Saturday, June 21, 2014

The missing tail piece

Today was another tough day for me to have fun. I am not good at working on my back and looking up, and there is a lot of that in plumbing. AT times I get a sick feeling. (something like a fertilizer that was touted a long time ago, Vertego or something like that)

Kithchen sink 001

I did offer Sherry a chance for a photo op under the sink but she refused. She worked at straightening the Bathroom. It looks good. (Photo’s tomorrow)

Kithchen sink 002Kithchen sink 003

I thought this was going to be an easy install. There was  new kind of holder with the sink. They looked like they would be a breeze.  Anyone installing sinks can tell you there are many number of ways sinks are hung and they are all tough because of the tight area you have to work with.  the only easy sink is the Cast Iron sinks, but it takes two men and two women to lift them into the hole in the cabinets. The are surface mounted and their weight hold them in place.

Kithchen sink 004

Then under the house to attach the drain and water supply. I am using some old vinyl siding to slide under and out. All is attached but I worked over time (9:30) so the test for leaks will be tomorrow after church.Kithchen sink 005

Son Jack, stopped by today, we had a desk out on the road to give away and he hauled it to Stephen and Jennifer's house. Steve needed a desk, not sure he needed on that heavy that sucker felt like lead. It used to be my office desk. Here he is bringing the rollers back. He and Stephen decided the next occupants of their apartment can own it. “They AIN’T moving it again!”


Kithchen sink 006

Oh, about the tail piece. Every kitchen sink has one or two tail pieces. They attach just below the basket in the sink. I started to finish the job and was missing the tail pieces. When I told Sherry I needed to go get a tail piece, of course she construed it to sound like something else (terms used in our youth), and of course decided to go with me and take pictures if necessary! Angry smile

Good night glad you stopped by.

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Tomorrow the place will not be finished, but it will look like it is, and I can clean up some of the residue from the job.



betty said...

I don't think I would enjoy working in some of the spaces you've been in, Jack. I definitely would be claustrophobic. I'm sure you are eagerly looking forward to the completion of this project.



My hubby has vertigo and he has done a bit of that under the sink plumbing. It's tedious work, indeed. Don't know where you find the strength to do it all.

shirl72 said...

On our visit the place is looking
good. I will be glad when you
finish and start having fun. It
will probably take you a week
to get back in open space.

Looks like it is almost ready for Sherry and I to take turns living there and enjoying no house cleaning.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm sure you are glad that those two jobs are done. Being down on your back and in a tight place like that would be no fun at all in my books. Glad someone could use the desk you got rid of anyway. Hope you both can get some rest today. It is Sunday and looks like it might just be a beautiful day here.

Mevely317 said...

Love Sherry's sense of humor. Nothing gets by that lady, huh?!

I've never had occasion to try and squeeze my carcass under a cabinet while on my back -- but it doesn't sound ANY fun. I'm guessing because you're 'right side up' again (Pix #2) that's why you've such a big smile on your face?

Have a delightful day, my friends!