Sunday, January 31, 2021

Accusation of lies in North Carolina

 Autos of beauty

That is a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria and a 1954 Oldsmobile 'rocket' 88 and yep the hamburgers were 15 cents. ;-)

So for today:

Things have been pretty sedate here in NC. I was able to work on my dragon’s tail. That is the last big dead fall in the yard on which I carved the dragon head. 

This is a friendly dragon, and he has his ducks in a row!

The kids have never been able to walk the whole tree due to a standing root system the tree pulled up when it fell. I trimmed the root system and now they can jump off the end of the reptile. LOL I will add a rail where it goes over the big ditch!

Temps here have dropped below freezing. The coach has not been in freezing weather in 10 years. That was back when John became sick in Ypsi and we went up for Sherry to nurse her baby brother back to life.

I went down to the basement and was met by Tom (Tiger 1) and he was followed closely by Tiger Two.  I allowed them to spend the night in the basement, it is warmer than the Cat House I built.]

Tiger Two is telling me it is SUMMER upstairs! I know she is lying,” said Tom.

What happened was, the night before Tom was outside and Tiger Two actually followed me into the house for the first time. She explored around and talked to Sherry. Of course it was toasty warm. If you know Sherry, she is gonna have it warm.

After looking around awhile she found a spot and just sat, seeming trying to figure-out this warm place. When I opened the door to the garage, she darted out, and went to the basement.

Later I sat with her in a chair in the basement and explained to her she could live in the warm house, but she would lose her claws and would have to be FIXED!  She didn’t’ like the sound of that, and her eyes darted around to see if fixing would start anytime soon.

BUT I did explain to Tom, “YEP, it is warm as summer up there; but to live up there would have to lose your claws and…..!”

“Don’t even think of it. I was talking to the Tom up the street, he got “FIXED”, and he ain’t happy about it.”

I told them the moral of the story is that sometimes we are accused of lying when we don’t understand what is said.

My cat’s really don’t tell lies intentionally.

Yes, I have a lot of conversations with animals, birds, cars and even doors. TRUE   (age changes messes with your mind).


PS. If you do not get this road rage 20-30 second incident, someone will explain it.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

A new baby and Cat talk

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1985 Tornado (who knew that this FIRST USA car would be the forerunner of the front wheel drive here in the USA?

For today:

Speaking to the cats: “Hey dudes, we have a new baby in the family, Matt and Kiersten now have a new baby boy named ‘Jack Wiley ’. Aren’t you happy for us?”

The cats walked off and Tiger Two turned and said, “Just one???”…..  Smart Alec cats! 

I heard one of them say as they squeezed thru the small spot under the Garage door, “Mama Stormy said he called us puppies when we were born; we were seven puppies at one time. What is the big deal about humans having just one puppy? People, we will never understand them!..... What does 8lbs mean anyway?”

Kiersten did a good job, She builds 'em big..8 lbs. Bless her heart, I know she is glad this is over.

Anyway whether they like it or not we are excited for Matt and Kiersten. Maverick is three now and Paw Paw Mark brought him down to play and visit. WE all were surprised that they named their first born Maverick (we did like it). I sort expected this one to be named Wyatt (as in Earp), ;-).

Maverick is now the big brother. There is always the question of how the new baby will be accepted, but Mav will probably do well.

The family before this latest addition. A sweet family, love'em
to pieces.

Maverick loves cats, but the feral’s will not allow strangers to pet them. There is a spot in our picnic area where I hung a 5 gallon bucket with no bottom for Matthew Dillon to shoot basketball when he was Mav’s age. 

Just before Maverick and Mark came down I had finished a kid’s basketball goal and they got to shoot some goals.

Coming up is another birthday. We will celebrate Jack Jr’s grandson ‘JUDE’s’ birthday, he is now six. His family will come out from Oak Ridge, TN to celebrate at Josh and Megan’s house.  Normally they would be here in this house if we were not occupying now.

This is Jude and his baby sister Kennedy, Jude is very camera shy and I seldom get a picture.

