Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Just slow but there is also a miracle (sort of)

 Early interesting Cars:


The 1939 Graham Sharknose. I was born that year too, some folk said I wasn't 'purty' either. LOL

For today:

It actually took over 15 minutes to just sign in tonight. Since this is an older computer I have used in the past, it is new to the net evidently.


Many times when I sign in to Google, Amazon, Aol, Foxfire, bank and CU, I am asked to prove it is me. I get the statement, “We will send you a special number to allow you to sign to prove it is you. The number will come via the phone you have listed with us.”


I will make this quick, I hope.


I wanted to say that clear plastic wrap has caused many bad words. It clings to itself and t times it takes two people to actually get a cake or left over dish covered. (My buddy Paula, down in Texas would say, it is a man thing, girls can do it!)  Love you Paula, hope you are feeling better.


If you have had this problem in the past.  If you have said or thought bad words as you wadded up the  clear plastic wrap threw it away and tried again, TAKE COURAGE!!!

There is a product called: “Slide Cutter Premium Plastic Wrap!”  She bought the ‘Great Value’ brand.


Now IMMA TELL you it is a miracle. Pull out what you want, slide a little cutter across it and ‘VOILA’, you have the perfect cut. 


Hey, this rates right up there with moving the starter from the floorboard to the switch. Even moving the master cylinder from the floor board to the fire wall. He it rates up there with true wash and wear material. LOL

Anyway that is it for tonight. I am off here.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The friend -- the policeman – and REAL life

 Early interesting Cars:


1937 Ford Convertible, One of the early cars with doors labeled by the public as 'suicide' doors. The reason was they opened into the wind and theoretically could pull an occupant out of the vehicle if opened at a high speed.

For today:

I met a friend from my youth in the grocery store awhile back. He was from a family who ‘kicked the kids out (told them it was time to be on their own) once they graduated high school or started working.’  Much like the birds who empty the nest when the young ones can fly. Scot was the only boy I knew who had that background. So he worked in the cotton mill and rented a room in a boarding house down town. (Let me say there is nothing wrong with that philosophy if done with concern and love. I never once heard Scotty complain about his life.)


We pulled our buggies over to the side and just talked. He is now retired is a  Sunday School Teacher at a local Baptist church.  He left the mill and became a licensed plumber and has been successful.


He was telling me about his SS class last week. “You remember Claude Setzer?   Of course I did. He was a mentor and hero of mine. He was also a leading local police officer. I knew his family also. Sherry knew them most of her life.


Scotty went on to say, “Jack I was telling my class of men I had known who displayed the real Christian attitude and went the extra mile last Sunday.” He paused and I could tell it was to keep from crying, “I used to drink too much. You know the beer joints across the Catawba River. I went over there on the weekends. On Saturday night I would drive back across the river after drinking too much. A police car would start tagging along just past the bridge and follow me to the boarding house. When I got out of the car, the driver would tap his horn, wave and drive off.” Scotty said that happened MOST weekends and soon he learned it was Claude.


A car Claude might have driven 1958 Dodge.

He continued, “Jack, I met Claude later, out of uniform in Roses and asked him why he didn’t just give me a ticket, he surprised me by saying, ‘it wasn’t necessary, I just wanted to make sure you got home safe. I knew you would know I was behind you and you would try to be very careful.”


It is SWEET (my grandson Stephen’s word) when you learn of noble, Christian attitudes. This is a good country we live in. There are wonderful, unheralded people, it is good to know more about them. Claude and wife Betty have passed on, I still see the family around Belmont and think of Claude.


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Monday, September 28, 2020

My first felony.

Early interesting Cars:

I did join the Corps when this cr was new, 1956 Buick. (Remember Rose, a blogger? She sent me this picture the year she passed! I miss her along with some others we have known.)

For today:

 In the past few days I have been reminded of how much of a kid I was at 16, BUT thought I was grown.  I see policemen today and think, “They allow that kid to carry a dangerous weapon?” Some of them look they should still be in High School.

So I was thinking of my first encounter with State Level Law Enforcement.

Sherry owned a portable typewriter. I needed a birth certificate showing I was 18 years old. I was 16 at the time. I was planning to join the USMC and did not want to wait the two years.

I went to the courthouse and bought a copy of my birth certificate; fifty cents. I took a typewriter eraser and erased the last digit of the year. Using a sharp green colored pencil I re-established the background on the certificate. Sherry helped me align the typewriter so the digit hit correctly, you only get one chance. It came out perfect. I was now born in 1937 vs 1939.

(I think that made her an accomplice.)

To hide the deed even further I wadded the certificate up and stepped on it. Then I flattened it out and headed for the print shop where I spent a dollar to have a glossy copy made.

The recruiter bought it. I took the tests, got the shots and had the physical. I was given a bus ticket to Raleigh, NC to be sworn in.

