Monday, March 30, 2015


We had a good homecoming. Stella greeted us with a big hug.  Luke came out of his cave to welcome us and Sherece lives here and was out to greet us.

We did live on a dead end road, I complained all the time about it with no way to get in during school in and out time. the Parents blocked the road 45 mins to an hour before school let out so they would be the first in line.The local police there to give tickets to anyone who passed the line.  Our little street was like a parking lot with cars parked parents out talking to each other or on the cell phones.

NOW a new development at the end of the street connects to a big housing development, and we have another way in, all be it 3 miles around. BUT, but, the traffic has increased 1000%, now I can gripe about the traffic. My daddy would say, “Some people would complain if they got hung with a new rope, or  would complain if cut with a new knife!”
Shirl brought a meal over and fed the whole crowd. We had a good time.  This morning we met Sherry’s high school friends at Bo-Jangles for breakfast, So WE ARE officially home….
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WE are glad to be under the shelter, now to replace all the awnings, once they get here.
Car  stuck in Cedar Brakes, Utah
We felt like this most of the winter. WE had the rain and muyd in Florida. WE never got stuck, but many RV’s did.
Ha! Ha!


Jean said...

Glad you guys made it home okay.
I bet the children were glad to see granddaddy and grandmother you being gone for a while.
I understand about the school traffic it use to be like that on one of our ways out before they built a new school on the other side of town. It's pretty weather down here at Opp, but cool. Take care. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Welcome Home ! Good to hear you made it home safely and had some loved ones there to welcome you home. Nice to be loved for sure ! We too have some SUNSHINE here today. But it is very windy. March came in like a lion and looks like it'll be going out the same way. At least it isn't snowing and it's not freezing.

Paula said...

We're getting a housing addition at the end of our street so I'm hoping they will cut a street that will go up to the highway to give us another way to go. They haven't been able to work with the land looking like a swimming pool lately.

Rose said...

It always feels good to be home where the heart is.


betty said...

Bet it felt good to be home and to see the family!! That is interesting about the street you live on and so close to the school. We are looking at houses and saw one by a school. I told hubby "well the noise will only be bad during school hours (elemetary school)" but now we'll have to remember how it could be congested with traffic at drop off and pick up times.

Enjoy your time at home!



There is no place like home. ENJOY!

Mevely317 said...

Bet those baby-girl hugs are the best!

Ohhh, I'd have gone bonkers if I were unable to get in an out of my neighborhood. If I don't watch the clock, sometimes I get stuck behind the yellow monsters (school buses) going into our development. You know, the ones to stop at every stinkin' cross street. Gosh forbid, today's children should have to WALK more than a few feet to get home. (smile)

Broke down and turned on the A/C today... we're nearing 100 already.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are home..had a good time
with everyone. Stella is so
funny in her frozen dress that lights up and singing Let it Go,
Let it Go. I'm not familiar with
this movie...Funny she can carry
on a conversation to be three. We
will do it again.when you get your
chores completed..

Rick Watson said...

Glad y'all made it home safely Jack. Sorry about the traffic.