Thursday, March 12, 2015

Give me a hand!……… I mean literally.

WE have friends, Don and Evelyn, that we hang around with a good bit. The other day they were driving  and picked us up for our regular Monday morning Hardees coffee. Don handed me a light weight adjustable wrench. Appeared to be made out of plastic. It worked perfect.
He told me (I think) that it was PRINTED where their niece works. It was done on a 3-d printer.
Then he hit me with the kicker, an article in the news paper about a group called e-NABLE. They PRINT hands! The article was about a pastor, Scott Jorgensen, who was born without a  full  left arm and hand. He is now 62 yrs old. A guy named David Maulik printed the pastor a hand.
Here he is playing around. Yep you are right it is not life-like, it is intentional.  If you had never had a hand, would you care?
raptor-hand shea2
It took 23 hours to print the pastors hand. The Engineered prosthetic costs $18,000 to $20,000, The pastors hand cost $50.
If you give kids a hand that will hold a ball when they have never held a ball, do you think they care? Nah they are Harry Potter!

1371558697309.cached NotImpossible-3d-printed-hands-and-arms-3
The kids can help design them Look at the colors
They can be more realistic but the kids seem to want the ROBOTIC looking hands.
Don also pointed me to a Printed Apartment building. I saw the video. Amazing, the printer is a giant machine that can be dismantled and moved to another spot to Print another house..
Here is an ear and a nose.Buttercup-prosthetic-duckfoot1-537x402 CAD-design-for-Natasha-Hope-Simpsons-3D-printed-prosthetic-leg-from-3D-Systems Flexy-hand-prosthetic-hand_3
I have to stop, but this is amazing to me. I saw an eagle’s beak rebuilt and an upper lip and nose for a man.
I love dreamers, men and women who can even THINK of this stuff.

What will our children and grand children see?
Nite Shipslog.
PS:  You might already know this stuff, I am amazed. The more I searched the bigger it got.
We are off to Palm Bay to see how son Mark’s house is looking, this one is under contract also. We are proud of him, he is climbing out of a big hole he dug.
So I said to myself, what about cars, can they print them? Guess what?
3d-printed-car-03-0613-de layer107
Above is the car in the printer.
Local-Motors-3D-Printed-Car-Drives-at-IMTS16 local-motors-strati-imts urbee_1
And YES! 3D printed cars…..


Unknown said...

Incredible! Imagine the possibilities of people getting hands who never had them. Fifty dollars? Wow, that will make it available to so many more people.

betty said...

Glad to hear Mark is doing well! Amazing what can be done these days!! It is neat too that people have ideas like this and then put them into practice that benefits others!


shirl72 said...

How interesting the things that
can be done today..That would be
wonder to get a hand..Glad Mark
is doing good...the last picture
you e-mailed of the house it was
beautiful.. like Like the heading of
your blog "Give me a Hand".


What an uplifting story about the Pastor getting a hand and everyone else too. Let's hear it for technology. Glad your son is doing well. Must make you proud.

Paula said...

Very interesting. Our Superintendent at our school only had one arm. I think a peanut field accident when he was young. He drove the school bus and could drive as well and anyone with two arms but I imagine he would have liked to have one.

Mevely317 said...

I'll admit, that photo of the ear and nose sort of freaked me out.
Then again, I thought what plastic surgeons get to re-sculpt someone's 'schnozz' and had to smile, just imagining their dismay!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is amazing news. I had heard of 3 D printing but didn't really understand just what it was. Good news too that your Mark is doing so well. Have a great trip visiting his newest project. They just said we'll be in the 50's today. First time in well over 2 months we've been that warm. The snow is melting ! Yay!