The swearing in did not go so well. After asking me if I was in fact 18 several times, the Lt. said, There is an SBI Agent (State Bureau of Investigation) waiting to see you.

The badge looked as big as the man. As he held it for me to see, he said, “Darnell you are in trouble. You have committed  felonies and a misdemeanor or two. Forgery and Perjury will get you jail time, you understand that?” (There was no Miranda Act then)

I said yes and admitted everything.

I am sure he enjoyed himself. In the end he said the USMC would like to have me. If I returned as soon as I was old enough, there would be no charges.

I returned home, again at the expense of the Government, but with my tail between my legs… (I did return with parent’s permission the day I was 17.)

 The second time worked. that is me second from the right front row.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Storms but a good Sunday

 Those Service stations of the Past:


The last of my Old Service Stations.  I miss 'em, but I don't mind pumping my on gas. I once had a job pumping gas.

 For today:

WE have had some great storms (to me) not so good storms to my sweetheart. Since childhood I have loved summer thunder storms, with beautiful lightning bolts across the sky.  It was the power that amazed me.  Just thinking how much power is generated.


I was enthralled with Benjamin Franklin’s study and crazy things he did to learn more.  No, I never tried to fly a kite to attract the lightening, I wanted to, but down inside said, “Keep that power at a distance!”


Mama quit trying to get me inside. I loved to wade in the ditches along the roads and after the storms I liked to float home-made boats in the swift moving water.


BUT early today we did get to see and hear our pastor back home over facebook and even give in the offerings.  That is so SWEET.  WE could even see our son Jack in the service as he interacted as the singing and preaching progressed.


Hope your Sunday was a good one.  To top off the day my girl invited me to go with her to pick up a Veggie Pizza and go down by Lake Eustis to share it.  WE had a good time as we sat at the park.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Learning things, more home success

Those real SERVICE stations:

For today:

We started off today to find a few more things for our new home. I looked on the net and had a list of estate and yard sales in our area.


We had more success by stopping at the unannounced sales. BUT Sherry was  seeing nothing that interested her in furniture until we spotted  a store called ‘Treasure Marts’ not 500 feet from our mail service.


Someone who deals in Estate sales had a great idea. They took a huge store and converted into areas for the remainders of Estate sales I guess.  The idea probably isn’t new, but the first I heard of it. Five minutes into the store there they were, just what Sherry had imagined. Oak end tables and coffee table, like new. We kept shopping KNOWING we had found  the right items. THEN in about 5 more minutes we found the BETTERER ones. Basically the same thing except a little smaller, making them better for the trailer and even more reasonable.


Here they are in place after my girl moved them around to come up with a great arrangement. The pieces hae glass tops, only one with a little scratch.


WE are happy folks, things are coming into place.


 (the narrow table is oak and we have had it for years. the new pieces match well.)

Thanks for stopping by.


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Friday, September 25, 2020

So, I started. But first things first.

 Early Gas Stations:


For today:

On the way home from my negative reception about our Coach problems, Sherry saw a Thrift shop in Wildwood that she was sure Evelyn had mentioned. SO we did a U-turn in 18 lines of traffic and went back (The # of lines of traffic may have been exaggerated, just sayin’).


It is a very clean thrift shop ran by the local Methodist Church. We spotted the couch and love seat we NEEDED along with a recliner.  Sherry paid for them and we made a trip back with my newly reconditioned utility trailer. It is Red and White and looks like a new one.


Some BIG men loaded it and we tied the stuff down. We did not lose a thing and now my girl and I moved this stuff thru our 30 inch door and now we have a living room suite. I thought we were home. Hahahahahahaha


Now she says we need some rugs, end and coffee tables. LOL


Imagine my pretty lady sitting on the couch reading. ( Because she was, just minutes before this BUT WOULD NOT allow me to use the shot with her in it.  Go ahead, tell her she is silly. She was cute sitting there.  Now all you guys get to see is a generic couch.


(The radiator is the Black portion in the center, at least I know where it is! LOL)

Now here is the back end of the coach as I prepare to remove this 125lb radiator. So far it is only been a couple hours work to take the simple stuff out of the way. I will not rush into this, I have a couple months to do the job. Right now I have a hundred questions before I turn the first of 75 nuts/bolts I have already counted.


  I also installed knobs on our many cabinets. (Picture when I get the drawer pulls done)


So goes our world. Thanks for stopping by.


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Thursday, September 24, 2020

‘Sorry I cannot help you!’ AND “Sorry, we cannot help you!”

 Early Service Stations:


Shell Stations of the 50s

For today:

Ask most men, including truckers, “Who makes the best diesel engine?” I think 90% would say Cummins.


I have owned diesel tractors and a back-hoe. I even owned one diesel work truck.  We bought a Motor Coach once with a GM Diesel. The last one, we still have is pushed by a Cummins engine. The Other diesels were good, but did not have the power of the Cummins.


