Friday, March 20, 2015

What’s in a Name

Grandpa Darnell

What about ‘Grandpa and Granny’ with my daddy on his lap.

I was named Jackie.   Now to be honest I have never liked my name Jackie after being told as a kid in school by a teacher, that my name was spelled like a girls name Jackie, it should be Jacky.


(There was Wild Bill, we have a friend Wild Bill in Michigan)

When I once signed a legal document as Jack L Darnell instead of Jackie L Darnell and I learned how important exact spelling on legal stuff was. It took three documents notarized, to clear up my error. Ester Myres, ‘Fat’s wife’ helped me straighten it out. 


(Gangster…. Scarface)

I had to smile when Paula said she never knew her friend ‘Fatty’s name, he was always just ‘Fatty’, not mean, just a nick name. That is the way it was with ‘Fat Myers’, that was just his name.

Sheila had some great nick names, I wonder if it was more common down south. Mutt , Buck and Shorty were  also common in out families. Yeah, I knew a Corky also.


(Billy the Kid)

After my entry yesterday, Sherry looked over at me and said, we had only one nick name in our family, that was ‘Lefty’.  In our town Wiley Aaron Harris Jr was known as Lefty, most folk did not know his name.  Then she thought a minute, Vernon was known as ‘Shucks’.

  PHOTO FROM 3186 173 IMG_20130408_191530

Shucks Harris

When I met my friend Von Dale, I thought he had the neatest name to be an American. LOL.

Buddy says he did not know his name was Richard until the first grade.

Now, names, It would be hard to beat ‘Boxcar Willy’.


Strange the more I think, the more that come up. I was telling my girl that once for a short period in my life I wanted to be a real Hobo, and ride the rails. I knew a unique guy, ‘Lij’ Howard. (Elijah) I was a child he was grown. He became a Hobo during the depression but developed a love for it. Even in the 1950’s as a business man, he would take off following the sound of the train whistle and hitch a ride on a boxcar and ride the rails for a few months. This world is full or real characters.


Nite Shipslog


Most of us have ran across at least ‘one’ who really marched to his own beat or that of a different Drummer, they usually get a nick name..




Something about a train track, it must be walked. Ever walk one?


betty said...

I haven't walked a train track, close by, but not actually on it. I think it could be fun being a hobo but not sure how successful I would be hopping on the train, it would have to be going really slow or stopped completely before I would attempt it :)


Paula said...

Yes I have walked a train track quite a few times. My best friend lived in the country and I lived in town. When we walked to her house we walked the tracks. Before she died a couple of years ago we talked about those days a lot.

Sheila Y said...

I did have cousins Buck and Buddy, brothers. Oh and they called my Dad's dad Dover, he had the same first name as my Dad. Love the picture of your Dad and grandparents. Take care, Sheila

Rick Watson said...

That look on your Grandma's face is priceless. It's as if she knows something on someone.

I love looking at old photographs.

My real name is Charles Richard but I was called Ricky through grammar and high school. I never felt like a Ricky either. I much prefer Rick.

Mevely317 said...

Your grandparents look so very young ... they're cute!
Did you notice the resemblance between your Grandma Darnell and Scar Face? (Well, at least their facial expressions!)

Since yesterday's post I've had moments to consider family nicknames ... my dad always called mom, "Lum." Her real name, Evelyn. To this day, I've no idea where that nickname came from. Wish I'd thought to ask!

shirl72 said...

I think is is wonderful that we
have that picture Granddad and
Grandmother with Dad on their lap.
I have walked on the railroad
tracks and it was fun..Shirley
Temple was popular when I was name
that is how I got my name..I never
like my name. Guess I better learn
how to tap dance.


I've always thought it would be neat to be a hobo and ride the rails. Trains mesmerize me. All that power, such beautiful machines. real works of art. And the chance to see the country with someone else driving.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have walked a few train tracks. We used to put pennies on the rail to see if the train would flattened them when it went by. It is amazing all the nick names there are for people. I always thought of them as terms of endearment. But they are not always.