Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Obituaries and Age

Obituaries are nothing new to my Sherry. She checks them daily. Since I have one funeral home that notifies me of new obits and I do look at those to see if I recognize the name or picture.


My girl reads the obituary, I am slow, but I am finally realizing why. She lived in Belmont all of her life up until she was eighteen. She attended school with the same group from first grade to graduation.  She reads the local obits with much more interest than I. She lived on two separate mill hills, and knew practically every on the hill. She has lots of roots. She checks to see who was kin to who and many times recognizes the deceased and survivors.


I find myself doing just a little more than checking names. NOW I am looking at AGE also. I am shocked to see so many obituaries that state ages MUCH younger than I. Also I am seeing less that are OLDER. That is starting to tell me something.

 19a3de893785192387616e40fa9eac2c age-33    

Some things I learn slow, BUT I DO LEARN.

I notice my taster isn’t as good as it once was.

My smeller also isn’t too good.


I NEVER get tired walking, maybe running, but walking never. The other night on my walk alone, too cool for my girl, I noticed I was winded.

I don’t even have to ask what that means. I know now. It means my wife and my sister are getting older. AAA .


I put that little laughing guy on there, but I really ain’t laughing. I didn’t mean to waste your time. But thanks for stopping by the log anyway.


Nite Shipslog


But I am getting excited about our 59th wedding anniversary, and the Western Caribbean Cruise and it is nine months away.



1981_AMC_Spirit_four 1981-newport


1981 vintage automobiles. Some consider these antiques?

Monday, March 30, 2015


We had a good homecoming. Stella greeted us with a big hug.  Luke came out of his cave to welcome us and Sherece lives here and was out to greet us.

We did live on a dead end road, I complained all the time about it with no way to get in during school in and out time. the Parents blocked the road 45 mins to an hour before school let out so they would be the first in line.The local police there to give tickets to anyone who passed the line.  Our little street was like a parking lot with cars parked parents out talking to each other or on the cell phones.

NOW a new development at the end of the street connects to a big housing development, and we have another way in, all be it 3 miles around. BUT, but, the traffic has increased 1000%, now I can gripe about the traffic. My daddy would say, “Some people would complain if they got hung with a new rope, or  would complain if cut with a new knife!”
Shirl brought a meal over and fed the whole crowd. We had a good time.  This morning we met Sherry’s high school friends at Bo-Jangles for breakfast, So WE ARE officially home….
Thanks for stopping by the log
NIte Shipslog
WE are glad to be under the shelter, now to replace all the awnings, once they get here.
Car  stuck in Cedar Brakes, Utah
We felt like this most of the winter. WE had the rain and muyd in Florida. WE never got stuck, but many RV’s did.
Ha! Ha!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

North Carolina, the state of our birth and Home for most of our family

We had a lot of traffic yesterday. WE came thru all the speed traps on US301, we have never gotten a ticket there but have friends who have.


(Peacock pictures from Lake Apopka, Fl 2006 I loved seeing these birds all over the place and on our picnic table)

In Starke, FL something bad must have happened behind us because we met EVERY emergency in the town I am sure headed south.


But my surprise was where US301 meets I-10 The line was backed up 2 miles. I passed on the right lane (It is a left turn to get on I-10) until I realized all those cars I had passed were waiting patiently in line saying bad words about folks like me who go to the head of the line.  You probably know what I mean. But I could do nothing but put on my turn signal and a nice guy let me in. I hate feeling bad like that, you cannot explain that to the guys you passed.


I believe I remember Myra in a blog entry, saying something like that, wanting to apologize for a blooper.


One bad wreck stopped traffic for awhile,we passed ant he cars were pretty badly damaged, we hoped no one was injured very badly.

100_1190 100_1191

Spring was obvious in Georgia with the yellow wild flowers along the highway.


Then on I-95 around Savannah, GA the traffic again stopped, we saw no wreck but it looked like an arrest of some kind.

