Friday, December 3, 2021

I snap pictures but there IS REAL photography

 Memorable car of the day:

(Photos from the net!)

An absolutely beautiful shot of an A model Ford.
 NOW, For today:

I learn slow, but I learn. I bought another cheap camera the other day, one for point and shoot, as I do. I had never heard of ‘photoblogging’ until I searched for a camera. Now I know. Some blogs feature professional level ‘shots’. I like ‘Shots that Snap!’ and 'Spare Parts.' Spare Parts is the best of desert photos, many from the Joshua Tree area. We have driven thru that area but never stopped. Think you don’t like the desert, check it out:

Now for the intended entry:

I love a mystery at times and also love to smile at pictures, like this one?

Before I go on, I want to KNOW what you see above? Look closely. I will come back. BUT get an opinion, as a friend of ours would say, ‘Now don’t be ugly! BUT someone is rocking a pair of Daisy Mae’s. LOL

Continuing...Like this? Or does it make your skin crawl a little. I hope that is the kids pet!


 And then kids will be kids and lose their heads:


Or this one, nice legs!


Maybe this one.

Nothing catches your eye like nature, the above looks perfect to me.

 Or this catch of nature, wow?

THIS was one of my first confusing drawings. I learned to draw it and used it back when I was entertaining kids. It is a 3 legged, four legged table.



But back to the shot I asked about. WHAT DID YOU SEE? I would have sworn that was a guy in the Daisy Duke's shorts.  BUT LOOK closer. LOOK AT HIM FIRST, HE is sitting at a desk. She is leaning past his left side, HER head is hidden and is looking at his cell phone which he is holding low.  If you caught that first time around I am PROUD of you and your attention to detail.

Some photos can be confusing.  Things are not always what they appear.

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Mevely317 said...

How fun! Ya, I had to go back and carefully examine that first photo.

I've a friend whose photography (IMHO) deserves her own showing. Sure, I've thought about investing in a 'good' camera, but not so sure I could grasp all the technicalities. More to the point, am I really that interesting in grasping. Don't want to set myself up for failure. LOL.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes, things aren't always what they appear. This was a good post, Jack. Well researched, thanx.

These photos prove that we see what we want to see. When people report an incident they have seen - like car accident - they all say different things.

God bless always.

Glenda said...

If I recall my Great Grandfather Conrad in Moberly had a Model A Ford.....any one of my brothers could say for sure.

I went to "Spare Parts and Pics" LOVED HIS TALENT WITH A CAMERA! Thanks for sharing, I sent it on to my sister Mary.

Those were some great photos you shared and YES, I also thought it was a guy leaning over, but baffled at the shoes! What a delightful way to start the day. Love and hugs from Chobee.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

so true things are not always as they appear. I didn't even notice the guy in the picture with the airl with the Daisy Duke shorts. I could pick out 4 legs on the 3 legged table however. Very clever. We need to consider not all is as it appears to be and try to use some wise judgement.