Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bridges, love 'em or hate 'em

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Grandson Josh sent me this awhile back '31 Ford Convertible
For today:

WE will be on the road after this is published.  Thursday we will be headed to our home base in Belmont, NC. Belmont is Sherry’s home town, she was born on the Climax Mill village and grew up on the Imperial Mill Village. Coming into Belmont on US74 you cross the Catawba River Bridge. At one time it was considered a large bridge, it is now a ‘tight’ 4 lanes and OLD. Looking both ways you see two more bridges, one is I-85 and the other is a RR Trestle. I don’t know why it isn’t a RR Bridge.  But it has memories for men 60-100 years of age.  During that period swimming in the river was the highlight of the summer. Diving and jumping off the RR Trestle was the height of masculinity. The river bridge on 74 has another infamous reason. Many who wanted a beer and lived in Belmont walked the little 2’ area, marked with a white line on one side of the long bridge to get a beer at the 6 or 8 bars on the Eastern shore. Needless to say returning after a few, was dangerous. (Now we are ‘uptown,’ even have our own breweries!)

Bridges seem to conjure up many feelings. Some romantic, some of dread and many the feeling of FEAR. Our good friend Judy who lived in a town called Milbridge, hated bridges, especially if they rose to enough height for ships to go under, as along the coast lines. BUT she fought that fear every year to come to Florida. When we lived in Biloxi, Miss there was a bridge going over Back Bay that threw a fear into Sherry. We lived just at the end of it and had to cross it for work, church and groceries. Her greatest fear was being on it when the draw bridge opened for a ship or shrimp boat. Having to sit on the bridge and wait (forever) to get off of it.


I don’t think she has that fear anymore. WE cross some big bridges on I-95, the biggest will be on the 95 bypass.  It is a beautiful bridge, it looks like the twin of the Skyway Bridge near Tampa. WE have had the pleasure of going over it and under the Skyway. It is a beauty.

Skyway Bridge across Tampa Bay

We have driven the Golden Gate and many other bridges. Bridges are just more enjoyable in our Class A motor home. Because of the height we see so much more of the bays and rivers.

What about this bridge in China???

Do you have an opinion on bridges?  Love or hate them?


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

What they said…

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1963 Thunderbird

 For today:

I enjoyed a short video that Nana Diana put on her blog of what her grand (Sweet Cheeks, methinks) said. It was concerning the crucifixion and Easter. I remember very well the Art Linkletter program, “Kids say the Darndest things.” And once you have had children and grandchildren it becomes so apparent.

Once Grandson Ben came to our house, he was visiting from Utah and had met a new friend. The friend has a REAL Southern accent. Ben came in talking ‘sorta’ like Jeremy. Sherry said, “What is with your speech Ben?”

“Oh Grandma Ah’m jest tryyyin to fi-ut iun! (meaning: ‘I’m just trying to fit in!’)”  He was serious.  We cracked up.

We have one granddaughter. I am sure you will understand this, “She was the best, the sweetest and prettiest granddaughter ANYONE ever had.” (OF COURSE!!!! But you see, when I say it, it is TRUE!  LOL)

Once after eating a bowl of ice cream she said, “I eat it all gone!”  We still say that many times when we clean our plate or bowl.

You know I could go on and on about things we remember, I am sure you can.  There is something about the openness when kids speak. I think I have heard it referred to as ‘they have no filters built in yet,’ that is probably a good explanation.

Anyway that was on my mind. To be honest like most families I could give a thousand examples, but Sherry is getting older and I can’t remember any!) Do you have any that jump out to you!

Y’all take care.

Nite Shipslog

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Okay another crazy one. A time Machine

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 The Plymouth Fury of the 50s

For today:

The time machine idea has been around for many years. There have even been wild stories of people coming here from the future, etc. My best friend for many years was enamored by programs on TV in the genre of the future, especially Star Trek.  I have always liked speculating on the future, and what it would be like.  I have never seen something developed that said to me, I remember thinking of something like that.  Now I have seen things such as the ‘weed eater’ and said, why in the heck I didn’t think of that, it is such a simple principle.

