Studio getting NEAR end 004

Now you see all the cabinets  I put the two shelves in the middle, I toyed with the idea of painting a window looking at a sunrise, I have done that before and liked it. But Not this time. (I am still lacking the base board around the cabinet, maybe tomorrow.Disappointed smile

Studio getting NEAR end 005

Sherry also painted the entrance door and I hung the coat rack behind the door.

Studio getting NEAR end 006

We now have two mirrors in the bathroom. One above the vanity and a door mirror on the door.

Studio getting NEAR end 007Studio getting NEAR end 009

The monkey is ready for someone to move in and keep her company.

Studio getting NEAR end 010

My girl fixed us a late night snack. That is our scrambled eggbeaters, ham, and onion open faced sandwich with green tea. Are we eating healthy or what?

Studio getting NEAR end 011

No leaks in the plumbing, painting done and only a few more fun things to do…

Thanks for stopping by.

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It has been a lovely day.  Grandson Matt and his girl friend Kirsten, topped by and liked the Studio efficiency.  They attend Eastern NC College in Greenville, NC



These are not antiques yet, are they?


Mevely317 said...

Yours is beginning to look a lot like 'home', Jack and Sherry. Did you decoupage that cute coat rack, as well?

Tom and I enjoy having breakfast-for-supper every now and then. I never thought of adding onion!

Take it easy, now ... y'all deserve it!


Sherry looks like an expert with that paintbrush in hand. The place looks wonderful. You both did a terrific job.

betty said...

My husband made a similar toilet paper tree before; very versatile I think and easy to fit into tight places. It looks great! Sherry is a fantastic painter and a cook with that meal; looked delicious and yep I do think you guys are healthy eating!


Sheila Y said...

It is looking good. Won't be long now and you two can rest and relax! Soon I will be heading to south Bama! Have a great week and don't work to hard! Sheila

Paula said...

Lookin' great and everyone needs a toilet paper tree. Once I painted a whole wall as the sun and I don't even have a picture of it. I never do things like that now. You two still "have it".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Whoever stays there will be comfortable. It is all very nice. Sherry is a good painter. Between the two of you the place looks wonderful. Glad you got some pictures of Sherry since she got those of you working.

Unknown said...

Excellent all the way around. Good that you got pictures of Sherry painting, and she looks like a pro.

Lucy said...

It sounds like a really relaxing day I got "The cutest whatever off my blog I think. I swear she was my biggest nightmare. I tried to follow instructions and it took me all day until 9 at night. Those little symbols was running together and my eyes were stinging. Now if I just have not screwed anything that was ok, up. Take care Jack, You are not invincible,