Any man (and some women) will tell you that a diesel should go up to 300K-500K miles with no problems. That is true.  However there are exceptions. I have built houses that cost less than this Cummins has cost us in the last 3 yrs.  Now after two breakdowns on our last 7000mi trip we have a broken engine fan.  No problem, there is a big Cummins place in Ocala. I will go over and get the parts needed to fix the fan.


Above is the big diesel showing the fan.  Below is the other fan blade missing you cannot see above.
(If you have a mechanic in your house, please ask him if the two blades missing could make the entire coach vibrate?  I really want t know, thanks.)

First place in Ocala was Cummins. I walked in, all smiles under my mask. I stated my problems. I held all the information I KNEW the parts man would need. He looked at me and said, “Sorry, I cannot help you. That fan is not Cummins your Motorhome manufacturer furnishes that. I was floored. I asked if it was big job?  He said, “You are talking megabucks, $2-$3K labor alone. I understand Lazy Days RV in Wildwood can get the part & install it for you. They will have to remove the radiator,  that alone is $2k.  Sorry.”


We are familiar with Lazy Days, The biggest RV dealers in the South. Repair/parts Rep comes out all smiles. I explained my problem, “Sorry we cannot help you. We might get the part, no guarantee, but we will not install it.”


I am not ignorant, I know it can be done. So the ball is back in my court. I try to think, if someone else can do it, why can’t I? I have a few months on my hands, why not.


I do not like hearing, “Sorry, but I can’t help you.”

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Just Remembering…

 Early Service Stations:


For today:

Remember the traditional pack of ‘chewing Gum?’ Nickle a pack, 5 sticks.


 Sherry used a small piece of aluminum foil this morning to heat biscuits for our breakfast and seeing it when I started to wash dishes kicked in a memory of my childhood.



Each stick of gum was wrapped in a piece of foil that was lined with paper. If you were very careful you could peel the paper off. Then taking the foil and placing I over a coin and rub it well you could get nearly a duplicate of the coin. If you took scissors and trimmed it well and placed it on a table or the floor it looked exactly like a coin. We kids had a good time with such a practical joke.


Mercury? Have you ever even seen real mercury? Here is what a drop of it looks like:


 (On  flat surface like a table  it looks just like those drops above, rounded edge but it is like a controlled liquid. If you were to drop that big blob above it would split into namy little droplets and look the same.)

I am not sure if you are old enough, but there was a time when we could get our hands on some ‘Mercury’ we were really cool.  With our fingers we would use it to shine a silver coin. A fifty cent piece, quarter or dime would shine like no body’s business.


This is the warning we did not know about:

Direct contact with elemental (liquid) mercury can cause irritation and chemical burns. Possible immediate effects may include dizziness, vertigo, flu-like symptoms, burning or irritation, pale or clammy skin, irritability, and emotional instability.


I cannot remember where we got the mercury. Except for one time me ‘n Vondale broke a thermometer and got a small drop.


Funny how the old statement, “God over looks our ignorance and protects us when we are stupid.”  That might just apply here. ;-)


Love you guys,

Thanks for allowing me to just be old and remember silly things.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sixty Four Years, WHAT?

 Somethings were New September 22, 1956:


1956 Ford hardtop...

Now today:

 Today, September 22, 2020, my best friend, my lover, my wife and I have been married for sixty-four years. I could never put into words what this sweet lady has meant to me.

She has birthed two sons. She was a real mother. She took to heart what here mama had said, “Every child needs a real breakfast, and it is the most important meal of the day.”

This sweet lady prepared a full breakfast every morning even when she was working full time. It was very seldom cereal or oatmeal. That may not mean much to most folks, but her sons remember it very well.

But that is not what I really remember. I remember a woman who was/is so sweet; loved and trusted her husband so much that she has followed me thru many career changes. She supported us when I was out of work for months. She stuck with me until I eventually found that career where I could finally fulfilled those irrational promises I made at 17 years of age.


We will eat at her favorite restaurant, “The Red Lobster”. WE will spend an evening remembering those years that mostly seemed to FLY by. BUT most of all I will tell her I love her more than life. I would love her if she wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world. BUT SHE IS the most beautiful lady and I am the luckiest man in the world.

A little USMC info. At least a ½ to a ¼ of active duty personnel are on duty and alert 24/365. I had two weekends off, plus one short weekend (noon Sat-Monday) and one weekend I had to stay aboard the base.

WE planned to be married on a long weekend, but it didn’t work out. So we were married on a short weekend. I left the Camp Lejeune at noon Saturday and we were married by Justice of the Peace Nunn, in York, SC at about 7:30 that evening.




She will read this and say I’m not beautiful, honey I am an old woman. Strange that, the girl doesn’t see what I see. I still see the girl I married 64 years ago, and she is still absolutely gorgeous.

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