Sunday, June 23, 2019

That vacation

Early interesting Cars:

Truly Nolen is a pest control company of  Florida. He is known by the hundreds of old cars that advertise his business.

But for today:
Vacations, the time to unwind from the hours that pay for that “happy time.” This week Mark’s family is headed for the beach. For a week. Jack Jr. is headed for Utah for a few weeks to be with his family there. They are all looking forward to the time away from that 4 letter word ‘work.’
I can remember very well awaiting ‘leave time’ in the military. The military splits up the Christmas holidays with the troops. Half get Christmas and the other half gets New Years.
Usually the married men take New Year’s leave and give the single guys the thrill of being home for Christmas.

I am thinking of this because the 4th is coming up and a good many troops like to be home around the 4th also. The young troops, new to the military, are proud to wear that uniform in their home town. I know I was. I try to let the young guys know I admire them for wearing the ‘uniform’.

I was blessed that long before retirement from the workforce, I found THAT JOB, the one I loved. The one that I did not live for Fridays.  The job that Mondays could not come soon enough most weeks.
At that time then vacations were not that important, although we have always taken vacations.
NOW in our 80s we are on vacation all the time, but we still like to get on the road because like that job as a builder I loved, I equally love life on the road. We love the closeness of the motor home.
So our time is coming in 10 days we will take a vacation from our present vacation and hit the road, destination Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to see a play and dear friends. We are both really looking forward to that.
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betty said...

Sounds like you have a great trip ahead to look forward to and make plans about! Vacations are wonderful even if you just stay home, but not having the routine of having to get up and go to work is often a good morale booster!


Chatty Crone said...

Jack you were truly blessed and incredibly in touch with yourself. I am glad you were able to live out your dream. Others are not as lucky for sure.
Sorry for missing some posts. Rick had the worse toothache this last week that I have ever witnessed and I hope I never get one. Landed in the ER Friday night. And by the grace of God - was able to get him a root canal yesterday! $$$$$$$$$$$$ but worth every penny! Love, sandie

Mevely317 said...

How well I remember the anticipation surrounding a new trip! Even, sometimes, a 3-day weekend. One Memorial Day holiday my (former) hubby and I drove from Abilene, TX to Breckenridge, CO. and back -- then collapsed from exhaustion. Ha.

Since retirement, I think about taking a vacation, but there's no place I'm absolutely positively itching to go.
Color me 'really' anxious to hear about your upcoming adventure!

Mevely317 said...

I forgot something! I didn't realize Truly Nolen used those old classics. I remember the Volkswagen beetles with big mouse ears and/or antennae. Cute marketing!

Woody said...

OK, with a "Short Timers Calander" you can start cound down and crossing off these 10 days till "Vacation" and you it the road !!!! PA is all under construction from listening to all the "Snow Brds" who have came thru there !.. You and your Honey start packing, I know you are anxious to get on the road! I was going to ask you if you had any posts disappear, I have had several recent posts just vanish ! Oh Well, Take Care, sending down Love from the now warm North Country, Gary and Anna Mae !

Lisa said...

I been thinking yall been in one place too long. You need a vacation. Hope you and Sherry have a safe travel and enjoy time with friends.


Dar said...

Just the thought of a real ' vacation ' right now sounds like a dream. OH wait, I Was dreaming! I know you two lovebirds will have a fab time in Pennsylvania. It sounds wonderful and cannot wait to read all about it. I hear the scenery is awesome.
love n' hugs from up north where we cut 3 sixty ft. trees out of the yard before laying a 16x20 ft. patio this weekend. Phew, we's pooped!!!! loveya'll

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you I'm on vacation all the time now that I've retired. But it is always great to get out and see something new too! It's a beautiful time of the year to travel. Hopefully you'll have some sunny days for travel to see that play and you're friends. Most people do take vacation this time of year.when schools are closed and the weather is nice. Hope you have safe and happy travel time. Lots to see between where you are and where you are going. Enjoy it all.

Glenda said...

Late reading this, but excited to hear about your next road trip!