Sunday, June 30, 2019

College Graduates that do not know math

Early Sweet Cars
 1941 Ford Tudor
 To try to get back on a schedule,  this is pretty soon after my late post last night, but Imma trying.  hahaha
And now:
I was once giving a professor an estimate on an addition to her home. She was a counselor in a local college. A family member needed financial counseling and I asked her if she did any financial counseling on the side. You could have pushed me over with a feather at her answer: ”Mr. Darnell, I can’t even keep my own check book balanced!”

Facts like that floor me.  I have said it too many times, I am a HS drop out but I must have more sense than many college graduates. I just read a study that says no matter the salaries (Minimum $500,000 a year) 60% of all NBA players are broke after 5-6 years of leaving the game.

That percentage amazes me. Planned correctly 5 or 6 years with a salary of ‘only’ $500,000 (not counting the ones with multimillion salaries) a person should be set for life and NEVER be broke.

These men are college graduates, and cannot simply manage money?????

The news enjoys stories of people who win a huge lottery are in debt just a few years after winning. But the fact is, more lottery winners are real winners and use the money wisely.

I buy lottery tickets. (My girl would never buy one.) I make plans if I should win. I do not consider it a waste, I do have enough sense to know it is gambling. But I do not spend $20-$100 for a round of golf per day or week.  I do not have a $20K fishing boat or other extra expenses. So I am happy to buy a lottery ticket and think what I could do for the family should I win.

Many states did not have the Lottery when we were hiking the AT. I bought tickets when we hiked through states that did. As I hiked I made plans should I win. Never did of course, but it was a mental exercise that gave me pleasure as I hiked.

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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Someone is gonna go thru your stuff!

Those cars of my youth (50’s)
 The 1956 Studebaker Power Hawk One of Shirl's collection.

Preface: I have loved your comments especially lately. Neat stuff! (Sorry I am late Evelyn!) ;-)
Now today:
Do you have a straw broom with a heavy wooden handle in your home?
Someone will go through your most personal belongings when you die. If you have any ‘naked selfies’ etc, better destroy them the day before you pass from this earth. I think folks must plan that, trouble is we don’t usually have the luxury of knowing the day we die. I know you are saying, “Are you crazy, I don’t do naked selfies!”

We have had to dispose of parents belongings and were never ‘shocked’ or surprised at what we came across. With my sister Shirl there have been no real surprises except some minor ‘personal’ medicines she would have preferred stayed unknown.

BUT the one thing we have found, she still had real ‘straw’ brooms and ‘whisk’ brooms it has been years since I have even seen one. LOL

She also had ‘security’ door ‘props’. That pole type thing by the broom is one of those props you put under the door knob to prevent home invasions. A good idea for a single person in a home. I do not think anyone could have broken in on my sister.

Shirl never mentioned the door props, but did tell me while she lived in Charlotte, after Jim’s death, that she piled things behind each exterior door to KNOW should someone try to force the door open.

That part made me sad, I had no idea she was that afraid in Charlotte. She always thanked Sherry and me for helping her leave Charlotte and furnish this place for her. WE continually reminded her she was paying for this ‘Condo’. Of course we all knew the price was less the going rate, but she was family!

We have a dear friend who told us her husband was always talking about not having any money. When he died she found a few thousand in his wallet. She said she grieved for a while but then had a ball spending the money! 

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Those stranger than fiction incidents

Nice older cars
1941 Graham super charged (pic from packardman)

 Years ago
Son Mark had hired a new crew. I stopped by a two story house we were building. I stepped in, introduced myself to the guy finishing the drywall and went upstairs. THERE HE WAS AGAIN! “How did you do that? I asked astonished.
He fed me a serious line of bull, then laughed. He’s my twin. They were identical twins even to their work clothes. I know they have had a ball in their lives.

A greeter in a church in Tuscon AZ , had a sister in North Belmont, NC, we even knew her.

North Dakota RV park, A man knocks on the coach holding a HUGE egg (Ostrich). “I see you are from North Carolina, I have the egg, if you have the grits?”  We laughed pretty loudly (Grits be a southern thang) He said, “My Uncle was once the postmaster in Belmont, NC.”
“Who is your Uncle?”
“You probably wouldn’t know him, Ed Bullard.”
“I know Ed very well, I have bought some prime land through him.”  (As a matter of fact this house we are in is built on a track of land I bought thru Ed.)

Once renewing driver’s license, the examiner asked, ‘Do you know that Darnell over there?’
I went over and asked, “Who do you belong to?” He was a first cousin, I had not seen him since he was a kid.

Sherry was getting her cataract Surgery in Florida and I saw Joe Carver, at least I thought so. The man looked EXACTLY like Joe, Joe lives in Connecticut.  

Once in the Yooper country of Michigan in a Restaurant, I thought I was seeing a ghost. A man who looked for the world like Dick Lankford, sister Kat’s hubby.

Closing with one of the sweetest instances ever. Dick Lankford (above) died unexpected camping on the Blue Ridge parkway.

Months after his death Sister Kat still had their coach and wanted to continue traveling with us. So Sherry drove her coach and followed me for about a year. Kat, Sherry and I were at a restaurant in Melbourne Florida.

The nicest lady. A Stranger, came over to our table and spoke directly to Kat like they were old friends, “How are you doing sweetheart?”

“OK, but I lost my husband and I am still a little down.”

With a big smile and slight hug she said to Kat, “Oh, but you will see him in the MORNING.”

The lady walked off and we never saw her again. But the thought she left just lifted Kat, and us also! (For that to make sense, you must know the Funeral song, “I will meet you in the morning by the bright River side.”)

(Haunting thought, was that an angel?????)

What is your strangest incident?

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