Monday, December 20, 2021

ME AGAIN! Personal story...

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For today:

Once I was teaching Naval Intelligence. During a tough family time, they were already relocated 500 miles away, months before. I told my commanding officer I was leaving the next day, (going AWOL) and would become a deserter. I am headed to the mountains of NC and get lost. You will need to get someone to cover my classes. The lesson plans are on my desk.

 His words to me, “I will bust your ass!”

I said, “Sir with all due respect, I have already talked to Legal, you cannot bust me, it takes an act of Congress to do that and I don’t think you have that pull.” And I walked out.

Back ground, I had made a request for transfer, serious family matter (son related). I was told it was approved. I had waited months and nothing happened, I was leaving. The reasons were very involved and ‘I KNEW I was right!’

(Sometimes we ignore the Obvious, I guess not all things are obvious!))

While clearing out my desk, the XO (Executive Officer) came in, “The skipper has reconsidered, would you talk to a chaplain? Your records show you are Protestant, but the Catholic Chaplain is the only one available.”

“Sure, no problem I am not leaving until in the morning I must turn in my room and gear.” I replied 'respectfully snide.'

To shorten the story, the Chaplain had made some phone calls and we had a good logical conversation.  He must have been Victor’s hero, Father Ignatius, because I left in a better frame of mind and with the Chaplain’s promise that the transfer was deserved and would be done in a few weeks. It was longer, but I had cooled down.

I said ALL that to say this, “I was upset, I KNEW I was right  and was willing to throw away my military career of 16/17 years just to prove it. Once the chaplain pointed out I was throwing away a career. A job I loved, just to PROVE A POINT! Funny that, he did it without trying to make ME feel stupid. He was very wise in his choice of words (Very important).  I have thought many times, maybe he was  inspired? Coulda been.”

When you are ‘younger’ and KNOW IT ALL, you think you need to prove something. There are men in service refusing to take the vaccine, to make a point.

There is someone I love dearly, who is thinking of giving up his job with benefits, the best job he has ever had. One that has with it ‘benefits’ that will carry on if he stays a few more years before quitting. Millions of people have taken the shot. Of the multiple millions, despite all the stories of thousands dying,  3or4 deaths (that I could find) have occurred related directly to the shot. There are ill effects. But the benefits outweigh the downside. IMHO

(At times humans won't listen)

My Dr. suggested I take the shot so I did. I agree with the order for the military. We have had ships unable to operate efficiently due to the illness. WE cannot afford that. Do I agree with orders to civilians? NO!  But if I had a good job I would swallow my pride and take it. BUT THAT IS ME!

In many cases that could be cutting off your nose to spite your face. (one of mama's sayings!)


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PS:  I have the IQ in the genius range, that DOES NOT mean I am a genius, it means I coulda been...... LOL...... I wish I had tried harder. ;-)

PS: Personal to son Jack visiting his son & GD in Utah,  Stay warm out there. Love ya!


Lisa said...

I work a government job and was sure they would slap the mandate on us but they never did. They have even lifted our mask mandate. I am not vaccinated so I am suppose to wear my mask when Im closer than 6 ft of someone. Thats ok. I do not plan to get that close to anyone.


betty said...

I got the shot though I didn't want it to keep my job. It is a good job, close to home, easy work, nice people to work with. And I also knew at my age it might be harder to find something else and most places are requiring the shot anyway. Its the principal behind it for a lot of people. We don't want to be mandated and I certainly didn't like it when all the vaccinated were ganging up on the unvaccinated and saying they shouldn't be treated in the hospitals, they shouldn't be allowed to do this or do that, etc. I thought we lived in a free country. I'm not really sure about the efficacy of the shot or not. I guess time will tell if it helped reduce the severity of cases and the number of cases.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

A wonderful story about how the chaplain saved your career. I was reading a Christian book the other day, and it said that often, when we're in difficulty, God sends someone our way, (probably inspired by the Holy Spirit), to guide us onto the right path.

This happened to me often. We all need to know, especially at this wonderful time of the year, that God does care for each of us and will protect us if we trust Him.

Thank you, Jack, for sharing this story.

God bless you and Sherry and family always.

Mevely317 said...

Tough subject matter, but I loved your candor. My pride/whatever has landed me close to the edge, but thank goodness I never took a fall. Cowardice, I suppose.
Lifting prayers for your loved one; that he'll make the 'right' choice.

PS - LOVE these memes!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I cannot understand anyone refusing to get vaccinated. I did it and am still here, Too many unvaccinated are now in the hospital. An acquaintance of mine recently discovered they had pnewmonia and couldn't get admitted to the hospital because it fulled with covoid patients. Get the shot and live is my motto!

Dar said...

Thank God for sending us angels when we need them. I love Victor's response about the way God takes care of us in our times of need. Love ya man! And the chaplain that helped you Jack. We are a blessed people, who believe in the power of prayer and God. As for the shot, we both had the initial shots and I had the booster. Three days later, the lymph node under my armpit was the size of half my hand....antibiotics, a 2nd mammogram, ultrasound and another set in 3 months...I was terrified. I'm good now, all seems right in my world but I did have a reaction from the booster, it was determined. It's a personal decision to have the shot but I don't believe it should be mandated for anyone for any reason. Let God take the wheel.
loven'hugs from up north where we had lots of snow today, unsafe roads, but oh, is it beautiful out there. Stay safe and warm and Merry Christmas as we remember the Reason for the Season.