Since Time machines can go forward and backwards, I ‘think’ I would like to go back to the time of 1750, If I could take something back with me that would fit in my pocket, I would like to go back and show Ben Franklin a battery powered LED flashlight. Just to let him know his playing with electricity really did amount to something. On second thought, a little battery powered translator to show him how fast English could be converted to French.

Things are happening so fast now that the public at large are seldom amazed, just accept things that are developed or invented.

Am I alone, or have you ever thought about something like that? Shucks, when I was a kid I used to try to imagine what Davy Crocket would think if he all of a sudden walked out of the woods and sees cars and trucks on highways!

If you could go back into the past what would you like to take with you to amaze your past kin?

Nite Shipslog

The writing on the wall

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 The 1942 Chevrolet, not many were produced, most went to the army.

 For today:

Dr. Mudd aided Booth after he assassinated Lincoln.  He was found guilty and sent to **Fort Jefferson, a military prison located on a small Gulf of Mexico island about 70 miles west of Key West, Florida. Dr. Mudd’s name is infamously remembered and has generated the statement made to someone who screws up badly, “Your name is mud!”  (Mudd was later pardoned by President Johnson)


A memorable scene in our Old Testament, King Belshazzar was throwing a big shindig. Then something amazing happened. A hand appeared. The Rock and Roll bands went silent, the jitter bugging stopped and gold goblets of wine were dropped. The hand wrote on the wall: “MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN, it was in Chinese (I guess) No one could read it.  But Hey, they called old Daniel, who was known to sleep with Lions. The BIG Bell guy WANTED TO GIVE Dan a gold necklace for telling what it said, but Dan said, “Keep it.”  He told Big Bell, “Hey dude, you messed up. Drinking, carousing and not paying attention. YOU ain’t gonna like this! You have pushed GOD too far, you have gone crazy! You ain’t gonna make it.  Tonight you will die. The Meats and Russians (something like that) will have your kingdom.”  That is not exact but close. I don’t know if he was truly sorry or not but he was killed just like the WRITING ON THE WALL SAID.

Since that time, when someone felt doom or a big change was coming, you might hear, “I can read the writing on the wall, this ain’t gonna last.”

You that were aboard when AOL Journals were big, can remember an AOL announcement: THIS IS TO NOTIFY YOU THAT ON XXXX DATE ALL AOL JOURNALS WILL DISAPPEAR.

 Now I think I see some WRITING ON THE WALL. For the past few years Blogging and Blogger have become less popular and social media i.e. Facebook and Twitting is taking over. YOU have probably seen the latest notice by Blogger: ‘FOLLOWING BY E-Mail’ will be SUSPENDED July 2021’ gives me the feeling we are headed the way of AOL Journals.

I DO HOPE Blogger will remain intact even if it is never updated. I am sure this is not EARTH SHAKING to you. Nothing in this technological era stays the same for long. BUT LIFE IS GOOD!

Nite Shipslog

PS: **Fort Jefferson is now part of "The Dry Tortugas National Park." I was fortunate to have a friend fly me out to see it once.

 PS2: I just heard from Betty that the 'Follow by E-Mail' on blogger is a subcontractor, not Blogger itself, so I might be readign the writing wrong.... :-O

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Some things you NEVER forget

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


 Future VW concept car NILS

For today:

This morning I woke up singing ‘The Wayward Wind’, when I say singing a song, I mean one or two lines (over and over). That is all I know of most songs. I attribute it to me being a trumpet player. To follow a singer or group you only know the notes and key, not the words because you cannot sing and play at the same time. Piano and guitar players can sing along and require words, or you will be embarrassed.