This place is used as sort of a motel when we were away. WE still have not decided our own future here. Is it back to Florida for the remaining winter? We do have options, and the house is warm. LOL


A cute dancing video, BUT for the kicker you must fast fwd or watch it to the end.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Meandering, Shoes and socks & Around the Horn.

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

The Hearse for a fancy burial

... Update on BIL Johnny’s planned services. Sherry & Brenda spend some time today at the Mortuary to find out what they could. In this process they have found that there is enough funds available thru a GM policy to cover the burial expenses. Sherry is relieved and the process can go forward.

Like a lot of folks Johnny had put back some money for a rainy day, but Ins. Co-pays became his rainy days it seems.

For Today:

I am still playing in the woods and yards, along with repairing stuff. I am learning to just stop for a few minutes and pet two cats. They will both sit in my lap, in the basement or around my fire and talk about when they were little puppies..

Today shoes and socks that got my attention. Mainly because my favorite ‘tennis shoes’ falling apart after only 2 years. Then I realized my socks were showing thru one side. So..When did socks come into play? › wiki › Sock

 sock is a piece of clothing  worn on the feet and often covering the ankle or some part of the calf. Origin about 8th century BC. Some type of shoe or boot is typically worn over socks. In ancient times, socks were made from leather or matted animal hair. In the late 16th century, machine-knit socks were first produced.

 Over time my shoe type has changed. From leather to Tennis Shoe; shoes became synthetic, using a lot of canvas.

Did you know they were the best ‘holders of odor’ of any shoe in history? So much so that at times mama said, “Take them OUTSIDE!!!

After 17, and the military, I went back to leather shoes and boots. There was a short period in my life I tried to wear my loafers sans socks, it was supposed to be cool.

(My replacement tennis shoes (walking shoes) and my old Flourshiem's. That is Kiwi polish in the center. LOL

I wore a pair of Florshiem loafers a couple nights ago to church; they are nearly 40 years old and still look good. They are the only leather shoes I own. I bought them to wear with my new suit for Sherry’s 25th HS reunion. I actually have shoe polish to use on them. LOL

I was a shoeshine boy for a while as a kid. Every barber shop had a shoeshine stand. My friend Jim Page in Valdese had a full time job as a shoeshine boy. He could make that shining rag POP! That occupation has gone the way of the straight-drive car. Do you own any leather shoes? Possibly Gary the retired LEO does.


PS: For your information:  

I have met a lot of sailors who have been around the horn. Mostly before the Panama Canal. Just south of Argentina where the two oceans meet. I have never seen this but heard a lot about it. It is hard to believe.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Irons and Wrinkle resistant cloth.

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

                        1982 Renault

For Today...

I am smiling, out of the blue I thought about ‘starch & irons’ today. Yep Irons like ironing clothes. The USMC required creases sharp enough to ‘cut.’ My new wife was not unfamiliar with starch and ironing. That was normal in the 1950s, but not to the extent the USMC enjoyed. She fell in stride and was able to satisfy Sgt. Bell’s inspections. Life was good.

Discharged from the USMC, I FINALLY landed a job with the Charlotte Observer, a local Newspaper. I wasn’t happy and joined the USAF. My girl did not balk (knowing by now she had married a crazy guy) but she said emphatically, “I’m in, where are we going, but wait, if you join I AM NOT DOING UNIFORMS! I am not doing the starching and ironing, you can send them out,”

It did not come to that, the USAF was not as strict as the USMC on uniform inspections. As a matter of fact I cannot remember a uniform inspection in the Air Force.

The steam iron was a miracle, no more hand sprinkling the clothes.

Today I was thinking of the IRON. I bet sales of irons are down.  With the new fabrics it is seldom that I see Sherry getting out the old ‘steam iron.’

The first irons I remember were the old solid iron irons. Mama had two or three to do the ironing. They were heated on the cast iron cook stove. As they cooled she put the cooling one back on the stove and picked up a hot one. That continued until all the clothes were ironed.

