Monday, December 27, 2021

Freedom, YES I am free

 Memorable car of the day:

 A Freedom Truck!

 (I promise tomorrow's blog will be short and sweet!)
BUT For today:

Quotes of the day (some from my family members)

1.       The Government won’t tell me what to do about my health!

2.       This is a Fascist Country now.

3.       We are now a Communist country!

4.       We need a revolution, civil war! (you are asking for millions of deaths! Maybe yours!)

5.       You cannot trust the ‘vote.’

6.       You DO KNOW they closed churches here? RIGHT?

 That is just a few ‘ignorant’ statements I have heard lately. I said ignorant, not stupid. They are lines repeated by someone who didn’t look around them, or take into consideration who they are repeating OR they are not looking at ‘THE OTHER COUNTRIES around the world’ for comparison.


 I had a very close friend and coworker born and raised in Cuba (most under Castro). He spoke out against Castro. He now is an exile in hiding. He has a price on his head (dead or alive). Juan P. is a great guy, yeah, that is Communism.

 My family had a close friend Hermann L. who was imprisoned in Germany by Hitler 4 long years and would have died there without the Allies. His crime was he spoke out against Hitler. That is fascism. Mass Arrests are common.


I also had a friend who was a farmer under Hitler, you should have heard firsthand what it was like as a citizen under fascism.  

(These innocents were Killed by Fascists)

Ask a resident of London from the 40s, how they feel about fascism?

As I type this I am watching ‘MY FLAG’ fly in the breeze. I love that flag and this country. Did you realize I can start the coach  and drive the USA and legally, NO ONE can search it without permission from a local judge.

 It is on record "In MANY countries property and wealth were taken from honest people by their government or dictator because of their race."

 Yes I have trusted the vote in the past, and still do. There was a time if we did not get our choice in an election in this country that we licked our wounds and said, “Wait until next time!”


Yep, they closed churches, but churches went on FB FREE and churches were not closed permanently!

 WE need a revolution or civil war ------like I NEED CANCER.

 I heard a well-respected minister whom I admire, say in a sermon, "FB is an ungodly devilish tool!" Someone on FB had disagreed with an opinion he had expressed in an earlier sermon. Funny that was expressed as he delivered his message free on FB. I thought that was sorta contradictory. 

God help me to use some common sense as I live in freedom and appreciate this great country.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Do I agree with everything in the administration of our government, Heck NO! BUT  Gov. does tell us what to do, that is what gov's do! You won’t drive long without license or insurance. You won’t drive that car long without a gov. issued tag. Your kid will not go to school without certain shots. You WILL NOT buy nor sale a house without some gov’t paperwork.

THINK, most of that is for our health, safety and security. I betcha I cannot sell my neighbor’s house, because he or she has a legal deed, I don’t. All governments tell citizens what you can and can’t do. BUT, BUT not all governments have OUR BILL of RIGHTS and Constitution!!! 

Believe me I will be very concerned when we have enough legislators to start changing our Constitution.


OK Imma shut up!!!  Honestly Imma happy guy! ;-)


Mevely317 said...

Your twin grands were wise beyond their years! This is a hard one, Jack. While I don't have the benefit of your intellect or expertise, I appreciate the fact we're free to speak our minds (within reason, LOL).
Funny. Did you happen to read the interview with that Oregon dad who, on a Christmas Eve phone call with Joe Biden said, "Let's go Brandon!"? (I shared it on my FB page.) Not until that conversation went viral, did he hear what the President said -- because as soon as he said that, his call was immediately disconnected.

betty said...

In my opinion, churches should never have been closed. They kept abortion clinics opened as they were considered essential. I consider worshipping God in a public place like church essential :) For me the online church experience was not cutting it. And apparently a lot of other people felt the same way because there was a big drop off of people attending online services and then back in person church services that all didn't have to do with the pandemic. I truly admire those churches that chose not to close and accept the fines they were given (and sued their state governments and won some of the lawsuits). All I can say is we are living in interesting times and America needs prayers. Lots of them. And a revival. And some repentance. And let that revival and that repentance start with me :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are all are free in this great country and I am proud to be a citizen of the USA. We should all unite and keep this country the home of the free and the brave. Decided we will fail .

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That should read divided, not decided. Sorry for the typo.