Thursday, September 17, 2020

We are officially moved back to Lake County

 Early interesting Cars:

 NYC, 5th AVE 1913

For today:

We had a productive day. We have lived permanently in 6 states requiring communicating with the DMV. I have said the Florida DMV is the best I have dealt with. Today was no exception.  Florida is a little different you deal with the Tax man a lot.  They handle cars, tags and most registrations.


I got a little stressed when they took my girl right away before I could say I want to go with her. Not to help her, but to have her near to interpret for me. The masks have made my hearing even worse because I still read lips a lot.


I was called while she was away and I tried to act confident, but I do need that girl. She finished before me and came to help me, what a relief. ‘Chrissy’, the rep I was talking with, was able to immediately talk to Sherry knowing I needed it. LOL


So today we have changed our address, Chrissy voluntarily said I will go ahead and change the car and motor home titles also.  Do you need to register to vote?


She took care of that for both of us.


Here at home I have the computer desk area pretty much on its way. We should be at it tomorrow night.


We have had storms most every day we have been here, as I said, I think we moved in the monsoon season.


Take care AND when you must be out, and wearing a mask, it is still important to compliment that clerk who is working with a mask on ALL DAY!

 I wanted to post some pictures from our last couple days in NC, but this one is all that came out good enough. Grandma Corrine giving the grands a ride at out last family get together. in back is Rosemary, Maverick and Stella. I got a little insulted when I relieved Corinne at the wheel, all the kids wanted out ans left me with an empty trailer. LOL

                               Nite Shipslog

PS:  WE haven’t heard back about Corey out in Portland, but I am sure some family there would let us know if something major has occurred.


Woody said...

"Keep your Powder Dry", We have now started to change seasons, Trees are bright red, orange and yellow and right now at 9PM it is 41 degrees, we have already hhad our first "Frost" !
Take care, hope your rain lets up !!! sending down Love and glad to see your posts !
Gary an Anna Mae

betty said...

What a cute picture with the kids! I bet they loved their rides! I like a DMV that takes care of everything like that in person! I'm not sure our DMV is open yet and yes I agree, working all day in a mask like that would be hard!!



glad you are official. theres no place like home. cute photo of the tractor ride.

Mevely317 said...

All good news! I especially like your reminder about being kind to essential workers. They probably don't enjoy wearing a mask or enforcing rules any more than we do.
Rosemary, Maverick and Stella look so happy ... not a care in the world!

Dar said...

Very nice that you're getting settled in. Yes, it is the monsoon season isn't it. I don't garden rain but when it's a ' pounder,' I can do without it. The kids are so happy. Love to see it. We can only pray it continues throughout their lives. Our DMV is like the one you went to. They take care of everything in one swoop. So now you're Floridians. Enjoy the ride.
love n' hugs from our north where we also are seeing the change of colors like Woody only we had 27 degrees last night. C h i l l y

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to hear you are now official. I've never had to change my state of residence, but it would be loo easy feat. Glad Sherry was able to help you through the ordeal. She is your better half for sure ! Hope your new home brings you lots of happiness.

Chatty Crone said...

I am still wondering if you are not going back to the Carolina's and Stormy. How do I miss the rest of the story.
Our DMV is not as good as yours.
I hope you love your new home!

Lisa said...

Glad your getting it all straightened out and settled in. I giggled a little at the wagon story. Bless your heart.
It rained here all day yesterday but nice and sunny today. The weather is in the 60s and 70’s.

Happy Weekend