Thursday, December 9, 2021

Pictures and insight (?)

Our coach last night:

It doesn't show well, but there is a beautiful lake out front.

                    For today:

WE only drove about 450 miles today. Much of it in the rain. AND yes anytime we get in the coach that is a chance something will go wrong. I checked the oil/water/tire pressure (I don’t always do that)

WE started off and I asked Sherry, “Is the coach riding stiff to you?”  YES, I feel every bump on the road. About 15 miles up the road I was able to pull off. OUCH, the controls for the air bags was broken. I actually have the part needed, but this was not the time to fix it, so Jack Jr would be proud of me I taped it back together. (Tape is his #1 tool) It did well.  Then it rained, poured, the wipers finally came on but only operate on high. OUCH again.

But any trip is good with my girl.

 Son Mark is selling his home in New Port Richey, so some of his stuff is at our trailer in Leesburg. Can you imagine these plants he collected?  (That is our Poinsettia bush against the trailer)

And these. 20+  some 8' tall.


Other stuff is under the black plastic. My playhouse is even full of STUFF! I have said many times we are not Plant people. I usually kill everything I try to grow, 'cept Ivy!

BUT below is a shot of wainscot (Actually wall paper since it is not wood.) It is a line half way up the wall in the bathroom of the coach.


I cannot help it.  I see an ugly animal. I know it is a flower, but every time I see it, I see a line of ugly animals every other one upside down. LOL


 I am not much on plants and flowers. I KNOW azaleas and elephant ears, but I am limited.  WE have this beautiful poinsettia bush at the corner of our house. 

 I did not know this. This poinsettia  is NOT a flower as I know flowers. The RED leaves are nothing but green leaves just like the rest on the bush, but the top ones turn the most beautiful red. WE love this bush. As we get closer to Christmas the more RED it becomes.

You can see at least some green in one red leaf that is still turning.  WE should be parked behind our home in Belmont as you read this

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PS:  (Forgive me, 2 more pics)

Above Auto Endoscopy,  Below Auto colonoscopy!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

You have a wonderful coach. And yes, I can see the animal face in the leaves.

Why do the leaves turn red, I wonder.

Best wishes from a sunny but cold UK.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The poinsettia is beautiful. Your son is lucky he has you to store all his things with. Hope you are done traveling for a while and can get everything in shape again for the next trip. We've had a lot of occasions to us that wonderful tape here too. It works when you need a quick fix.Take good care and hope all is well at home.

Dar said...

Oh, how lucky you are to have such a gorgeous Poinsettia. If you were to buy that in a flower shop, you'd pay a mighty high penny! The ' duct ' tape came in handy today to fix a handle on Andy's cooler. That's the guys ' go to ' fix it too !!! LoL Your auto colo and endo's were funny ! Thanks for the laugh. We aren't laughing too hard as we are in for a foot of snow by morning...hmmmm maybe it'll miss us. Stay warm and cozy.
loven'hugs from up north where another 30 #'s of bacon was smoked today for the farm. One more batch for Andy's family and we are done with bacons. Life is sooo tasty!

Dar said...

Oh, Mark has quite an assortment of large plants. Syrus would be in awe. He has a bedroom full of house plants...he loves growing things from a leaf to full grown.