Case in point: I was asked to sing in a Trio (HONEST!) for a Christmas play. We were to be the ‘Three Kings’. Practice went perfect. But the day of the play, I was nervous. WE approached the manger, the other two Airmen (A/1C George Coleman and Flavous Matheny) sang their parts. My time, I sang out loud and strong, “Myrrh is Mine……..  then quieted down (mind blank) and continued, dah de dah, de dum da de da etc for the entire verse, I could not SHUT UP!  For years we received Christmas cards from my peers, “MERRY CHRISTMAS (dah dah de dah!)” But they got old and cheap, so I don’t get the cards any more.  They did get a laugh. I certainly remember it.

I started following Victor whatshisname and enjoy his wit, wisdom and craziness. Today he mentioned reflections. Hey being a preacher’s kid I know the teaching: “live so others will see Jesus in you”, Vic was speaking of what you see in a mirror, WHAT DO YOU SEE?”

Away from the spiritual, Do you know your left from your right in a mirror? I thought of an experience I will NEVER forget concerning mirrors. WE see ourselves and things in mirrors and it is so common we forget the reflection is backwards. We in the NEW World, know that folks in the United Kingdom drive on the WRONG side of the road. I am here to tell you that in London you could get run over looking to the left for oncoming traffic as you start to cross the street, when the oncoming traffic is from the right (I think). LOL


ABOVE: One picture is real the other is a mirror image.  Is that his left hand or his right hand. Now is the car coming around you on your left or right?  I couldn't find a picture to show what I saw on my rear view camera.

NOW to the rest of the story. My ‘back up camera’ on the coach died; I replaced it. There is a switch that reads: IMAGE: ‘REAL and MIRRORED?”. I decided I wanted real. BIG MISTAKE, I am so used to mirror images to the rear  that I almost had a wreck, REAL is confusing, REALLY! I reset it to Mirror-image ASAP!

Are you REALly confused yet?

Nite Shipslog

PS: That REAL REAR VIEW still confuses me that I could not adjust TO IT, you must experience it to understand methinks.


Thursday, April 15, 2021

Memorize this…

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


The Russian GAZ 1930s


For today:

We humans are all different. I like the familiar saying, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken!” As for me, I have always found it hard to ‘memorize’. In math & Trig I was fortunate, formulas came fairly easy.  Being a preacher’s kid I was expected to memorize a lot of scripture, that was hard for me.

I consider myself fortunate, while in school, the Bible was still used and foremost. Even up to high school until I dropped out, students volunteered to read a verse from the Bible and pray a short prayer over the school speaker systems. I never knew a student who resented that or complained. I said that because one of my third grade assignments I public school was to memorize the 23rd, 24th and 100thy Pslam over the year. I still remember the 23rd and 100th to this day.

Even today Son J Jr. loves to memorize chapters at a time in the Scriptures.

When I was in the 4th grade, I remember my dad ‘booked’ an evangelist who was known as “The Walking Bible” for a revival. Even as a kid it was amazing to hear a sermon that was ‘scripture’ from beginning to end.  I am not sure he had memorized the entire Bible, but to me he had. LOL

The above was when I was a kid. BUT when I joined the USAF I had a Staff Sgt that had a ‘photographic memory’. I could actually open a phone book (remember those? LOL) He would look at a page for a few seconds, then tell you anyone’s phone # on that page. You could not ask him 30 minutes later, but he could hold a ‘shot’ o that page for a few minutes, then it was gone.

(I enjoyed this book very much, but not the ending. Don't you  hate it when an author ends a book WRONG (In your opinion!))

Now since my late 50s I have been an avid reader. I am not a ‘fan’ of the classics, but I have read some. The Tale of Two Cities, the Prince and the Pauper, The Mayor of Caster Bridge and Bleak house. I actually enjoyed all except Bleak House. I have been reading on it for 3 years (about a few pages at a time) and have no idea why I continue.

Except the Bible, is there any book you would like to memorize?  I think I would like to memorize Tom Sawyer, but only to use ast stories for my great grands..