Sometimes mama ironed the bed sheets, but not all the time. Maybe when she was expecting company she did.

I think the iron has gone the way of the old battery radios.



PS: This is just for us who like to SEE snow and Trains, but appreciate it in pictures.  The only ones I questioned is Alabama..

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Zombies? Really? Stuff, and the sound of beer..

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

The 1960 Buick Electra

For Today...

I received an e-mail from Glenda today about the ‘Pork Awards.’  Ron Paul awards these to the worst cases of things the Government spends money on.  It is well known that we do spend money on what most common folk call Stupid things like:

Studied if you’ll eat ground-up bugs (NIH & NIFA) ….…....... $1,327,781.72

Why stress makes hair turn grey (NIH) .......................... $36,831,620.00

Eastern Mediterranean youth to stop smoking hookah) .... $1,471,617.00

Used cancer research money to create a “smart toilet” (NIH) ...... $6,973,057.00

 Tried to get adults to stop watching so much TV (NIH) ..... $1,246,507.00

Tested if hot tubbing can lower stress (NIH) ….........…… $2,004,704.00

 Develops a master’s degree in research ethics in Myanmar (NIH) .. $968,932.00

 Spent billions in Afghanistan on counter narcotics efforts ….... $8,620,000,000.00

Spends millions to help deal with truant Filipino youth (USAID) ... $37,500,000.00

 Teaches English to rural unemployed Romanians (State) .................... $25,000.00

That is just a sample…

The administration whether Red or Blue makes no difference, the crazy spending goes on and on and on.

Did you know that our Pentagon actually has a plan in place in case we are attacked by Zombies?  TRUE!  We cover many bases, LOL.

Some of us believe in a Second Coming, but the Pentagon has no plan of action when that happens. ;-)

Did you know the giving of our richest people in the USA is increasing? They give many Billions to charities, causes and the poor? The latest studies show we little guys are donating less over all to charities, showing we are getting tighter or we have less disposable income (Those are my opinions)  Personally I think we have increased our giving especially with church and  tipping some of the harried clerks, waiters and waitresses.

For fun:

Did you see the interview between the financial advisor and the beer drinker?

Advisor, “I see here you drink from 3-5 beers each evening. That is probably about $5 a night, plus probably $.50 to travel & electric to keep it cool. Did you realize that is over 40,000$ in 20 years, you could own a small plane if you didn’t drink beer!”

Drinker, “Do you drink beer?”

Interviewer, “Of course not?”

Drinker, “Where is your airplane?”

Some logic doesn’t hold water. LOL

I love this blogging world….



PS: The sounds of water and beer! If you have a minute you will be amazed.

Sweet talk


 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

1957 Rambler Cross country. Great car and good mileage. I wish the Rambler had not died.

For Today...


Currently, the United States has five major U.S. territories: American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each such territory is partially self-governing that exists under the authority of the U.S. government.

Sherry and I have had some very pleasant talks over breakfast and supper lately. We share a lot of the same interests, but are different in many ways. Her early life was centered in Belmont, NC, mine over several towns in NC.  She has many lifelong friends I have less than 5, methinks. She is cold natured and I am a lizard.

Sitting at breakfast this morning, I noticed she was drinking out of a cup from Cuba and mine said Alaska on it.  “Hey you’ve been to Cuba?”

Iguana's re plentiful in Cuba, many of them 3 feet long and beg for food like the feral cats here. LOL
The 2BR house, note the 50 gal trash can, remember them here in the states...

“Why yes, lived there once for about 4 years. I also lived in Key West.”

“Well I went to Alaska once with a pretty lady; so there!”

Below are Salmon fishermen.

We both laughed. That being two extremes of a diagonal line across the USA; Southeast to Northwest.  I said yes baby and we have crossed that line making a big ‘X’ from extreme Southwest, San Diego (Tijuana, MX) to Nova Scotia in the Northeast..

