Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Sherry just read me the headlines of our paper back home :


Something no one wants to hear if they are awake and in surgery!  Not even huh-oh!
I just read that 440,000 people die every year from a hospital's mistake or error in judgment.  It scared me, More than likely I will someday go to a hospital. So being a man who trusts to figures, percentages, and other numbers I wanted to know my chances.
I have been told, NOBODY LIKES A BUNCH OF FIGURES!  But I am going to give a couple don’t leave me! There are roughly 70,000,000 hospitals admissions a year. 440,000 die due to mistakes in judgment. If I go to the hospital tonight or in the morning, chances of that being me is .63%  Less than one percent.  I’m okay with that figure, good odds in MY favor.
Now many folk I have read and heard, ones whose opinions I trust, TRUST nurses above doctors.  I think it is because they get to know the nurse and she seems to have time to listen, the doctor really doesn’t have time to listen to you, he must get to the next patient.
We now have two excellent nurses in our family, wise ladies. And you know at my age I may need  some assistance in living, so Imma try to be good to those ladies.
I heard a sad tale today. A friend whose husband asked for one of those free shots for shingles (I think this was at a Drug Store). He became sick with Shingle type symptoms and other maladies. Before it was thru the cost to the patient was in excess of $1000 for a free shot. Not a good deal, in that case.
I will admit I am not a shot oriented guy. I would say I do not trust them but I don’t think that is it. I dislike meds or chemicals in my good old, relatively pain free body.
I do not recommend NOT taking shots or NOT going to the hospital or NOT seeing a Doctor. (I do recommend going to Opp and seeing Dr. Jean She will treat you right!)

Now let me tell you the strange thing about Hospital error. They make $$’s from the mistakes.  How? Insurance, Medicare, medicaid and the patient pay for all the required tests & inpatient time,  trying to FIX the error. Most of the time the ERROR PATIENT’s bill is 10-50 times higher than the in/out no problem patient.
Strange isn’t it. Mess up and get paid, sorta like the Government!
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Remember if you are very sick, your percentages are still good in the hospital. Their cure rate is GOOD!
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NOte: In Key West the Emergency Vehicles are trimmed in Lime Green.


Unknown said...

WOW! Those numbers are pretty high. I'm with you about trusting nurses over doctors, and for the same reasons. I'm blessed this time around, because my doctor makes it a point to ask what I think, asks if there is something I want to change, ask if HE is doing a good job, if there is a way he could be a better doctor.That, my friend, is a doctor I feel pretty safe with.
Have an awesome day. Great post.

shirl72 said...

I have been lucky to have had good
Dr's. They only did the necessary.
We both are fortunate to be in good
health. We have done our time attending to friends and family
in the Hospital..I do like the
nurses better than Dr's. They
give to little time for their

Lisa said...

Caromont. That's my local hospital. I've seen them save a life and I've also seen negligence take a life. I think its in every hospital and I also think the amount of care you get depends on the amount of insurance or money you have. Sad.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've always thought that when it comes to our time to go it's not going to matter. I have put my trust in a few doctors in my time and I've also learned that you cannot trust everything they say and do. They can only do as much as they know how to do. Some are better than others. Thankfully I've not had to see one in awhile, and hopefully won't see one anytime soon either. It was very disturbing to hear about that shingles shot. I've seen that we should get one, but now I will think twice. Very windy and rainy day here...but I think we're to see some sunshine before the day is done. Hope you all are enjoying some too !

betty said...

I have to agree, Jack, if needed, it is better to go to the hospital or to see a doctor than not to. The odds certainly are in one's favor of a cure. People have to remember doctors, even the best trained of them, are human and we aren't perfect so there will be those errors. That was terrible at the shingles shot! I'm not one to get shots for the flu, etc. Hubby and me joke that we won't make the best of patients if we are ever in the hospital between him working at one and the work I do with medical reports :)


Jean said...

Grover took the shingle shot a few years ago, but it wasn't free it was over $200.00 he I'm glad he didn't have any problems. Thanks for believing in Doctor Jean she has had a lot of experience only thing they want give her a license to treat people and her patient she's now treating isn’t too good a patient. I think she’s needs to discharge him. Open-mouthed smile

Paula said...

Another good entry. Don't know how you think of a good new subject every day but I enjoy reading them.

Rick Watson said...

JIlda is a yoga therapist at a drug and alcohol rehab center. They have a professional program and many of their patients are doctors, anesthetists, and nurses.
Probably not comforting, but it's a fact.

Mevely317 said...

Only in recent history have I 'experienced' hospitalizations - from both sides of the bed. Can't help comparing Tom's recent stays with the sort of care I experienced in my 20's -- when nurses would actually give foot rubs and back rubs and listen.

Still, we're mighty fortunate to have some pretty caring docs who do listen; it's the nurses out here who, for the most part, seem to have them some attitudes.

Percentage-wise or not, those statistics are pretty sobering! Keep well!

Paula said...

John had a Shingles shot but it sure wasn't free. Thank goodness he didn't have a problem with it. After I read all the phamplets I chose not to take it with my blood condition.


I try to avoid doctor's if i can. Whatever is meant to be is meant to be. had some nice nurses in my orbit and some very bad ones.

Sheila Y said...

Rick is past due for a shingles shot and now that worries me a bit, considering his bad luck lately. He's on a golf trip the rest of this week so that will help him heal... :-)) It was raining though this morning, hopefully it cleared up enough for them to play. Take care, Sheila