Nite Shipslog

 Deaf, blind & color blind

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


                A beautiful 1937 Ford Coupe


For today:

I have learned a lot since I made the choice to be completely deaf. I was fast losing all my hearing. Hearing aids had reached their limits on one ear, and marginal on the other. My choices were limited to a Cochlear Implant. Once the first one was completed my life changed a lot. I could hear Sherry without reading lips. I could have stopped there and had one ear marginal with a hearing aid. The hearing was so little I dismissed it and chose the second implant even after being counselled that once I did this, it is irreversible, I would be totally deaf when not wearing a cochlear device, the rest of my life. I had never in my life known what ‘no sound’ meant, now I do. At times I question my choice but we must live with our decisions. However at nights I sometimes miss that ‘small’ amount of hearing.

I think of little things now. I have known 3 people who were blind. Two could see forms at times such as people like shadows. The other said he could tell day from night. Once in my mid-30s, I was driving and had to pull over to the side of the road because my vision started to close like a curtain. It narrowed down to about 6” my view was clear, not blurred. I actually thought I might be experiencing death although there was no pain. Within minutes the curtain opened up leaving me with the strangest feeling (Mentally). i.e. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?  It never happened again. Now I think what a blessing to the blind if they could only see 1-2 inches with no peripheral vision.

That brings me to color blindness. IF you were color blind and a Dr. said technology was available to allow your eyes to pick up one color, along with all its hues, what color would you choose?

My first impression isGreen.’

Yeah I know I ain’t right and think strange, but not as strange as Victor whatshisname from way over yonder.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Do my Cochlear implants work?  Yes but my hearing (voices, sounds, tunes) will never be the same. never the same. Sherry does not sound the same, and many voices sound animated or cartoonish, ducks etc.  And yes I do appreciate the technology.

PS2: interesting color 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

 Did I really say that? And storage area!

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Before customizing this was a '49 Chevy Fleetline.

For today:

I am not sure about you, but this person (me) remembers things in my life and say to myself, “I said that?”  Or worse, “I did that?”

In climbing up and down during the last job here on the Coach roof and seeing spots that need attention on the trailer I remembered very vividly a talk I had with Mr. McCumbee a neighbor of ours. Upon seeing Mr. McCumbee climbing up on his roof I walked down to talk to him. “Mr. McCumbee, please come down I need to talk to you.”  He did. I let him know I would gladly climb up and clean his gutters and roof. It was dangerous for a man of his age to be up on a roof.  After all he was at least 65 years old. He sorta laughed replying I will be careful, I do this every year.  The thought of that old man climbing a ladder scared me.

Now I climb THESE 13-14’ roofs and our roof in NC that is over 40ft high and think nothing about it. At least he did not yell at me saying, “65 IS NOT OLD!”

I innocently BET a fellow Marine that I would get married that weekend (He had told me he was getting married) we made an agreement (bet) as we left for Belmont from Camp Lejeune.. I was sure it was a solid bet because Sherry & I had planned it.  My ignorance was understanding how it sounded. When I informed my bride to be that we would have an extra $100 to spend, she shocked me by calling off the wedding, “I am not getting married on a bet!” YES it really happened, and I thought she loved me. LOL

I noticed some empty cabinets here in our trailer. I have a problem usually, if there is storage space I find something to go in it. No matter how small or big.  I think something in my head says, ‘Empty storage area is NOT ALLOWED!’

Need storage space? Can’t throw your things away?  I had a friend who said he had the perfect solution, and had actually done it once. (True or not I do not know!) He said he and a friend had full size basements. They agreed to clean the other guy’s basement out.  He said it worked like a charm, until he started missing things, and soon had it just as full.

Things I wonder about…

(I have too much stuff, but have not reached this stage yet.  As we all know this is not uncommon today)

One pays for a Garage to be built either attached or detached, and they soon cannot park their car inside. (I think that happens more down south where you do not have to scrape ice off windshields.

