Thursday, December 2, 2021

E-mails, friends & Whites and Coloreds.

 That 1957 Chevy:

 For today:

Today I received 100+ e-mails. 99 were deleted, mostly spam and the Prince who wants to give me 14 million $. I used to communicate only via e-mail, but lately not so much. BUT today I received this and asked my friend Buddy if I could use it he said yes, so this is what I received that was worth reading, I hope you appreciate it and  it causes you think a little An e-mail from Buddy:

........ You might remember how you, Vonnie and I drooled over the '57 Chevy we saw on a show room floor, in the fall of 1956.  We were growing up.  Soon afterwards the three of us went different directions. That was when Dad took a church in the Mississippi delta.  About 30 miles from the oldest Colored town in America.


It is rich in history and I recommend, in your spare time you research the town of Mound Bayou, Ms.  I was fortunate to meet the Mayor of Mound Bayou.  I was all of 17 and working at a service station in the town of Clarksdale, when a car pulled up to the pump and went over to the driver who requested a fill-up. 


As you remember, all Major Service stations were full service.  Check oil, sweep inside, clean the windshield and check the tires, whatever was needed. I was informed while I was pumping the gas from one of the colored attendants, that this colored man was the Mayor of Mound Bayou and had an account at this station. Being new to Mississippi, I had already been "yes sir-ing and no sir-ing" just the way I did while waiting on white customers. And when I wrote the ticket for him to sign I put Mr. in front of his name just like I had been instructed (or as I understood). He was smiling from ear to ear when he handed the signed ticket back, and said, ``Thank you sir, you are a very nice young man". 


When I went in to hand over the ticket to the Manager he said don't go anywhere, I'll be right back.  About a minute later here came the manager, a very red faced owner and his number one Yes Man. I was threatened with immediate firing, that I would be told whether to show up for work anymore, later that day.  His yes man brought me the news and tried to take credit for my continued employment.


Naturally, I told Dad, and he said don't let them get you down.  Just work hard and if you find it too much just give them notice and move on. I never got comfortable with the 7 colored men that worked there calling me "Mr. Buddy" and treating me like I was one of their masters.


I'm sorry to write a book but there is enough to this story to fill several pages.  Please research that little town, you will get an education and will be thankful for the way you were raised and to be patient with those that can't rise above their ignorance.  Once again, forgive my long winded rendition of about 3 hours of my growing up.  Do you see what Your Blog Stirs Up?  We love you guys and we WILL see you soon. Bud and the Cute One


PS: I never did get that Chevy


That was Buddy. He was the cool one in our group, the Fonz if you will. The dude can make you laugh. He was also a preacher’s kid.

Vonnie (Von Dale) above, Me below in the 50s.


Ok, Buddy and Tuck were cooler and wittier than I, but I was the best looking. LOL

Although my first girlfriend took a liking to Buddy and suggested we stop seeing each other. So I found SHERRY.  It wasn't long that I noticed Buddy was seeing Margaret REGULARILY!  LOL

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Victor S E Moubarak said...

Love one another as I have loved you. John 13:34

Thank you Jack. God bless you and Sherry.

Lisa said...

Sweet post.
I created a new email to give friends. When I have to give my email out at purchases, I will use my old spammy one.

Off to work

Mevely317 said...

What a sad reflection on what once passed for normal.
I do miss those FULL-service gas stations in the worst way!

Glenda said...

So, I resisted taking time our for reading for enjoyment, then said to myself, I deserve it! (So much on my plate right now),I always love stories of Von Dale & friends! And that 57 Chevy is reminds me of IrmaNee who drove her brand spanking new black with silver chrome shining. She came for Robert's birthing, oh my we drooled over that car!!! Thanks for bringing back memories, y'all have a GREAT day! Love from Chobee, Glenda

Dar said...

Victor always has the right answer and he reminds us well to love one another as God first loved us...thanks Victor and Jack. You guys are sweet. I do love the 57 Chevy...oh my oh my. Dad was a true Chevy man. I don't recall him ever driving anything but Chevy's. Life's been good.
loven'hugs from up north where we put a tree on the deck today and decorated it with lights of it's color ~ green. Have a great Sunday Jackn'Sherry