We made it to the RV park. Sherry heated left –over veggie beef soup.  She didn’t want to walk so I took off for a mile or so. These pretty flowers were all over the swamp I picked Sherry a bouquet.  I don’t know what they are but they are beautiful, wild flower of not.


But for us it was a good days drive. It was good to be on the road.

Thanks for riding with us, It was only 6 hours, but nice.

Nite Shipslog


I love the tidal streams and rivers that feed the Atlantic we cross on the East coast. Maybe we did not pass Spring.


1980’s cars These are antiques, 35 yrs old!


1980 Countauch (?) WHAT?

  1980FordGT40MkV_01_700 Ford_Granada_MkII_pre_facelift_ca_1980 Ford_Thunderbird_1980 lamborghini-countach-1980

This one reminds me of Ricardo Montalban(?)

The Cordoba!


A traveling day

(Pictures are random travel photos)

Today we head North. We like to follow Spring but this time we may pass her and get to South Carolina before lady Spring makes it.
FROM 6229 PHOTOS 336 (2)
(the Alamo)
But no matter, we have stayed here for four weeks. Longer than usual, in one spot.  But it was fun, and we knew some of the folks. Our Friends Don and Evelyn were here until a week ago, they are already back on their farm in NC.
Deer visit 010
 (Not often I have got to feed a deer (Texas))
Our stop in South Carolina will be in Yemassee. Oh man,  I just had a sad thought.  Shirl just asked me a few weeks ago did I think we would be close to Deany & Kens place in SC. She was hoping we could meet up for a couple hours. In that short timeframe, Deany has buried Ken.  Ken was a friend and he was also  a fan of my writing. He was a regular reader of the Shipslog, but never commented. He had read all my books and was reading Mary Ann.
 Roy BEAN AND TO EL PASO 037 (2)
So NOW, I am wishing fair winds and following seas to a friend and a veteran of WWII, A Soldier.
We blog, we talk, make might tell jokes and sometimes do a serious entry never knowing who will read it.  Many times I am surprised to hear someone say, “Hey I enjoy the Shipslog.”
(Sherry and the Pecos, when we paid Judge Roy Bean a visit)
I have some strong political views and I know others do also. I do not want to hurt anyone by being nasty politically. I am a middle of the road guy. I guess I learned that from my dad. As a pastor one of his first statements was, “Please do not ask me what my political beliefs are, I will tell you now once and for all, I am what ever you are!”
Hooverfdam VEGAS 032 (2)
(new bridge by passing Hoover Dam)
I won’t go quiet that far, but if you are opposite of me politically, I certainly do not want to hurt you. I like you. I appreciate anyone who takes time to read this stuff.
(A Texas Sunset)
So we are off, on the road, and doing one of my favorite things, keeping it between the ditches and watching this beautiful country pass by.
Nite Shipslog
I had a plan, drive 200 miles stop in a small town and enjoy it for a couple weeks then move on.  We have done that, and it was an amazing adventure.
I can’t get over it, some folk think the 1985’s are OLD!
1985-cadillac-001 1985-chevrolet-camaro-iroc-z-photo-166251-s-429x262 2005-2-9_1985ChryslerLimoWeb-Large
CAddy, Chevy and Chrysler. The Three C’s!

Friday, March 27, 2015

The mystery of time

I received an e-mail from an old friend. My leading chief in the USN. That reminded me of a time we visited them. Before wide use of cell phones. We were in Lancaster, PA. WE dropped in. They were going to a T-ball game where their grand son was playing, and invited us.  I took some pictures, one of the kid when he started for first base. I see it often as it pops up here on the screen.

I thought it was time to thank Dan for all  the times we visited and they entertained us. They have taken us the Harley Davidson Factory. A tour thru Amish country.There was one very good tour and dinner at an old mill on the Susquehanna River. They took us to President Buchanan’s house for a tour, and the T-ball game (and more).

