Saturday, September 26, 2020

Learning things, more home success

Those real SERVICE stations:

For today:

We started off today to find a few more things for our new home. I looked on the net and had a list of estate and yard sales in our area.


We had more success by stopping at the unannounced sales. BUT Sherry was  seeing nothing that interested her in furniture until we spotted  a store called ‘Treasure Marts’ not 500 feet from our mail service.


Someone who deals in Estate sales had a great idea. They took a huge store and converted into areas for the remainders of Estate sales I guess.  The idea probably isn’t new, but the first I heard of it. Five minutes into the store there they were, just what Sherry had imagined. Oak end tables and coffee table, like new. We kept shopping KNOWING we had found  the right items. THEN in about 5 more minutes we found the BETTERER ones. Basically the same thing except a little smaller, making them better for the trailer and even more reasonable.


Here they are in place after my girl moved them around to come up with a great arrangement. The pieces hae glass tops, only one with a little scratch.


WE are happy folks, things are coming into place.


 (the narrow table is oak and we have had it for years. the new pieces match well.)

Thanks for stopping by.


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betty said...

That is a brilliant idea to have a store for all the "cast offs" that didn't sell at estate sales. We don't have them here yet. Love the tables! The room continues to look so comfy!


Glenda said...

The oak tables are a "find" for sure! They look great in your new place and perfect with the one you already had ~ nice setup within the seating area. How fortunate to find the "Mart", you two are on a roll! Warm hugs from Chobee!

Lisa said...

Great find! I love going to estate and yard sales. I really do think you two are going to love living in a trailer. It’s roomie yet still has the closeness you love birds need. This is a great transformation.

Happy Sunday

Mevely317 said...

What great finds! We're not comfortable just yet going to estate sales... but I sure miss doing so. (Not that I need anything, but one never knows!). I really like that border; makes it look more homey!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your new furniture looks really nice. Great finds for sure ! You two do good. Great advice on how to furnish a home on the cheap. It all looks very comfortable and welcoming too. Glad you are having such good luck on finding what you need.

Chatty Crone said...

Great idea to have them all in one place. You got some great furniture and it looks like HOME!

Woody said...

Nice Find, Looks Nice the way Your Honey has it sat up. We have 2 recliners we had bought up from Florida that we purchased at a Consignment Shop, They have a lot of furniture in it and nice prices, it was in Okeechobee just off main street tucked away out of sight !
Looks like it ll coming together. Take care and sending down Love and Inspiration ! Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

When my brother moved to Florida he hit the Goodwill stores and scored some really great things. With all the elderly that pass away down there many times the families just give the stuff to Goodwill. You guys did great and it looks so cozy and pretty. A great place to live and enjoy the winter months! Have a lovely Sunday! That sweet bride of yours has a good eye for things! (She picked you didn't she?!)

Dar said...

I love your finds. In fact, we have that exact same kind of coffee table in the loft of the cabin...oak with glass inserts. Very sturdy stuff you've finished off your furnishings for the living room. Way to go !!! It's looking more and more like you're Home for awhile. Nice indeed.
loven'hugs from up north where the cooler days are crowding us more and more. Time to hunker down and relax