Sunday, September 27, 2020

Storms but a good Sunday

 Those Service stations of the Past:


The last of my Old Service Stations.  I miss 'em, but I don't mind pumping my on gas. I once had a job pumping gas.

 For today:

WE have had some great storms (to me) not so good storms to my sweetheart. Since childhood I have loved summer thunder storms, with beautiful lightning bolts across the sky.  It was the power that amazed me.  Just thinking how much power is generated.


I was enthralled with Benjamin Franklin’s study and crazy things he did to learn more.  No, I never tried to fly a kite to attract the lightening, I wanted to, but down inside said, “Keep that power at a distance!”


Mama quit trying to get me inside. I loved to wade in the ditches along the roads and after the storms I liked to float home-made boats in the swift moving water.


BUT early today we did get to see and hear our pastor back home over facebook and even give in the offerings.  That is so SWEET.  WE could even see our son Jack in the service as he interacted as the singing and preaching progressed.


Hope your Sunday was a good one.  To top off the day my girl invited me to go with her to pick up a Veggie Pizza and go down by Lake Eustis to share it.  WE had a good time as we sat at the park.

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Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday. I love storms too. I remember playing in the ditches after the rain when I was younger. It was not a deep ditch but the over grown grass laid flat in a shallow puddle as we started at the top and use our flat bottom snow sleds to ride the ditch along the side of the steep road in front of the house. Fun times.


betty said...

My mother's mom was afraid of thunderstorms and when one was brewing and she was alone, a family member would try to be with her. That often was my mom who would drag us over to grandma's house (I wish I had a better relationship with her but she was older and only spoke Polish). I didn't like being taken away from what we were doing when I was young to go over to wait out the storm with my grandmother so at a young age (7 years old) I vowed I would never be afraid of storms and would never have my kids (if I had any) be afraid of them. We would be out in the storms in the midst of thunder and lightening enjoying it all as the kids grew up. I love a good storm as long as there is no damage associated with it. Isn't technology wonderful these days that you can stream church services like you did?


Glenda said...

Not so much in love with thunderstorms, have had them daily all month, I side with Sherry on that one! I do love the photo of the lovely sunrise/sunset and that car, OMG. Happy Monday from Chobee. Love, Glenda

Chatty Crone said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and you are counting your blessings. We are to get rain tomorrow!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thunder and lightning will send me indoors pretty quickly . Looking out from inside is ok with me. But it is powerful and not to be out in . Glad you got to sit by the lake and enjoy your pizza, making a good end to the day !

Mevely317 said...

YOU and my husband! He even claims to have at one time put a lawn chair up on the roof, better to witness the lightening. (Remember, Florida's supposed to be the lightening capital of the world.)
Having a lakeside pizza date sure sounds sweet!

Woody said...

Love Thunderstroms, Loved watching them at Sea when the Lightnng would hang in the air for seconds, I have some Video of some super Thunder and Lightning Storms on Lake Okeechobee ! Glad it was a good Sunday, Sending down Love and Good Vibes from the North, Gary an Anna Mae

Susie said...

Before I moved to this house, I liked storms. But we lose power to often out here and then there's that basement that has flooded during heavy rains. Glad you had a good weekend. Take care, stay safe. xoxo,Susie

Dar said...

There's nothing like a good thunderstorm. We love to listen to the rain pounding the tin roof at the cabin. I also don't mind a good storm, so long as the lightening isn't too close. It's the wild wind that I don't like.
The first thing we do after a storm is to check the rain gauge and go see how high the creek had risen. As kids, we'd ride logs thru the deeper puddles in the pasture with the neighbor kids. Of course, there were boat races with homemade paper or bark boats. Thanks for fond memories.
love n' hugs from up north where we've been getting wet 3 days already and 3 more days predicted but nothing treacherous. Sending a good week to you.