VA to PA 2114 026 (2)

When I mentioned the T-Ball game, Dan e-mailed back and said, That kid was Zach. He graduated from Penn State and is doing Grad studies at the University of Maryland.

WHAT? Impossible he is a little kid!

I sat, looked over at Sherry and told her what I had just learned, she thought for a minute (She is the family  date/time keeper, she amazes me) Sure, that was about 1993 or so. The year we took our first trip to Cape Cod.

scan1993-94 008 

I MIGHT could have guessed within 5 years  plus or minus of the trip to Cape Cod.  I remember the great trip of course, even the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard. Then on to Boston via the Mayflower replica. But the year?  I am lost. GRADUATE STUDIES, the little kid?

scan1993-94 010

I have noticed over the years my mind remembers folks the way I last saw them, one year or 50. Take this guy:

                         scanoldpic7 011 - Copy

We were teen agers together. I liked him even thought my girlfriend dropped me for him. I joined the USMC, he moved to Miss, and lived in Cajun Country, then I heard he had Joined the USAF. I heard he married a sweet girl over in England but our paths never crossed again. WE received news about him at times but did not see him until a few years ago, I found him hiding from me in New Mexico. I still expected to see the guy above. He had been replaced by this guy:


It had been only sixty years since I saw him.

Imma tell you, Time smacks a lot of  people, I am glad I have never changed!AAA

WE communicate now. WE hope to see him and his YOUNG PRETTY again wife soon, he says they are headed for Florida via Cajun Country.

Nite Shipslog


I am thinking of the song a lot lately that says:

“Ain’t it funny how time slips away.”


These cars were built the last Year I saw Buddy

1956 olds 1956 Plymouth Fury 1956pontiac-1C 1956Packard400-a

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Amazon in their logo shows an arrow under the word. I was sitting in the Dr. office and with my Kindle Fire to continue reading Rick Watson’s book after they called Sherry. I looked down at the cover and realized the arrow starts at the A and ends under the Z. It HIT me then, that is on purpose, Amazon from A to Z. (Yeah I am a slow learner!)


Then I got to thinking. I was fished into one of Amazon's programs called Prime. I joined partially by mistake. But I joined. As a prime member some products they guarantee two day delivery. I received the little freezer (still working great) in two days.

Lately for some reason I have been a little nostalgic, I was thinking about deliveries.


The first thing that comes to mind is milk. In large mouth jars with a cardboard stopper. It was pretty with the neck of the jar being cream.  It must have been a daily thing or maybe M_W_F set up. I just know early in the morning, there it was sitting  by the door.


Ice was the second thing I remember being delivered. Most families back then had an Ice Box. Mama had a card that went in the window to tell the Ice man how many pounds she wanted.

Ice%2BCard%2B%252528A%252529 LIB_Ice_Card


(It was delivered right to the ice box, even if you weren’t home, no doors were locked.)

The number of pounds she wanted was turned up. I loved to see the iceman use that pick to get the 25lb and 50lb blocks off the huge hunk of Ice. He let the kids get the chips that flew.  Those tongs amazed me, he hooked them in the ice and could carry the hunk with one handle. It looked sorta like magic to me.


Kerosene delivery only two or three times a year.  Another fun one. It was interesting to me. I liked to stand and watch the meter as numbers flew around recording the gallons and tenths being delivered.


Daddy sometimes picked up the groceries, but most times mama called her grocery order in or I took the list to the grocery store on my bike and left it. The owner would say,”Tell you mama one of the boys will have it at your house this afternoon. (Now that was faster than Amazon!)



The world has changed but in many ways it is the same, life depends on deliveries. EVEN CHILDREN! (Especially the Grands and Great Grands.)

 Jude in the BBIG bed - Copy 012 - Copy elsie15 - Copy

Nite Shipslog


I forgot mail deliveries, still important, but now some are delivered electronically, like this one.


4dbd871413d1140404f0ef68994f2a73 174749063-626x458   c229edde5ac1284c3540425dac1cdfbc wa21image001