Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Zombies? Really? Stuff, and the sound of beer..

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For Today...

I received an e-mail from Glenda today about the ‘Pork Awards.’  Ron Paul awards these to the worst cases of things the Government spends money on.  It is well known that we do spend money on what most common folk call Stupid things like:

Studied if you’ll eat ground-up bugs (NIH & NIFA) ….…....... $1,327,781.72

Why stress makes hair turn grey (NIH) .......................... $36,831,620.00

Eastern Mediterranean youth to stop smoking hookah) .... $1,471,617.00

Used cancer research money to create a “smart toilet” (NIH) ...... $6,973,057.00

 Tried to get adults to stop watching so much TV (NIH) ..... $1,246,507.00

Tested if hot tubbing can lower stress (NIH) ….........…… $2,004,704.00

 Develops a master’s degree in research ethics in Myanmar (NIH) .. $968,932.00

 Spent billions in Afghanistan on counter narcotics efforts ….... $8,620,000,000.00

Spends millions to help deal with truant Filipino youth (USAID) ... $37,500,000.00

 Teaches English to rural unemployed Romanians (State) .................... $25,000.00

That is just a sample…

The administration whether Red or Blue makes no difference, the crazy spending goes on and on and on.

Did you know that our Pentagon actually has a plan in place in case we are attacked by Zombies?  TRUE!  We cover many bases, LOL.

Some of us believe in a Second Coming, but the Pentagon has no plan of action when that happens. ;-)

Did you know the giving of our richest people in the USA is increasing? They give many Billions to charities, causes and the poor? The latest studies show we little guys are donating less over all to charities, showing we are getting tighter or we have less disposable income (Those are my opinions)  Personally I think we have increased our giving especially with church and  tipping some of the harried clerks, waiters and waitresses.

For fun:

Did you see the interview between the financial advisor and the beer drinker?

Advisor, “I see here you drink from 3-5 beers each evening. That is probably about $5 a night, plus probably $.50 to travel & electric to keep it cool. Did you realize that is over 40,000$ in 20 years, you could own a small plane if you didn’t drink beer!”

Drinker, “Do you drink beer?”

Interviewer, “Of course not?”

Drinker, “Where is your airplane?”

Some logic doesn’t hold water. LOL

I love this blogging world….



PS: The sounds of water and beer! If you have a minute you will be amazed.


Lisa said...

This was a fun read, I read it all aloud to Nick. We got a good laugh.
He is always griping about stupid stuff the government spends money on. Zombies? Geez! I thought aliens would be first.
The beer drinker thinks the way I do.
Watched the video! And thought “Hey thats what a margarita in a glass sounds like!”

Heading to work

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's amazing to know all those things that our tax dollars go for. It's our money and that we pay out of our paychecks every year. They wouldn't have all of that money if we didn't work. Astonding to know but not good. Strange world isn't ir.

Mevely317 said...

Those figures would be hilarious, were they not true. (Shaking my head.)
I don't think being retired or the pandemic has had much bearing on my charitable giving. Sure. Since living on SS, the amount of my giving has lessened -- but I've always preferred to donate to an individual or a family in need. I figure Big Corporations will still take care of Big Charities.

I enjoyed this cute video!