Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Painting mostly done….

Thanks for all the sympathy, it is not all that bad, I just like for folks to feel sorry for me. Devil.

I am just getting down and up real slow.  I am petting the knee by limping some.  That gets sympathy too, but it doesn’t hurt if I pet it and let the left leg take up the slack.

studio araartment 001

The closet is finished, it is in the bathroom.

studio araartment 002

As you can see the bathroom door is now hung, this is leaving the bathroom.

studio araartment 003

Mudding is finished, This room is painted and the last plywood  floor is installed.

studio araartment 005

I used some of the foam spray in cracks stuff around the windows, you can see it oozing out. The trim is cut and ready to install in the morrow.

studio araartment 006

Roll of cheap carped ready to install in the morrow also.

Things are moving well, but I am moving slow. LOL

The rest is a piece of cake.  Some electrical and trimming out the bathroom. I must go underneath and insulate the water pipes for the winters.  We have mild winters in NC but sometimes we get a ‘COLD SPELL’.

sorry I have been scarce on your blogs, but I eventually will catch up..

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Life is good as long as we can look DOWN at the grass.



Not sure what this is, but I like it. (not sure the caption is correct)


Paula said...

Okay I won't feel sorry for you anymore.

Mevely317 said...

All of a sudden I don't think my own job's so difficult!

Funny how one person's 'piece of cake' could be a nightmare to someone else, huh?
Nevertheless, it's looking good, Jack. Really good!

betty said...

Must feel good to almost be done! So close!! I too get up slowly these days and I haven't been doing the physical type of work you have :)


Jean said...

Things are looking good, sorry about your leg I know how that feels. I'm up early just couldn't sleep I think it's from over worked, ha. We had a thunder storm Tuesday night and it left our yard in a mess I had to clean up. Take care, Jean


Slow but sure you are getting it done. Looking good.

shirl72 said...

It is looking good I need to get
over and see the finished product.
Wait until your leg heals before
you get under to wrap the pipes.

Put a wrap around the knee and you
will get lots of sympathy. Getting
older is not fun but glad to be on this side.

shirl72 said...

I think that is a 1932 ReoRoyale convertible coupe

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

All is looking very good. Take your time and pamper yourself a little. Crawling under to insulate pipes doesn't sound very easy at all.

Cindi said...

amazing work you have done.."wishing" you the best, and REST!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Well I sympathize with your pain - but look at what nice work you have done.

Unknown said...

The work is coming right along. It must feel good to see the progress you've made and to know you're nearly done.

~mel said...

Mercy! I go to the hospital for a spell (spastic esophagus ... symptoms mimic a heart attack). Any hooo... I'm okay. Went fishing for a week in the mosquito capital of the world ... survived that and I get home to catch up on everyone and here you are limping! What the heck old man ~ I can't leave you alone to tend to things without some kind of mishap. Don't make me come down there and play foreman on this project! LOL Then things will really hit the fan.

Ya know I love ya!!

~ Now Sherry ... don't go pampering him too much cuz he'll milk this for all it's worth. We know how he wants our sympathy :) Tell him to get that tub done so he can take a good soak and wash the aches all away! Gosh!! Did you miss me visiting your blog??? LOL I'm back ... bawahhhaaahhhaaa!!!

Woody said...

How are you doing, you better finish up your project, get your honey and head for Maine, the Lobsta are delicious now!
take care
Gary and Anna Mae

Annesphamily said...

Getting things done the right way makes a big differences. Keep up the good work. Looking good!