That started us talking about our lives and travel.  It also brought up USA possessions. We have been in all 50 states, but only 2 of its possessions. WE have been to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, but not Samoa, Guam or the Mariana Islands.  They were places we NEVER planned to go. Of course since they were never high on the list it will probably never happen. Ireland is far above those possessions or territories of the USA, for a visit.

I try not to say NEVER. One doesn’t knows what life will throw your way.  Something might pop up saying "IRELAND," VERY LOUD! ;-)


PS .  I have had fun being here. I have even kept a fire going in the rain. Getting out has allowed me to straighten the picnic area and start on my trail. I have several dead falls to cut up.  Keeping busy while waiting for word from Ypsilanti on Johnny’s insurance status.


Monday, January 25, 2021

Have a sandwich!

 Memorable Vehicle:

For Today...

The sandwich as we know it was popularized in England in 1762 by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Legend has it, and most food historians agree, that Montagu had a substantial gambling problem that led him to spend hours on end at the card table.


WE all like food. Of course we gotta have it to live. Humans vary in tastes as proven by all the restaurants and foods in the grocers. Like most of the people in the known world we all like a nice meal with all the trimmings, especially if someone else prepares it and cleans up.  I truly like soups and one pot meals. But by far I enjoy a sandwich.


Son Jack gave me a SUBWAY gift card for my birthday so Sunday we ordered two foot long tuna subs ‘with everything’ on them.  That was actually two days ‘dinners.’


Just for my information I looked up the info above about the Earl of Sandwich.  Then decided to see if there was a # of kinds of sandwiches that exist. The closest I came was counting a list, (about 250). Then one site said there were 80 ‘types of sandwiches’ with each type having many variables.


I eat many sandwiches: P-nut butter (jelly), Fish, hamburger, sardine, onion & mustard and many more. But the top of the line is a plain Tomato with mayo on sliced bread. Sherry makes a great toasted cheese; I like for her to add onion to mine.


Tomato and lettuce: Grandson Corey came out from Utah to visit. On his first visit Sherry fixed lettuce and tomato sandwiches for lunch. He finished his and said Sherry, “Could I have another of those salad sandwiches?” That statement has brought a lot of smiles over the years.

  a Chilean sandwich , the charcarero

My BIL Sonny ate a ‘Salt Sandwich’. (Yep, just salt) I got a laugh out of him at the salt flats near the Great Salt Lake. He stood with his hands full of salt and said, “Finally enough!” (He still lived into his 80s).


To me that isn’t the oddest. In Hungary they make a ‘Lard sandwich’, sliced bread with a thick layer of lard with onion slices!.  ???????


 Do you have a special sandwich or one others might think odd?



PS . 


The BEST sandwich I ever had was a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich from a small shack-like place on the piers in Philadelphia.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Age, oh yes, it is a number.

 1948 Chevy Convertible, my first car:

So for today:

They say Age is only a number.  Shipmate Gary says his friend 99 says, ‘you are as old as you feel!’  But when it is me, I wonder how I made it this far?

I was lucky to make it into my teens. Like many boys 8-11 in my era, once you did your chores, most to us were free to wander far afield. As far as you could go and be home for supper. Midday meal (It was called dinner at my house) wasn’t always required at our house. But I knew it was there. Mama had no problem if I headed to the river or the woods, she knew I would not be home for that meal.

Many days I ate at a buddy’s house or them at mine. I do not think mama worried much. She knew I was playing (or on an adventure). It would be wonderful if those days still were around for kids. However we took  lot of chances. Throwing fireballs into yellow jacket nests, when you climb trees, hooking a bike tow on slow moving trucks, climb rock walls, spend the night on small islands in the river or try to swim too far in that river there is always some danger.

Dad got me a car at 16, even more chances were taken.  I keep thinking I had it a long time, but I couldn’t have. I had already rolled that convertible, tore it up, and lost my driver’s license, before I was 17. That was before insurance was required too. OUCH!

We married before I was 18; I still am amazed that she took a chance on a drop-out. It is a wonder Sherry didn’t do me in the first year.  I am glad she didn’t.

