Sunday, June 30, 2019

College Graduates that do not know math

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And now:
I was once giving a professor an estimate on an addition to her home. She was a counselor in a local college. A family member needed financial counseling and I asked her if she did any financial counseling on the side. You could have pushed me over with a feather at her answer: ”Mr. Darnell, I can’t even keep my own check book balanced!”

Facts like that floor me.  I have said it too many times, I am a HS drop out but I must have more sense than many college graduates. I just read a study that says no matter the salaries (Minimum $500,000 a year) 60% of all NBA players are broke after 5-6 years of leaving the game.

That percentage amazes me. Planned correctly 5 or 6 years with a salary of ‘only’ $500,000 (not counting the ones with multimillion salaries) a person should be set for life and NEVER be broke.

These men are college graduates, and cannot simply manage money?????

The news enjoys stories of people who win a huge lottery are in debt just a few years after winning. But the fact is, more lottery winners are real winners and use the money wisely.

I buy lottery tickets. (My girl would never buy one.) I make plans if I should win. I do not consider it a waste, I do have enough sense to know it is gambling. But I do not spend $20-$100 for a round of golf per day or week.  I do not have a $20K fishing boat or other extra expenses. So I am happy to buy a lottery ticket and think what I could do for the family should I win.

Many states did not have the Lottery when we were hiking the AT. I bought tickets when we hiked through states that did. As I hiked I made plans should I win. Never did of course, but it was a mental exercise that gave me pleasure as I hiked.

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Chatty Crone said...

I play once in awhile too and dream Not with a lot of money either. Can't win if you don't play.

I am SURPRISED at the lack of knowledge the kids have today myself!

betty said...

I'm with you about lottery tickets; I'll buy them occasionally when the jackpot is really high and I like to plan what I'll do with the money but I've yet to even get more than 2 of the winning numbers on the tickets I buy. I think it should be a requirement in school or in life in general to take financial planning courses when one is young to avoid making the mistakes a lot of people seem to make.


Mevely317 said...

Like that Kenny Nolan tune I enjoyed, "I Like Dreaming"! Unfortunately, the State of Alabama just negated another push for a lottery. That's probably best, on account I never really expect to win.

I'm not really surprised about that college professor. Heck, I've grown so lazy (that) when I want the answer to a math problem I'll ask Alexa.

NanaDiana said...

My hubby buys one ticket a week- and three if there is a huge pot. lol So far, no luck here!

I, too, am amazed by people that don't know the first thing about their finances. Several of my girlfriends would be hard pressed to figure it out if their husbands would pass before them.

I have a family member, Lord rest his soul, that was as smart as a whip but had no idea ow to manage money at all. He owed us money when he passed even though he had been left a huge inheritance. He lived for the day-as a lot of people do, I guess.

Hope you and Sheri have a wonderful Sunday-

Glenda said...

A couple months after I moved to Florida in 1988 the Lottery was introduced; every week I bought one ticket and waited until late evening on Saturday to see the winner ~ thinking it would be my ticket. It only took six months of losers until I decided that I'mma NOT going to win big time! I could afford the dollar bill, but elected to pass from then on! Good Luck Jack, deal me in when you win!!! Hugs from 'Chobee.

Susan Kane said...

We sometimes played lotto, but then one time our son JK commented that we should buy one. So we invested $5. Then we found out we won $2000. Once we rec'd the check, we found that my brother Robert died after a lengthy illness.

We needed money for the flight, a suit for my husband, and a few other essential things. Cost? $2000.

It is a "God thing", as we tell our friends. It was.

yaya said...

I haven't bought too many lottery tickets but I can think of things I'd do with the money if I were to win. It's fun to dream as long as we remember, it's only a dream! Sometimes famous people let others manage their money and usually end up losing a lot of it. That's when you find out who your real friends are. Enjoy July 4th and have a good week!

Azka Kamil said...

nice article..
thanks for sharing :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sad but true, many do not know to how to handle their money. I've often thought that should be a required course in schools. Most of us learn the hard way when it comes to money, and some never learn. Best advice I ever heard is that if you don't have it, don't spend it.