Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Could it be age?

I am tired.  But shucks I was tired after a good days work at 50 also. No  pictures today.  Most of the work was under the building. Tough work in tight places. One place that I had a lot of work to do was very tight, to get back to it I had to exhale and squeeze under then I could not roll over.

happyas a peacock

It is tough to cut pipe and fit and glue in those circumstances.  The whole time I am doing this I am thankful that some one invented PVC pipe and good glue.  There was a time that what I am doing would have been next to impossible, Cast iron pipe was used and you had to melt lead and pour it into a rig to seal the joints. I am sure there is a way to do it, but in my case I could not have done it.  The drain system must be run first when you are plumbing because  every pipe must have a fall, you learn fast that you cannot teach water to go up hill. Winking smile

he is not heavy

It wears me out to slide under and back about ten times to finally get the fittings in with the right fall. so today I can concentrate on getting the sewer line hooked into our city supply line. I did dig tht up today, and it is exposed. I must cut the smaller  (2”) pipe and replace it with the larger (3”).

I had to take down the infamous steps that Caused Sherry to fall a couple years ago and break her arm. But tis time I do have a gate to stop anyone from trying to use them.


I hope to post a picture on the nest entry of the progress up topside.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


I hope the trips to Lowes slow down. Surprised smile



When I was young, I would have loved the Vette. But now? Not so much. But this was a pretty piece of machinery.


Paula said...

I hope it isn't as hot and sultry there as it is here doing those tight, close jobs. I felt sick after us sitting on a hot parking lot waiting to have John's work truck inspected this morning.

Unknown said...

I don't even like to read about a spot so tight that you have to exhale to get through. That makes me feel a little claustrophobic just thinking about it.

betty said...

I think I would have been claustrophobic working in that space as you described it Jack! I bet you'll sleep great tonight!



Get some rest before you tackle any more.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can see why you'd be tired. But it's good to know that part of the job is now complete and you can move on. Hope you have a good day ahead and can get your connections made. It's always a good feeling to me when something finally gets done. I'm sure it will be for you too.

shirl72 said...

I will be glad when you finish
the lower part and can work inside.
This weather has been in the 90's.
You don't need to be outside long.We are taking Bill Morris to lunch
today. W. C. Fields son. I want say
the other word...he is 94 and mind
still good.