Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Money Laundry and Receipts

On our regular trip to McDonalds on Sunday morning I was sitting looking out the window at the drive thru traffic, as Sherry went to get  ice and water in her coffee cup.  I was remembering when I could hear I could not understand the drive thru speaker, it was garbled. So now, maybe they have better speakers, but at present I cannot use them at all. To be honest I have never seen a need to us the drive thru.  I have used the drive thru, but Sherry ordered from the passenger side.

A Corgi in trouble - Copy

(I see this picture at least once a day and think of Koda on the West Coast)

As I sat there, off the table I picked up the receipt for our two cups of coffee and a biscuit. (we get two jellies and split the biscuit for breakfast.) But the receipt  was what I was sitting there smiling about (if the other customers were wondering).  My girl has a very complicated book keeping system. Part of that system requires the back of Receipts to do the math on. These are neatly folded in her wallet. Now Lord help the stores that print things on the back, it upsets her, the back is supposed to be blank for her use.

A dog loves

(This is true)

I read tonight where Pele’s son was sentenced to 33 years for money laundering, in Brazil. We once had a small house we rented out for $40 a month. I am no landlord, I do not believe all the stories but I am easy. I allowed a woman to get 8 months behind on her rent. Once she told me she came to my mama’s house and didn’t want to disturb us so she put the total amount in $20 bills in the screen door, “If you didn’t find it, it must have blown away,” she said.

about to be annoyed

(He said I am about to get annoyed)

Anyway, I was on my way to GITMO, and like the real man I am, I left Sherry to evict her, which she did. The woman was a crook and raised a crook.  Her son and his comrades, pulled off the largest bank heist in the USA (at the time), Loomis Fargo theft , Charlotte, NC, of $17.3 million dollars. It took awhile, but they were caught.


(You cannot resist the Beagle look)

The mother went to jail for money laundering. She was finally caught. Be sure your sins will find you out!

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I find it very hard to throw away a pair of shoes. I have a pair now, gifted to me by my son Jack and they are worn out. I cannot throw them away.



1958 Ford Custom 300

from woodie 2 - Copy

Remember Snow, you guys who are Hot now?

(picture stolen from Woody during the winter)


betty said...

I always like when there is a picture of a corgi on a favorite blog of mine! I do like Sherry's record keeping; it seems to work! It is amazing how many things you can do without leaving your car, get food, mail a letter, get money from the bank; and we wonder why we have an obesity problem in America.

I do think most thieves/crooks/etc., eventually do get caught.


DD said...

I like that you two are splitting a biscuit for breakfast. That is enough for non-workers. Oh, I forgot, you do work, so I bet Sherry gives you the biggest half :).

Jean said...

Grover loves his biscuit so he wouldn't half it with me, but we do buy take out food and only get one. That is more than enough for two. I like the drive throw, that way I can wear my shorts, ha. Take care. Jean


I like drive thru's. Tell Sherry I use the back of receipts too, not to do math but to write on.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for that picture reminding how terribly cold winter can be. It's heating up here in Ohio and I've got the fan going here today...trying to not turn on the A/C. Sorry you got took by a crook. Hard to believe that any place ever rented for $40. I'm a pig cause when I get a biscuit...I eat the whole thing myself. Hope you both have a terrific Tuesday!

Jackie said...

You two just warm my heart...splitting and sharing a biscuit. Now, you can't get any closer than that!
Hi Jack and Sherry. So good to be here again.
Sending you both great BIG hugs around the neck...and hoping that you are enjoying every moment of every day. I'm sure that you are.
I don't know if you know it or not, but Chic Fil A gives seniors free beverages. Just ask for a Senior tea...or Senior Lemonade...or Senior Coke...whatever floats your boat.
One of the perks we have for being "Seniors."
Hugs and love to you both,

Paula said...

Wow! You two don't eat much. No wonder you are both thin. We both eat a whole bean and cheese taco with chopped onions and red sauce. Our little waitress comes out to the truck and she knows our order to a tee.

Chatty Crone said...

So that is Koda?

What does Sherry put on the back of the receipt?

Rick let's Kelly do our ordering. He has hearing issues too.

Have a good day!


Woody said...

The last of the Snow has gone, there was snow in the deep gorges up on tug hill but it has warmed up enough to leave us finally.
Hope you 2 are doing well!
take care
Gary & Anna Mae