The rest of my life has been pretty sedate, not many life threatening chances taken. I am thankful I have lived to be 82.



Forgive me for being obsessed with age, I just never been 82 before, actually never expected to see 60.  Life is good. I haven’t struck a match lately, I bank the fire pit at night and throw leaves on in the morning and she kicks right in after smoking a little. Tiger Tom came out and sat in my lap during one of my breaks today. I thought the cat would be more afraid of an open fire, but he sat there and accepted the petting.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

My life, race relations back then.

Automobile of the 50s:

That 1956 Thunderbird
(Cat pictures interspersed)

For Now:

 There are a lot of questions in life. Sherry was telling us tonight that niece Vickie was asking he questions about her birth and family.  Sherry is going to take her to see the house they lived in when she was born.  Vickie did not know she was named after her grandma.  Lots of stuff we do not know, and did not ask.

The tiger tom is by far the friendliest kitty

I read a discussion the other day on race. This person was saying that race relations have not changed for the better in a hundred years.  I beg to differ. Race relations are much better than when I was in school even.

ALL four of the schools I attended were Segregated. There were NO INTEGRAED SCHOOLS in my childhood.

There were Black Schools.  At the time they were referred to as  Colored Schools. In my life time I lived in a town where a person of color could not be in town after  dark. They could drive thru, but not stop. That was in NC.  I lived in a town in Missouri where no colored people were lived. The town just 10 miles South did not allow 'Colored People' in town after dark

In High Shoals, my closest playmates were 'Colored'. When I ate with them I was not allowed to eat at the table. I had to eat behind the wood stove on the wood pile. At 5 years old I did not know they could have been in trouble if they allowed me at their table.  When the kids ate at our home they ate at the table, whites were allowed to pick and choose.

A white girl or boy who tried to date someone who was not their 'COLOR' they could have been hurt very bad.

It is different now. I went to visit my friends Jim Page and Robbie Cook in Valdese, NC a few years back. We met in a grill. I smiled when I looked over and saw a mixed couple sharing a milk shake, laughing and talking.  THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN IMPOSSIBLE IN 1954 IN THAT TOWN!

There wasn't a bigoted bone in my parents. I KNEW if I were EVER to utter the 'N' word in our home I could expect a spanking.

Mama would tell me, "I just cannot understand White people, they will send money to darkest Africa. But won't hug their colored brother or sister's neck here in the states.

The USA is not perfect, but it is better and it will improve. Never fast enough for some, change is inevitable, but slow at times.

Nite Shipslog

Friday, January 22, 2021

Just messing around the homeplace…

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

I never owned one of these but If I could have had a sports car, thie MG would have been it.

For Today...

I had another good fire in the fire pit today. I moved actually about a ton of ‘wet leaves’. I drug a few loads on my tarp ‘ship’. With leg power then I decided to use the John Deere to drag them the 200 feet out into the woods.

After that I took a break and took a selfie (of my feet):

The last big tree to fall into the picnic area I made a dragon or big snake out of it.

Dead falls in the woods will make firewood.

This was the ladder I screwed to the trees for a ladder up to the ‘Tree House’ (actually just a platform) but the grand's loved it. It has been about 25 years methinks, now they are grown into the trees.

It has been a long time since I spent time out here among the trees once they were dormant. It is sorta a strange feeling to see no oak, dogwood and poplar leaves..

We have lost several trees and this is early winter. I think I have mentioned we have several tall trees that can reach the house.  I could fix the house, but if one hit the coach, that would be an OUCH!


I missed a few trees as I was cutting the ivy vines last year. I got bit by a copperhead doing it last year, but it is easy to see the ones I missed now. The Ivy is still green.

I noticed my split wood pile was a little short, so I decided to see if an 82 year old man could still split wood.

Ready to split:


So yep I can, so I did a few wheelbarrow loads..


PS .  I betcha I sleep well tonight. I hope I lost a pound.