Saturday, September 19, 2020

Moving right along

 Early interesting Cars:

The Nash Healey, a 50's car.

For today:

We now have a computer alcove in the small bedroom. Still room enough for a bunk or half bed if we run into one.  The multipurpose card table looks alone in our living room.


We have always seemed to have so many wires with the PCs. I determined to SEE as few wires as possible. Most PCs  and laptops have  transformer when using 120v. I added a shelf for those transformers and excess wire just under the tabletop at the back. By drilling holes in the ‘printer shelf’ and desk tops at the rear I could feed the wires toward the outlets and leave the excess on the shelves. It is much neater and cleaner looking.

   (The multipurpose card table looks lonely in our living room!)

As we have said many times we seldom watch TV. WE have 2 TVs in the motor home and 2 back at the NC home.  I guess we will eventually get one here in case we have company.

But for now I have my girl beside me and if we want to show the other something on our monitors it is easy.  My girl does some of reading on FB but seldom comments. She keeps me up to date on family pictures posted by sons and grands.


Since learning of banking online, she checks our bank statement daily, at times twice daily.  Over the years she has found one ‘misuse’ where someone spent $29 using my CC#.  It was used overseas. It could be traced but I assume the bank took the loss, not us.


I am more interested in blogging and bloggers. I do go to FB to wish ‘friends’ a happy birthday. Then while there I usually look around.


We play dominoes most evenings before coming to the computers. While here we are in our own world’s most of the time. I still play with her leg a little and always get a kiss or two, before one of us heads for bed.


We are still looking for a living room suit, ½ bed, or trundle and a dressing table for my girl, to finish out the inside of our new winter home.


 (My play house is coming along)

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looks like everything is coming along in your new winter home. before you know it everything will be complete. got a smile on my face knowing you still steal a kiss or two from your sweetie before bed everynight. same holds true here. love makes the world go around whatever your age.

betty said...

So cute sitting side by side on your computers! I spend far too much time on Facebook and have joined far too many groups there. Wise to stick just to blogging Jack!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I like your computer nook. Nice you got the wires under control. It does get to be a mess at times. Thankfully the printer is wireless and don't need to plug into the computer so it can set in it's own space. Your playhouse is nicely furnished too Looks very organized. I think you all are loving your new space, Good place to have for the winter for sure.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is to say my printer is wireless.

Mevely317 said...

That computer nook looks great!
Sherry, me too. I check our bank accounts on line every day. Jack, your 'playhouse' looks so neat and clean. Tom's rearranged and re-orderlied his a few times, but it still doesn't hold a candle to yours. Think, for the sake of the boy's ego, I'll just not show him this pix. (*smile*) Have a great day!

Chatty Crone said...

You did a great job there. No TV's - probably a good thing! We have too many tv's! I think your home is wonderful and it will take time to decorate! ☺

Dar said...

I love the Nash Healey...I had an Austin Healey in the late late 70's. Once a skunk got in the way and that was the end of riding so low to the ground. lol
I see you're getting settled nicely. I love your alcove, perfect for you two who love being close all the time. The closest our chairs are right now is with a narrow end table between us just right for our coffee cups. Your neatly organized storage shed/play house. lol
loven'hugs from up north where the house had the scents of sweet sour cabbage and applesauce as I canned them for the winter shelves. I still have Raspberry, Caramel Apple and Grape jellies and jams to finish. Gosh, I'm almost done!!! Good thing cuz this gal's tuckered out.