That is my stuff for tonight!


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

It rained inside and out!

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


This is a 1928 Chevrolet. Cars, old ones, kick my spirits into high gear. Wish I woulda seen one of these babies today!


For today:

The joys of an RV are sorta crushed when the water pours in around a roof A/C, messes up the floor and stains the ceiling.  Then tells you in no uncertain terms, there is work to do.  The last time this happened, a couple years ago, I said aloud and meant it. I usually replace that gasket, but this time I am calling a repairman. We did call. They were ‘johnny on the spot’ and got-er-dun.  Now that gasket has failed. Soooo this time Imma going to do it myownself, and the weather is okay for it.  So Today I tackled it.

I will lay off the AT stuff, I know I have said it all before.  I will get back to it when I take my overnite shot sometime this summer. I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row with equipment and check to see if I can blog via cell or kindle.

Do repetitious meals bother you?  We ate so many Ramein noodles on the trail Sherry don’t even want to look at them anymore. Where I still like the suckers, I guess that is good.  LOL

With the work up topside done, I am a little beat. It only took about 3.5 hours and Sherry only had to  climb the ladder twice. I seldom have a real down day; yesterday wasn’t a ‘bad’ day. I did stew beef, carrots and green beans for dinner. Sherry added yeast rolls. It was all good, but I was still sorta in a funk.

It did carry over to today a little. I think I am climbing out  LOL

So I appreciate you stopping by, LIFE IS GOOD but I’m outta here. See ya tomorrow.

Nite Shipslog


Monday, April 12, 2021

Dogs, Chilly Willie & Just Ray of the Appalachian Trail

  Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


This probably cool today, maybe if I was 16 I might think so. Every generation has it's fads. THIS ONE is expensive. You can't work at Micky D's and afford this.... LOL

For today:

Some incidences on the trail stick out in our minds. Once we met an Engineer who was supervising the building of a sky scraper in Charlotte, NC. He and his wife were out for a week’s relaxation. They were accompanied by their two dogs with packs. The next day Sherry were hiking along thinking we were alone we were alone. When all of a sudden those two dogs with their packs passed us, we looked for the owners they were nowhere in sight. WE laughed out loud. I said, “I am sure glad we know they belong to a couple or it would look as if the two dogs are hiking the trail together.”

This is a picture of what looks like a big poodle, she belongs to an ER nurse named Stacia:


We passed and were passed by a hiker and his 60 lb dog ‘Mieshka’. WE spent the night at the same shelter. It was a little wet out when we stopped for the night. During the morning some time I had to get up to water the trees.  When I returned to the shelter in the dark and started to climb back into my sleeping bag, there was Mieshka inside. I didn’t’ blame him he was wet the bag was warm. I asked him to get out and I climbed in.  The next morning we all had a good laugh about it.

Sherry reading the shelter log. Most hikers sign the log and many make comments.

I have many months to make the final decision to do a solo thru hike of the AT. I am thinking of the many hikers we met. Most were your normal people who wanted to accomplish something a little off the board. Thinking out of the box, that is a term that fits most ‘thru-hikers’ I guess.

We did meet an older couple like us, they were also full time RV’ers. Like us at the time, they were ‘section hiking’ in the summer. WE met them a few summers. She was called Chilly Willie and it was her idea to hike the trail. Her husband did not want a trail name but got one anyway when he kept saying, I’m just Ray, So hikers started referring to them as ‘Chilly Willie and Just Ray’. It has been many years they still call and She and Sherry exchange greetings cards. They never got to finish the trail either.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

OUR EYE OPENER of the Appalachian Trail..


Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Sherry was born and this Packard was new in 1937 when the AT was completed and ready for hikers. The idea was born in 1921 by Benton McCay.

For today:

YEP, after our successful 2 week trial, we were sure we were ready. So we checked around where we could store our car during our LONG HIKE. Ellijay Georgia was good. (Informed them we would be gone months!!!!) Then took a shuttle to the southern Terminus of the AT, Springer Mountain. We were all set, raring to go.

