Friday, June 13, 2014

Thursday’s Work

Thursday, I got in a full day’s work, from 8AM to 9PM. That included a break for a BIG thunderstorm before going after a load of material.

So Thursday got the Tub Surround done and trim added to the plumbing.

FLAT 005

Glue instructions say: tape panels, leave for a couple days before adding water.

FLAT 006

Also got a few studs set and some sheet rock hung.

FLAT 004

You are seeing the rough door opening into the bathroom with the first two studs to the left. The studs#2 & #3 are  going to be the closet.                             

 FLAT 007

This shot above is taken from beside the bath tub looking out. The Purple dry wall is a piece of moisture resistant   drywall.

FLAT 008

And this my friends, is our STUFF.  This is the Bitchen , area, as I call it (combo Bedroom and Kitchen that will have to be reorganized, and then moved down to the 8x8 storage building for the incoming.

I am going to sleep as I write so I quit.

Nite Shipslog.

PS: I wrote this at midnight and I was missing whole sentences when I reviewed it.  No telling what else I missed.




An old Merc woodie,….


shirl72 said...

Good to see your progress today. I'm sure is will look good when you are
finished and will be comfortable.

This is all we need to survive.
A place to sleep and eat an efficiency and you got one.

Unknown said...

I learn something new (almost) every day. I didn't know about water resistant drywall. That's good to know.
Hmm, strange the way you combined bedroom and kitchen.

Woody said...

Good going, way out of my league in trying to do, I have 3 tools, screw driver, pliers, hammer, for back up I have duct tape which can fix anything !


Looking good. That was no easy feat, I know.

Paula said...

Really nice, you truly are a handy man.

Jimmy's Journal said...

You're talented Jack! Oddly, I have the same set of work tools as Woody except my set is more advanced. Mine also has WD-40....


Jackie said...

You work waaaay to hard, but I can tell that you enjoy it, and I see that you do awesome work.
Hugs and smiles,

betty said...

You are a "work horse" Jack with the amount of work you do in a day and the hours you work! The end result will be wonderful, but I know its a challenge in the meantime to get it all done, even if you do enjoy the work.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Things are really taking shape there very nicely. That was one long day you put in. By midnight I'm already snoozing' so give you credit for putting in an entry at all. It's nice you are keeping us updated. I've always thought it was good to watch someone else work. Ha!

Cindi said...

This is looking great, thx for sharing & taking us on ur journey!