Saturday, June 14, 2014


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Every facet of life seems to have it’s on slang language, or jargon.  Our boys were into Moto-cross racing for a few years and found a new language, one was Whoop-dee-doos,  referring to several similar humps in the track.


The White Mountains in New Hampshire. This camp site was right beside this stream.


When walking the Appalachian Trail, we learned even more:

Slack packing (Having someone haul your pack around a big mountain or two in a truck.)

Trail names: some are picked by the hiker, others just grow on  someone. We were the “Overland hermits”.

Thru Hiker: A hiker who will hike the entire 2176miles at one time. Usually 6 months of hiking.

Section Hiker: folks like us who started out as Thru Hikers, but could not finish in one year, but keep on going back to try to complete THE TRAIL.

Of course the list goes on.

Now all that is to show I am so engrossed in the building industry, I use terms that might not be understood. Sherry goes with me most of the time. Lately on our shopping trip I said, “I need to pick up a 30 inch Right hand door.”

“What do you mean Right hand?”

Then I explained that is how we describe how a door is hung. You put you back against the opening where the hinges will be. then pretend your arms are the door. If your right arm defines how you want the door will swing it is a Right hand door.  If your left arm shows the door will swing that way, it is a Left hand door.

I am writing this on Friday night. Today the rest of the studs went in and the drywall is hung, screwed and nailed. I also applied the first coat of mud on the nails and seams.

The one job you cannot rush is finishing the drywall. That reminds me of the time Son Mark and I took the roof off Shirl’s house and added a second floor. To keep the cost down, Shirl and Mark said they would be the Mudders (Drywall finishers). It actually looks easy and even looks like fun, but it is a skilled job and tough. I over heard Mark tell Shirl, “I’d steal before I would do this for a living!”Surprised smile

In my life time I have seen jobs that looked easy and like a dream job, but in reality they were tough. Funny how the other guys job looks like a gravy train compared to yours.  What is that old saying, “The grass is always greener…..”

Thanks for reading this STUFF.

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If a company is paying someone to do nothing, they are either “about to be unemployed or the bosses family.” Winking smile



the Chrysler Cordoba, I remember well Ricardo Montalban advertising these cars.


shirl72 said...

Looks like you are getting close and it is looking good.

That is a hard job putting mud
on the nails. When Mark and I was
doing the job I didn't realize how
hard. I went down to the paint
store and ask them was there an
easier way to do this job of course the answer was no. So back
to the job,we did finally finish..

Mevely317 said...

I have to thank you for making me chuckle ... what a great way in which to start the day!

Except, in all seriousness, I was immediately taken with your images from the White Mountains. Gorgeous!

Props to Mark and Shirl for taking on that job! I've NO IDEA what mudding's all about, but it doesn't sound much fun. I'm chuckling because many years ago in West Texas I sat in the back yard watching brick-layers finishing construction on the house next door. Zoom, zoom, licked-split. Heck, that doesn't seem like such a big deal. And they get paid really GOOD money, besides!
My 'ex' just smiled. The next weekend he invited me out back to 'help' with the construction of his (sizable) pit BBQ. Damn, if it didn't take me almost an hour to lay one stinkin' row of bricks to his satisfaction; by then, I wanted to whop him up the side of the head with the silly trowel-thingie. Nope, I learned brick-laying's not near as easy as it looks!

Sorry to have rambled on so long!

Have a very Happy Father's Day tomorrow!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It won't be long now you'll once again be on that trail...sounds like the bathroom project is coming along nicely. It's a beautiful day in Ohio...sunny skies and mid 70's. Hope you all have a super Saturday!


I've tried my hand at drywall. It is a skilled profession, for sure. SERIOUS work. It's exciting how far along you are on your project.

Paula said...

Just stopping in to wish you a Happy Father's Day tomorrow.

betty said...

It is so true how each activity has their jargon; I know hubby does with his music. It was fun to read abou the trail and the jargon there.

I never did much with painting around the house or other things similar so I'm sure dry walling would not be "my cup of tea".


salemslot9 said...

I don't understand
how some people
live with having
their doors on
the wrong way...