WE knew we would have to fly back or maybe take the bus after we finished the trail LOL.. Little did we know…

There are hiker shelters scattered along the trail, we passed up the first one and hiked on to a good spot for a tent and fire. We were doing good. Set up our tent and gathered wood for a fire. We ate Ramein noodles. I spotted a black bear about 100 feet off. I told Sherry and all she saw was ears and that was enough. I figured I would need a fire all night so I gathered a bunch then looked in the tent and she was already asleep. LOL

We learned our speed was about 8 miles a day. Down south in the smaller mountains there are very few switch backs you walk a good bit on straight trails up and down. We learned we approach hills differently. I prefer up, Sherry prefers down. 

Sherry atop Blood Mountain

Blood Mountain was a tough mountain in Georgia, just after it we hitched a ride into town got a motel, checked for supplies, ate a real meal and had a bath.

Stumbling and hurting a little, we made it back to STANDING INDIAN MOUNTAIN AND WERE BEAT!!! Crossing the last creek I was in front. I heard an ‘ooooh’ behind me and turned to see Sherry falling backwards into the creek. The girl got wet. We rented a space in the camp ground; dried out our clothes, took a bath then had a long talk. Standing Indian was the start and ending of our first hike, we had made it about 100 miles.  WE CALLED for a shuttle to take us back to get the car. Then we headed back to Belmont with our tails between our legs… BUT we had gotten a taste of nature's beauty and friendships on the trail, we would be back….

So if I solo hike, reach and pass Standing Indian I will feel good. LOL

We needed a better way to cook, better feet support and realized it was not just a WALK IN THE WOODS, it was gonna be a real challenge!

Nite Shipslog

Saturday, April 10, 2021

The practice hike.

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1967 Corvair Monza

For today:

For our test run, we headed back to Standing Indian Mountain near Franklin NC where the seed had been planted in my girl’s mind to hike the trail.

As in many mountains there are easy hikes and tough hikes to get to the top. We had always taken the easy walk to the top but on this adventure, the first with REAL backpacks, WE (I) chose the one that goes practically straight up and a little rough. I was in a hurry to get to the top to start this ‘great adventure.’ My first REAL mistake. If you are backpacking there is no real reason to HURRY.

Okay, after climbing 30 minutes, we are already tired and we were ready to take a break. I took off my pack threw it on the ground and said: “Honey, we have done some stupid things in our lives, but this is the stupidest one yet!” That was not fair to my girl, she had followed all my very crazy dreams, this was her idea. So we took a few minutes to rest and continued the climb, the rest wasn’t so bad. LOL

On that short 2 days trip, we met only one hiker as I remember. I do not remember getting his trail name, because we were not familiar with trail names at that time.

There was one very ‘neat part of the hike, and Sherry didn’t even fuss. WE walked a 50 foot rock ledge, at times as narrow as 6 inches across a rock wall with a drop-off of about 100 feet. The rock wall angled back so we could lean on it, so really wasn’t that dangerous, but looked like it.

Oh, one other thing that was significant, we passed a fire tower, there were many names carved into the wooden structure the name that stuck out was “ERIC RUDOLPF”.  At that time he was hiding out in the North Carolina Mountains. He was the Olympic Bomber.  

Eric declared our government illegal under Bill Clinton and his  plan was to raise that awareness and get enough support to overthrow the government. To get attention he exploded a bomb during the Atlanta Olympic games.

This is "In Tents" (Intense) I asked if I could take a picture, he said," Yeah as long as I don't have to get up! This was taken on our real hike in Vermont.

Anyway, the two day hike was successful for us, so we were sure we were ready to tackle that over 2000 miles of hiking. LOL  I planning 16 miles a day. LOL


PS  Chatty mentioned the movie, "A Walk in the Woods." It is a good movie BUT like most movies , the book is much better.