Saturday, June 8, 2019

Rain and bushes (or trees)

Early interesting Cars:

           1956 Oldsmobile
But for today:

I think of myself as an: ‘if it needs to be done, go ahead and do it’ type of person.

We bought the house I am messing around with, over the internet. We were in Ypsilanti for Sherry to assist her brother Johnny back to health. He spent a lot of weeks in the hospital. I had plenty of time on my hands, being snowed in most of the time.  It was spent on the computer.

I found our ‘retirement home’ on the net. Sherry and I knew the realtor, we talked and with Sherry’s blessings we bought the house.

Well as life goes, it was not to be ‘our home’ after remodeling, son Mark rented it first and next his daughter Sherece rented it. It has a large lot so Grandson Luke needed a place to live while in college so I did what I usually do, plunged in.

I converted a storage building to a ‘studio Apt’. Kitchenette, full bath & washer and dryer.

I realized I was skipping the local gov’t and build permits,  etc  So I planted four bushes to try to hide my sins, I know very little about ‘flora’ (speed of growth). Thinking in 10 years they might shield the place. Well, that was about 5 yrs ago. With no one tending them, They ‘bushed’ to 20’ tall and 6” trunks, much more than I imagined. 

 They hid too much and were unsightly. So yesterday in the rain, I cut them down to 4’. I have basically 4 stumps sticking up and have so much tree waste to get rid of it ain’t funny!

Sherece and Stella are at the beach for the weekend, they are gonna be surprised when they return, that is for sure.

BTW, I feel much better today, I think it was the crawling underneath the house that did me in. LOL

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Mevely317 said...

Hahahahaha … you little stinker! Tom and I were wondering why his daughter wasn't so smart when she tried doing the something sans permits -- and got caught.
I sure remember when you were converting that shed; has it really been 5 years? Wow.

Glad to know you're feeling lots better!

Lisa said...

Glad your feeling better. We are down here at the beach since Wed. Im behind on my blogging. The internet is terrible here. Me and Nick love staying in our camper. Sadly, Heading back to Gtown tomorrow.

From the sand

yaya said...

You are super duper handy! I'm impressed but I'm glad you're feeling better. My hubby is paying the price of too much "handy man work" with a very out of place back...and he's a Chiropractor! sucks.

betty said...

Good to hear you are feeling better!! Bet the plants will grow back before long.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Oh my, never a dull moment there. Glad you are feeling better and still keeping very busy. No doubt crawling under the house might have done it. You don't do anything half way for sure. I hope those bushes fill in soon so that you secret is kept. It's Sunday as I'm reading this so I'm hoping you take the opportunity to rest and relax awhile.

Glenda said...

Jack, with this post you brought to mind Nike "JUST DO IT"...maybe you coined their famous slogan? Good to hear you bounced back into your high energy self!

Dar said...

Both of us are feeling the 'pain' of overdoing it. Be careful isn't in our vocabulary apparently. You are an energy bar like Bill. I've always thought that if you guys lived at least in the same county, you'd have been co-working at many a project. Sherry and I definitely hit the mother load with our handymen, get er'done guys. Glad you're feeling better...stay out of those tight crawl spaces young man! As for your 'bushes,' maybe lilacs or roses?
loven'hugs from up north where the deck is finally refreshed and the sun shines hot. I'm lovin'coffee on the deck with my man while watching our gardens grow.