Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update the breakers and A/C time

Heading down hill now. I added breakers to the  Studio, now all controls are here instead of on the house.

Studio getting NEAR end 006

There are two major designs of power panes. When this was a storage building I stuck in the easiest one the ‘Surface mount’ as you see above.

AC instal 002

But today I took the time and extra expense to purchase and install the recessed panels. that you see above. since this is a main wall in the living area we will hang a picture over them.

Now it is time to think Air conditioning.. Today when we bought the panels we also picked up a 7 or 8K A/C unit. I prefer to put the unit in a wall rather than use a window. so the first thing is to take a razor knife and cut an exploratory hole, i.e.

AC instal 001

Here you see what I found, the insulation and a stud. I will cut the stud. Now it is gone.Here I am on the ladder outside looking in.

AC instal 003

I was to this point when Sherry came home from church.

AC instal 004

She caught Mark and Luke, They had just taken a couple things back to Lowes I did not need, it was plywood and long PVC pipe and Mark had his truck empty. Our little Fit will not do it.Winking smile

AC instal 005

All I wanted to do tonight was stick the A/C in the hole until tomorrow. Sherry helped me lift it in place.

AC instal 006AC instal 007

We are hoping from this position it will cool the bathroom also…AC instal 008

So we are coming close. Sherry says it seems when she gets the place straight, here I come and spread more saw dust and drywall dust.

BUT, that will all soon be over.

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Today was another good day.



I do not know what it is, but I like it…



Seems like there is no end to it, doesn't it?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sherry is doing a fine job of cleaning up after you there. I can imagine you are glad it is almost done now.

betty said...

Seems like a great spot for the air conditioner; neat to see too how you installed it Jack; I've only seen people do it through their windows, but I do like it in the wall as you did.


Chatty Crone said...

Man you are such a such a terrific handy man - you do electric too?

Unknown said...

It must be exciting for everyone to have the project almost completed.
I like the AC wall unit.

Paula said...

Good idea to install the A/C in the wall instead of taking up a window. You can still open the window when the weather is right and you don't need the A/C. You've made good time with this job, don't you think?

Ambrose said...

It looks like you've had your hands full with breakers. I like the design that you have along the wall as it looks like the system can be hidden a little easier than having the breaker box standing out from the wall even a few inches. Thanks for the ideas!

Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.